The Road To Platinum Is A Long One!!!!! (plat ''rewards'')

Recently, I’ve come across a plat spec, and, while I was amazed, I was equally as horrified that someone had wasted so many hours of their life getting it- thusly, I’m proposing a reward (no pitchforks please, it’ll have 0 effect on gameplay OR OUR HOLY MARINE LAW/SOP) for people who get platinum RFN/SPEC.

For plat Rifleman (someone who’s spent possibly decades, or close to that, in the Corps) I was thinking we could:

spawn them with a scratched up/chipped version of the M11 pattern helmet with a, without its ‘lobster shell’ hanging from the back and a bullet-hole or two on its frontal plate- it’d be no different from the regular M10, stats-wise. Call it a ‘veteran’s M11’.

For the Spec:

Just bump them up to Corporal instead of LCpl. I realize some of us aren’t big into rank changes linked to playtime, but Platinum Spec is so fucking rare that I think it warrants it.

Though I like them, I’ll admit they’re mostly spitballing/stuff that I came up with on the moment, but let me know what you guys think.

i think cosmetic changes to a marine’s armor that could be optional in the loadout (for 0 points) for reaching platinum playtime in a marine role would be pretty cool, a-la red orchestra 2/rising storm where your character’s uniform would start getting more ragged and battle-worn the higher your level or rank was

xeno’s looking battle-worn, i.e. chips, cracks, or bulletholes in their armor (defenders, crushers, etc) or T1’s having other scars would be pretty cool when they hit prime too. otherwise i don’t see rank changes happening any time soon, even though SL should be a staff sergeant and team leaders should be sergeants/E-5

Morrow himself has said that he’s against anymore rank rewards. So unfortunately that idea’s dead in the water. No matter how cool it’d be

However the cosmetic armor damage for platinum might be allowed, and would be neat

The ranks should be definitively buffed a bit, why are the trained scouts which are probaly some kind of special forces and the trained snipers on the same rank as someone who learned how to weld cades, especially if you look at the bay lore and see that there heads are O4s and 05sand our XO-level rank is a junior officer only allowed to command a nutshell with not more then twenty persons aboard.

About rank rewards, I think it would be cool to get something like rifleman, nothing which allows you to boss around your real boss, though (On TGMC, the platinum-private is a master sergeant and the bald leader a normal sergeant), but if the devs don’t want it, then not.

A Corporal in the marines is an NCO rank. A Lance Corporal is an experienced marine without a leadership position. IRL I believe about 1/4 of all active duty marines are Lance Corporals

Our XO is an O3 Captain, which is a company grade officer. And we the active marines are all a single company (and supporting).

If you found and payed a spriter / did it yo self I bet they’d add the armor visual ageing

No more playtime rewards. Sorry y’all.

Some of these definitely sound like cool optional stuff you could choose in preferences if you talked to some spriters and such.

Yeah, I can talk to some spriters I know, no problem. Besides the damaged armor stuff, I was also thinking about a raggedy poncho (kind of like the one FORECON gets) with rips and tears n’ stuff. I’ll look into it.

Isn’t a lance corporal a NCO too, in game?

I’ve heard some people say that, but no. NCO’s have an expectation they will be leading marines, LCpl’s do not.

And once again the synths are left out… does my medal mean nothing to you?


I think, lance corporals are above E2. Where from do you have the graphic, even?

Same place as you, the wiki.

Good, which graphic is right now?

Both of them. I’ve seen the part you posted, and it’s contradictory.