The removal of discussion threads on the Discord.

Is it me or does it seem that any and all forms of discussion are slowly being killed on the discord? I state this in the obvious that not too long ago we were looking at transferring forums functions from the forums over to the discord. I state this here after some rather confrontation topics with staff were ended quickly and moved away to us only now discussing here. I only state this because I view it as if you have to go to the forum to discuss it that it is harder to see rather than on the discord. I’m not stating that people don’t use the forum, but I’m stating that not enough people use the forum to fully discuss on topics that are constantly changing in the community. Take your time to look around here and come to a conclusion that the forums is more of either shitpost or ingame tactics rather than community conversations in the community. I for one thinks it’s here to try and silence the community by a bit in opinion. Yall tell me what you guys think.


things were only being put on the discord from the forums because the old forums were being deprecated, and we didn’t think we had a viable forum based solution. we did, so we do.

community engagement on discord is utterly circular, resulting in arguments where people pick up the same points and discuss them again, when they’ve already been discussed a million times before in that very discussion thread. this is the nature of discord conversations - no one is scrolling up to the top of a discord forum with 2000 messages in

the same 2000 message feedback thread can be just as effectively summed up in 5 longer form posts on forums - which forums allow in a way that discord does not. discord promotes sending quick messages for a response and moving on - for example, i’ve never written a message as long as this on the cmcord, because if you do, they just get buried in the deluge

it’s not about stifling discussion, it’s just about having discussion be valuable and useful instead of thousands of comments of junk

edit: in addition, discord is great for chats with your friends which require short messages. but this is a different format than more formalised processed like feedback and appeals and ideaguys and whatever. our forums software has a function for instant messages like discord, we just have it turned off because we want to promote the use of the discord in those contexts

not everything is a conspiracy


I’d like to point out a thing such as community moderation within discussions if they go in circles. If I recall the post are always shut down when any and all valuable information has been said. The way I view as if you are to move it to here you are less likely to get the same people saying the same thing which I believe is still wrong because some folks will still walk in circles even when they have said their part. The movement to the forums still looks like a poor coverup in my opinion. Discord moderation exist and should be encouraged if discussions were to get off topic or too heated at that. The least we want is people throwing fingers at people and going “Opinion bad Screech”.


tbh I think it’s just you and you might be overthinking it a tad bit. If you can share an exact example of the topics, i’d be willing to take a look at it and see where my thoughts lie on that particular topic.

imo Controversial stuff like player/staff reports should always move to Forums, where it is an ‘official’ platform ran by staff members of the community, and all jurisdiction and discussion should be done on that platform, away from Discord ToS

Other than a few controversial topics sometimes (unavoidable and inevitable in any community), I still generally find good convos in the discord at a good pace. Other than LRC functioning as intended now, Discord has remained the same, as all channels are now relatively on topic and does what it’s description says.


It’s not stupid too say I’m not overthinking stuff. I do that a lot, ask a lot of the people that know me and they’ll tell you the same thing. That or I forget a lot.

This is just one of those things I feel the community would be safe to know why, since we’re here transparency ya know, wouldn’t want to be hiding anything. I still feel that community should come first or at least be heard out on problems, but it should also be visible on the problems rather than somewhat hidden in my opinion.


i’m really not sure why you’re insistent there’s any form of conspiracy here. we tried pr feedback for ages. we tried feedback forums for ages on the discord. they have produced little of merit and have always ended up in circular loops due to the very nature of their conversational medium. people aren’t reviewing previous messages on discord when the feedback threads reach


they are useless. no maintainer is reading 600-2000 messages, and people are just using them as their rage spaces. that’s why we got rid of pr feedback.

ideaguys was also annoying to review - for one, discord forums were terrible to use and sort through, and people would just start endlessly bickering. forum conversations are slower, and this is by intent

if people are not contributing in forum discussions, that is entirely of their own volition. every forum post makes a discord post so people can check it out.

what is being covered up? things are literally more transparent to see if you go into a forum post and can view the whole process, all the involved feedback, and then the resolution, rather than this stuff being buried in literal thousands of messages

edit: this is the official reasoning. i’m really not sure what you need explaining here - the forums are a more uncomplicated medium than discord for feedback


Oh, okay thats fair. I guess forum/discord staff would be best to respond to this, then.


False I took about 10 minutes bickering about which one was the correct one to place my message into.
Seriously the only two discussion things here have a lot of blurred lines on the shitpost and ingame tips agenda rather than community talks that I was saying about. Not to say that there aren’t any whole hearted discussions in though. There are some. And to make a statement on the Pr thing, you did manage to fix that. You fixed it in making feedback into the forums into a tickets system which you can just as easily get your information from. I won’t say that the old PR feedback on the forums were cancerous because they were, but I’d also like to point out the few you chose were the ones that brought a lot of backlash to the community. Take a view at some of the smaller ones that are their and see what folks said as well. I don’t really see why ideasguys was really an issue in opinion since the idea was mostly shown onto the very beginning of the message. Forgive if my knowledge on discord back searching is terrible, but I do believe you could get the jist at the very least by reading some of the titles.


I mean if you don’t want to hear Harry out, then that’s your decision. We cannot force you to see things from a different perspective if you refuse to do that.

Regardless, PR Feedback was a… disaster. As a contributor having to go through so many short messages that were just debating the PR was a major waste of time. A waste of time that I would rather spend making another PR or anything else for that manner.

As Harry has stated, this process is much more formalized and people (that do use the forums) spend time to send a qualitative post that has useful information and criticism that could be used to improve upon the PR or codebase.

Most people just jibber and complain that they don’t like something (which you can see by going over the archives in discord) instead of providing tangible, useful feedback for the contributors and maintainers to use.

There is no conspiracy in play, or whatever you’re trying to imply. If you refuse to realize this or look at things from the development perspective then there is quite literally no point in having this discussion or post in the first place.


It is a conspiracy. We are attempting to take over the galaxy. #StayWoke


Why’d you leak our plans?! Sheev Palptine will be furious! Wait until I inform the Emperor! :imp:

I never said there was a conspiracy, or maybe I did. My whole point is just showing concern, It’s not that I’m not looking what Harry is say, Harry is making absolutely good points, however I’m just looking past at the other side of it as well. I’m not gonna sit here and state that it was shit, because it was, I’m just stating my views on offered answers at the time. This is nothing more than a concern that I feel that we’re not getting enough view in a certain area is all. Hell, I asked amber about it and the only thing they said to me was because they were the only one anyone would go to when something happened in a discussion.

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It’s just easier to collate and read feedback on the forum.
Plus the nature of the board means people tend to stop and think before posting.


“Plus the nature of the board means people tend to stop and think before posting”

Hahaha fooled you

My 2 cents on this is simply as thus, both sides have valid points but in the end I have to side with shifting the discussion threads to here from Discord. There is no doubt that we the community many many times get out of hand and act out. Weather that is in the feedback we give or talking about a new idea to bring to CM or about what X person is like. Feedback should be and stay as is, that is Feedback. Like saying “hey this looks too strong, might wanna nerf it a bit in stages and test it out, then go from there.” is much better then saying the following “hey this idea it mega dumb you should never touch CM code again cause its clear yer fucked in the head.” I see management’s point of wanting to cut down on the latter kind of feedback. Sure the fact I cant just take my phone out when at work and go to CM discord and check or give feedback in a thread on the fly does suck, but that’s the price to pay, and frankly that’s fine. I for one have already got it out of my head and adapted to new norm. Not every feedback thread reached a point of like 500-2000+ messages but the ones that did were a HUGE toxic pool and shit storm. Hell I am not a contributor but even I who likes to stay up to date hated having to catch up and in the span of 30 minutes only look back and read the exact same points were brought up from like 50 people and nothing new or constructive was never fun. Hope fully the community will see this as a wake up call and stop chimping out over every little thing and get it together.


I have a firm belief the forums offer a better form of communication.