Thebarney - Permanent Ban Appeal

Thebarney - Permanent Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?


Character Name?

Joseph Biell

Type of Ban?

Permanent Ban

What is your Bancode?


Admin who banned you?

I unfortunately don’t remember , as i have only bancode

Total Ban Duration


Remaining Duration


What other servers do you play on?



Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?

None that i know of

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?


is your copy of Windows legitimate?


Reason for Ban:

Excessive salt and harassment and 18 plus reffrences

Links to previous appeals:

I have written appeals on previous forums , but i am unable to acess them. They all are “Thebarney” ban appeals. I apologise for inconvinience. I found only links that lead to 404 error

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Your appeal:

Hello , before I begin I would like to thank you for even considering this appeal , and hope that I will be allowed back into the community. That being said, let’s begin.

I’ve been busy this year and quite honestly I am happy that I was allowed to take a rest from CM , due to the fact that I was really getting burned out from it , now that I look at it from a distance. And I do not think that my ban has been unjustified , as I said before (in previous appeals) and I actually agree with it given the extent of my behavior. I already explained before what and why , but i will explain it briefly. Basically I’ve started to push boundaries to see how far i can stretch them before i’ll be penalized , and this correlated with me starting to burn out at the game , which resulted in me being incredibly toxic for about a month before it was reported to admins and quickly applied for permaban. My behavior was unacceptable and I will not partake in it anymore , nor I wish to , as now it makes it evident that I made myself a giant clown , pretty much a “donald duck” of this server raging when lost. I got attention from that and liked that , and now i do not , as it is not reputation i wish to have , and if this appeal shall not convince you of my intentions in that matter , i would gladly take temporary or permanent ban on non-IC communication such as Looc and OOC chat if you deem my promises insufficient , however it is up to your discretion.
I know what I did was wrong and I very much regret it , not only for myself and my actions but also to players that might have suffered from my behavior and damaging the reputation of the server that I very much cherish. I do not wish to repeat the mistakes I made , and I wish to rejoin the community and be part of it , because i am very much sentimental and felt right playing here.
Now that we got to matters of community , I wish to emphasize that it is one of reasons why I believe I have redeeming qualities. People (at least back then) seemed to like my presence and so did i. While my behavior has changed , I believe that me valuing RP very highly and generally not being a shithead , would allow me to get back into the community as I really liked people whom I made lasting friendships with. Why am I saying this? I want to emphasize that this server will allow me to maintain and create new friendships , as well as allow me to express myself and my characters in RP , which will prevent me from breaking rules on purpose. To add to that before being banned i intended on writing a CO application , this is something i intend on carrying on should i get unbanned. To add to that , I’ve got an established character on this server and i wish for them to be remembered well , rather than what I did. Summarizing i simply want to get back into community and be active part of it and should it be possible fix my reputation
Now , let me explain why I also don’t want to break rules anymore. I’ve got to military college and i’ve learned many lessons regarding life and now I believe that I have a much more firm grasp on reality and what I want. Moment when I was banned I didn’t believe I was mature enough to handle myself in a satisfactory manner as I was beginning my descent into adulthood. Now I believe that this development shall allow me to approach my defeats and angers with maturity (as I have struggled in the past with it) , so I shall be able to comply with the rules.
Additionally , I have this server in very high regard as Alien universe really grappled me , mostly thanks to this server , and it not only spiked my interest in roleplay and design , but it realistically interested me enough to pursue a career in real life. As such , this server is very sentimental and valued to me and I wouldn’t want to remain permanently banned here.Because of that i also very much enjoy seeing how this project grows , seeing how it develops is like watching plants grow , very satisfying. And to that , while i may not be a talented programmer or artist , i attempted several times to add pulls and content to the game as testament of how much i love it.
I have also heard that more HRP oriented rules and servers, if I recall correctly, have started. This is something I very much hoped to partake in as I live by and for the lore of the alien universe.
Finally , i wish to report that I have played on two other space station 13 servers under the same name. Baystation and CEV Eris , none of these servers issued a ban to me , and I’ve played there for a few months (and I would like to thank a certain CM admin for convincing me to give it a try as I was very hesitant to join another server.) While i believe i am not known enough on eris for a vouch , Baystation admins are eager to give me information about my conduct on their server (as per their server policy , they are not giving vouches externally , although should you contact them through their discord server or “host chat” i’ve been told they will give any information you desire.).
Now. If nothing of these you consider good enough , then I really don’t know what I can do anymore. I am willing to publicly apologize to players that I have wronged should you require it , and make other amends you seem fitting.

Thank you for reading my appeal , I hope that you will find it sufficient for your standards. Please allow me to rejoin you and others in creating stories of triumph , victory or terror and anguish (depends on who wins). I apologise if text is not formatted right , but i wrote it in Word and Ctrl+v’d it here , so it might cause formatting issues.
Thank you again for reading , and I hope for a positive reception.

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This appeal has been assigned to the administration team for review.

Appeal accepted, remember carefully what we spoke about in DMs and the conditions to your unban.

Ban should be lifted within 24 hours.