The Last Chance - Lifeboats High RP

I think that something that’d be fuckin cool for lifeboats would be the ability to launch a lifeboat early. It has some extremely low chance to work successfully - if it fails, it crashes into the planet and detonates some of the inside, wounding most of the occupants - if it succeeds you get away.

The high RP desperate decision of 'it may kill us all but the 5%(number debatable) is better than 0%" is fuckin cool and I’m all for it.

Plus then if you hit the colony you have a huge wave of Forsaken who are going to maul you for soul - assuming you even survive impact


Desperation in the face of certain death is fantastic roleplay. While it might cause some frustration with xenomorph players that the humans were allowed to “get away” early (on such a small chance), I’d still say it’s worth it for the roleplay. CM really needs more opportunities for roleplay, and this horrific, desperate decision would be perfect in that way.


Yes, something like that would be very cool. Having to decide between getting stomped by giant monsters and launching the lifeboats, possible killing your friends and ending in the burning wreck of a lifeboat for survivor-like gameplay would surely create some nice roleplay, especially if some characters want to die as heros or don’t want to risk killing their fellow marines themselves. The explosion could even get added to crashing escape pods to make these more intense, as currently it is “Well, either I get away and observe the last five minutes or my pod just gets teleported to the colony where I PB some runners and then the round ends”.

This is a very solid idea. Good thinking.

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might be amusing to have MTs be the heroes of this story
do a funni little minigame or something to jury rig the launch?