The problem with tribes rounds

So my problem is that the armbands are not a good enough indication of who’s side your no.

Here’s a tale to show what i mean. I was executed at least two times because people did not realize i was on there side.

Not sure how to fix this but its kinda a problem if you keep dying.

what do you mean tribes rounds.

I simply do not understand do you mean Predator rounds??

Its the round where all the marines have to kill each other.

The CTF “simulated” fights where 2 sides fight? make sure you communicate and stick together caveman. solo unga in HvX or HvH don’t go so well

No its not that. I made this thread when i was very new to the game so i assumed it was not just a one off event. Which it might have been, people in ooc where calling it tribes rounds or something.

Probably some unga dunga cave man event. Point of stick together still stands.

No what happned was that all the xneos spawned as marines. Then each squad was told they have to kill all the other squads.

Probably a one off, or at least not something that happens on a scheduled basis. There have been many event rounds that have never been repeated. Like… when the Queen of England came aboard, and then she turned out to be an international criminal and shot the place up.

Or one round years ago I recall, where a number of the shipside crew, myself included as CO, were made synthetics without the rest of the crew knowing, and we had to conceal our true nature or else be purged. There was a special MP force sent to scan members of the crew to find the synths.


Yeh OP that sounds like some gronk v grug unga dunga to me man