The Food Thread

Post food pics, recipes, and talk about food here.

Dutch Babies this morning. I used NYT website recipe for this. The one from Allrecipe never fluffed up.


1 meat 1 metal rod in the microwave

meat kabob :+1:


Soy cured yolks on toasted homemade bread.

Dark soy
Rice vinegar
Kombu leaf

Measured with my heart
All ingredients into a small, sealable glass container I have and left overnight.

Bread: it’s bread

Smash burgs and potato wedges last night.

yo i just got an idea how about a xeno egg omlet

Peanut butter chicken, white rice, and black mushrooms

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Im noticing a theme with food so far. Lot of brown and black not a lot of green or red. Everything looks very wet.

Because my garden isn’t in