The M38A (bess) machine gun thread.

So bess is a M38A machine gun that sits in the hanger on top of a shipping crate. From what i can gather its a precursor to the M56 smartgun marines use. So you can easily pick up bess but so far i have not been able to locate any ammo for it.

Here is an image of the crate im talking about.

I believe this is intentional. Much like the broken rifle north of the container and the broken Smart Gun in requisitions. They are intentionally lacking ammo or functionality and are simply there as talking pieces or as decoration to sell that the almayer is a ship that people live and work in.

If you somehow find ammo (I looked all over the ship for ammo and nicnacks, only found a few none were ammo for a weapon) then I will be very surpised.

Why do they just leave things around that have no use. Like a cool gun with no ammo. At least with the broken rifle you know it will not work.

im hoping there’s like one mag for it hidden in a super obscure spot somewhere :trol: