The Rise in new players taking up Support roles

I have noticed that there is a influx of new players joining ComTech, Corpsman, Doctor etc but i do see players making the same mistake of not taking baby steps before taking the big guns.

What i mean by this is I’ve starting seeing doctors and a lot of them not know chems. ive started seeing ComTechs not know how to change APCs and set up Comms more often or even how to set up power…

So all i ask, is take baby steps before taking up certain roles. do MT rounds and figure out how to hack doors how to repair and replace APC’s and you can ask CE’s or SEA’s shipside to better explain concepts. Do more nurse rounds, take a moment once the main line at start is done to do a fuck ton of chems to better memorize them and to get a better grasp of things. Then deploy with a doc to get a feel for field surg and being a medic

Basically, i’ve seen players not take up the roles that allow players to learn, obviously you will always get players that jump ship, but thats how you get some rounds were comms is never set up and fob falls apart in seconds.

new players in roles is always to be expected, but recently the amount has became really noticeable



Sounds like we need more mentors

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I haven’t seen to many new comtechs or even woefully inept corpmen in a while. WHAT I DO notice however is a Very, VERY, big increase in the number of bald doctors. Now I don’t recall if doctors have a timelock but if they do then they shouldn’t be performing as badly as they do.

There also seems to have been a big brainfart and a lot of players have forgotten how APCs function.

Doctors have a one hour timelock of nurse, seems kinda low, as only a few people stay as a nurse when they can be a doctor.

I haven’t noticed that many bald engineering roles, honestly I’ve seen more squad leaders not knowing how to fix comms, but a good part of medical was always bald or unrobust [Me medevacing while the poor medic is getting slashed to death by the xeno who does not know he can destroy rollerbeds], but I haven’t seen that many really bald HMs lately, atleast none who cannot fix wounds. I have seen, however, medics which just give one pill of every medicine they have without even scanning or listening what damage type the person they are fixing has.

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Unpopular opinion, but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - there should be a ten hour minimum playtime as a rifleman before someone can explore other roles. There’s a certain degree of ‘game knowledge’ and ‘familiarity’ that is required to be somewhat proficient. Call it elitist, call it whatever you want, it does not change the fact that the very vast majority of new players that take a role will straight up not have the game sense to even have an idea of what they should be doing.

I still do my best to teach when I can, but fuck, man. It’s baffling that it only takes five hours of squad roles to play as a specialist or smartgunner when you may not even know hotkeys or how to remove shrapnel yet.


I tend to agree with this.


I agree with that too, five hours for the probaly most powerful role is a bit low, both because of “I have never played SS13 before but I will be robust like a boss!” and the “I am good as medic on russian splurt, so I can CMO like a boss on CM too!”-players (I already did the latter one too and know it never works).

The amount of CMO’s that don’t realize they have to help research and make surplus chems is insane dont get me started on when you have to tell a cmo to do paperwork

For time locks to be a doc i was thinking like 5 hours rifleman and at least 5 hours nurse

I haven’t even seen that much command roles incompetent at their departments job, good, CE is just greytider with CIC access and RO CT++, but when there is no XO, there are that many heads going “Woah, I don’t know how to use overwatch or make announcements, and I am too lazy to hold briefing, but being assigned commander is that cool!!!”, so command jobs should also have a few SO rounds as requirement too. (Of course I never played on russian splurt!!!)

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Bonkers. Shipside roles are completely distinct from being on the ground. There’s no part of getting shot and slashed and dying in twenty minutes that will prepare you for surgery and chems. I’m all for bumping timelocks up some - I know I got SL and Comtech way sooner that I even remotely felt comfy playing them, and before I needed to see more than three maps - but let’s not conflate clear distinctions in departments.

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Reason for the Rifleman hours is so that the person has a decent grasp of what happens to a marine, to cause them to be fucked up, understanding what causes damage is one of the simpilist ways to figure out the first steps in medical “slashed= bleeding” “acid spray= burns” etc etc its to allow a person to know what happens and to get a grasp of the game its simply to allow the person to figure out stuff

Space Station 13 is not a ‘figure it out yourself’ kind of game. In the middle of playing nurse, you can ask for help in a safe and friendly place. You can’t do that groundside.


As a new pIayer think it’s good for making strong memories to be able to somewhat throw yourself in the deep end. Strong memories leads to higher player retention. This doesn’t just go for the incompetent person. Someone making grave mistakes potentially creates more interactions than everyone perfectly doing their job. Swear at that medic who overdosed you. Complain to the XO about the CMO who doesn’t know what research is. Mentor that bald comtech. (If they forgot to bring stuff groundside you can always get req to send it down.)

This goes back to The Story Teller Vs. The TDM CM - #9 by Wulferion . Not every round, not even the majority of rounds need to be a beeline to victory.

No one is saying that you need to be perfect first time, it is simply that with the systems of medical right now, ODing can ruin another players round, messing up chems can result in another players round being ruined messing up cades can ruin peoples rounds, being incompetent in a role is fine, but when it risks other peoples fun there is an issue

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You’re kinda missing the point of what people are complaining about.

Nobody cares if you dive into the deep end and get captured three minutes into the operation - people care if you take a role that, as WestRover said, could softgrief people (this has happened to me with bald medics ODing me) or a very limited and coveted role, just to immediately suicide because, as said before, you have potentially no game sense to know what is even going on.

I do agree that mistakes are part of the game… but that doesn’t mean you should be allowed to sabotage other peoples’ rounds and enjoyment when your mistakes are, at the root, because you have barely played the game and need to play more.


I hate when there’s no xo at game start and I’m CE cause although I have run opps as CE that’s on low pop when it isn’t low pop you basically pretend you’re running an op for 5-10 minutes until the XO rolls up

Bald doctors is because no one who mains doctor wants to do it right now.

Everyround is a rush of making chems, then sitting in medical waiting for larva removal surgey to trickle in. And maybe a dropship evac rush

Pair it with the most dumbed down, basic surgery… theres no “getting good” anymore. Used to be the best doctor on the shift was the one who could do a ruptured lung without infections or necro.

Now you dont even have to use gas to fix organs… A little oxy and the marine will hold still

Sooo boring!

Its awful and boring so its just full of people who havent realized its awful and boring… and occasionally myself making poisons or teaching and still being bored


tbh marines should be super weirded out by having surgery being done on them while they’re awake