The LV-337 Incident.

LV-337 is a mars-sized planet in the outer rim, commonly referred to as “Barren Rock #337”. It has several Weyland-Yutani “mining facilities” on it’s surface, despite not having any shuttles going in and out of it on any regular basis. Any attempts to enter the planet’s orbit is usually met with blaring alarms of “RESTRICTED AIRSPACE, LEAVE IMMEDIATLEY” or an anti-aircraft array.

An anonymous Wey-Yu whistleblower came forward with the following information, with photographs and video from his helmet camera. On the 30th of October, 2167, a squad of PMCs went to go investigate dormitory building “31:B” that had no communications from the on-site security for the past 48 hours. The squad consisted of 5 people, the whistleblower (from now on referred to as PMC E) being the Smart-gunner. The names of people involved were not included. The videos and photographs have since been scrubbed from public record, but a transcript remains.

00:00: The squad gets briefed on the situation and the facility. Camera footage shows the squad getting geared and tactical planning. A terrorist attack was assumed to have happened.

02:11: The team arrives at 31:B. On entering the facility, the squad’s demeanor visibly became uncomfortable. The entrance is pitch black. PMC B complained of a “dull hum” that was not picked up on the camera’s audio.

02:24: After trying for 5 minutes, the team is unable to locate any personnel. The building is dead silent.

02:28: PMC C locates the custodial closet and finds the power system computers. PMC C noted that “Despite the power being on, none of the lights are working, nor the radios.” On saying this, the squad collectively noticed that their radios ceased functioning.

02:30: The team has completed sweeping the first floor.

02:34: PMC B begins to complain more about the hum and “a sense of dread”. He is quickly teased into silence.

02:40 A faint knock is heard from room 212, the team breaches the room. No one is inside.

02:55: Room 216 is swept. PMC C is seen beginning to stand uncomfortably

03:04: The second floor has been swept, no one has been found nor any evidence of any sort of foul play. PMC E picks up a journal inside of the last dormitory on the second floor, the journal abruptly stopped October 28th.

03:10: PMC C says he has to use the restroom. He walks into a small bathroom and closes the door.

03:15: The rest of the squad enters the bathroom to check on PMC C. He is gone, despite there being no other exit to the bathroom other than the door. PMC E is heard hyperventilating while the rest of the squad discusses what happened.

03:20: The squad enters the 3rd floor. A loud-pitched humming noise is heard. PMC E has begun to panic, and begins to demand that they leave. The rest of the squad calms him down and reminds him of PMC C’s disappearance.

03:26:The squad enters room 307. They breach the door and sweep the room. No one is inside.

03:31: PMC B points out how the blinds of the window are open and how “it’s freaking me the fuck out, this is the first room with an open window”

03:32: The humming is getting louder, and the room is suddenly lit up in a dull red color from the hallway. The squad takes defensive positions in the room.

03:40: PMC E begins to scream loudly as what is described as “a 8ft tall, grey colored, bug-eyed mantis-esque creature” walks into the room. The squad is paralyzed and the video feed turns into static.

05:10: After 1 hour and 30 minutes of the video feed being interrupted by static, the feed turns back on. PMC E is inside of a “complex with pitch black walls that somehow not illuminated by his light”. He is seen running by several rooms containing people “stored inside of a gelatinous material”

04:12: PMC E kicks down the exit to the complex and guns down a “tall grey alien, visually distinct from the last” that was outside of the door, he is inside of a large unidentifiable half-circle shaped space-port. The “complex” he comes out of is a “as of now unidentified triangular space-ship with no visible engines on it” He sees a W-Y shuttle seemingly attached onto a similar ship and begins to sprint full speed at it

04:14: PMC E reaches the shuttle and runs into the shuttle, he whips around and begins suppressive fire on the entrance to the shuttle.

04:15: The shuttle launches out of the space port with a violent jerk. PMC E takes off his helmet and turns off the camera.

The official consensus on this story is that it is entirely fabricated. A fierce campaign by Weyland-Yutani has labelled this story as a “Conspiracy Theory” and all other information about it has been expelled. To date, no one has identified the other individuals mentioned in this story, and LV-337 has not been mentioned since.