The SEA gets a pager.

So there you were, talking to the SEA about some random ordeal going about the ship, or how to properly set cadelines, when the next thing you know they just bolt off towards a squad prep without a word. Or maybe you got a few words or the SEA was kind enough to not utilize their mental jedi psychic powers to decide there’s a new private for them to train and instead RP’d a nice headset message. But what if that wasn’t the case? What if the SEA had a nice bzzt bzzt beep boop pager that let everyone around them know, hey, the SEA has a job to get to! This would be a great way to get out of those awkward “Well I don’t believe you actually have a private to teach” situations with the CL.

SEAs already get a mentor alert every time a player joins with less than 5 hours as a human, so why not make it an IC alert as well? For the quality of life that should benefit someone who spends their entire round helping others, this would be appreciated.

TL;DR, give the SEA a uniform pager (not an item, because them throwing it away to ignore alerts would just not be what a SEA does) that makes audible/runechat alert that they’ve got a job to do, helps with roleplay and general brashness of other players trying to hold the SEA somewhere.


Don’t be silly, the IC explanation is all SEA have a 6th sense via a nerve implant at the base of their spine


A pager would be neat. Amusingly, as SEA I’ve already been emoting a pager buzzing when a private pops up so whoever I’m interacting with doesn’t think I’m ghosting them.