The Mk1 Sensor Mate Technician Hud

The engineering equivalent of the medhud can be used to see the general state of barricades and deployables engineers are expected to take care of in the field.

Barricades have a small shield icon above them, that goes from blue (undamaged) to green, yellow, orange, and eventually red when it hits the point of no repair. There is an icon on the shield to denote the last major source of damage (a large slash through for physical damage, a fire to denote fire/acid damage, and a shockwave to denote explosive damage) with a few special properties, namely a special icon higher up if it is currently being coated in acid, or a stereotypical bomb if c4/breaching charge has been planted on it. In large areas with many barricades this can save you time and help you know which cades need repairs at a glance.

Airlocks can be a small square with a zipper in the middle, maybe changing to a straight line when welded and adding a lightning bolt to the side when shocked.

Sentry guns and other deployables will be an eye, with the same conditions as above, as well as an icon with a cancel sign over a pack of three bullets if it is out of ammo or power.

The last function of the technician hud is seeing the overall health of usable vehicles.

I think the sensor mate technician hud will be of most use to newer engineers or engineers in charge of a lot of fortifications, and if it became too much of a crutch you could make them a more expensive non essential purchase in the vendor or in req.

Any feedback on this idea is appreciated.


I like this idea. Some markings to show a sentry’s FOV might be good too


I think this is a very solid idea. Now the age old question of coding it.