The Memorial Slab Hold - memorial should give a hold-order buff

Dozens of your brothers and sisters have died on the planet.

All is lost.

The only memory left of them now, are the dogtags of those fallen, and those who came before - seated honorably in the memorial slab.

And now the xenomorphs have come to take that from you.

A hold of the Memorial is ordered. Semper Fi, Marine. Hold until the last man!

(The Memorial Room should give a hold order buff)

Also Tsunamico had a good suggestion where it scales w/ the amount of dogtags recovered


While I love the concept, things like the JIMA flag where they’re repeatedly applying AOE buffs can cause major lag issues so I don’t see it being particularly practical.

do or die

Evac is for cowards



there’s plenty of ways around this using signals and proximity sensing datums, i wouldn’t worry about the practicality (as long as whoever’s doing it doesn’t mind a long ride)


i love the idea. implementing can be done easily by adding an flag object with another sprite and modify it’s code a bit?
second idea could be that the more dog tag you add to the memorial the more powerful it get…
increasing it’s range and power…

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me want new meta hold place (add this NOW!!!)

You will hold Lifeboats

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Hold until relieved or death marines.