TheMostCleverBot - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - MsLoveShacker

TheMostCleverBot - Staff Report: Behavior involving Misconduct - MsLoveShacker

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Queen / XX-X7

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Behavior involving Misconduct

Description of the incident:

Spawned as Queen on Kutjevo Refinery and set up in the caves. Doesn’t matter. Tell the Hive to set up in botany and medical after we deal with the survivors. Time goes by before the marines finally drop. From my perspective, they push into medical, get beat up, pull back into the badlands, and then the admin pops up in XOOC to tell us we’re too close to the LZ and to move back, despite us having naturally pushed in that direction. The Marines, and I should mention that one of them was given the PMC Laser Sniper (in addition to their normal sniper), drop an OB and we pull back. And then instead of pushing, they let us refortify badlands and pull back to their cadeline. It’s at this point that we are told again to ‘pull back to Medical’ and, after a few moments, a repeated ‘I said pull back’ message in XOOC.

I understand that this might not seem very big in the grand scheme of things, but I heard tale that the admin also apparently abombed a few xenos in the process of trying to force us to move back. They also fundamentally changed the entire round, as us giving up that ground (that he had spent a lot of time fortifying), instead of us pushing to victory relatively quickly, ended up with us losing after more than two hours. It doesn’t matter how the round actually went, but that it was fundamentally changed by what appears to be an admin giving Marines a big advantage (the rifle almost one hit boilers), and actively punishing the entirety of the Hive for… Playing the game?

I can’t verify the abomb talk, but I have the logs leading up to the final XOOC message. Given the circumstance, I feel the response was massively overzealous, even barring the supposed ‘abombing’. Plenty of times Marines and Xenos meet and skirmish on the eastern FOB opening and it isn’t met with anything, so the fact that this time was punished feels blatantly like them getting upset or smacking hands because the Marines had something they wanted tested or to be played with.


XOOC: MsLoveShacker(TrialAdmin): You are 20 tiles from the FOB at 5 minutes after launch.
Resin doors need a wall or resin door next to them to stand up.
Hivemind, Elder Spitter (JIT-232) (watch) hisses, ‘QMFF.’
You focus your plasma into the weeds below you and force the weeds to secrete resin in the shape of a queen resin door.
Hivemind, Elder Spitter (JIT-232) (watch) hisses, ‘QMF.’
Hivemind, Burrower (FXF-265) (watch) hisses, ‘Qm…’
David Coldersin starts shaking uncontrollably!
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (L-540) (watch) hisses, ‘How is that our fault.’
Hivemind, Ancient Lurker (JO-252-AT) (watch) hisses, ‘Is qm mad at us?’
XOOC: MsLoveShacker(TrialAdmin): Move now back to medical.
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (OOO-693) (watch) hisses, ‘QM is displeased with our pushing…we should fall back queen?’
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (L-540) (watch) hisses, ‘They never pushed back.’
Hive: Young Crusher (XX-983) has died at Kutjevo - Northwest Colony Grounds!
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (L-540) (watch) hisses, ‘How is that our fault.’
Hivemind, Elder Spitter (JIT-232) (watch) hisses, ‘Queen motherfucker.’
Hivemind, Warrior (XX-844) (watch) hisses, ‘GL DOWN HERE!!!’
Hivemind, Queen (watch) hisses, ‘We originally held at Medical and Botany, and we pushed them here. This is not our fault.’
David Coldersin starts shaking uncontrollably!
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (L-540) (watch) hisses, ‘Their brain damage is not our issue.’
Hivemind, Queen (watch) hisses, ‘Look at my beautiful tacmap.’
Your boosted building has been disabled!
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (L-540) (watch) hisses, ‘They even used an OB.’
Hivemind, Mature Boiler (WOY-558) (watch) hisses, ‘MASSIVE SKILL ISSUE.’
The egg morpher groans as its contents are reduced to nothing!
You sense one of your Hive’s hugger traps at Kutjevo - Scrubland has been triggered!
Hivemind, Sentinel (JP-653-N) (watch) hisses, ‘Suffering from success’
You will now use xenomorph heal with middle-click.
You channel your plasma to heal your sisters’ wounds around this area.
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (L-540) (watch) hisses, ‘If they cant push wtih an ob.’
Hive: Elder Spitter (JIT-232) has died at Kutjevo - Scrubland!
Hivemind, Leader Prime Warrior (L-540) (watch) hisses, ‘Thats not our problem.’
Hivemind, Ancient Carrier (TY-104-C0) (watch) hisses, ‘Not our fault Talls cant Fight’
Hive: Drone (XX-412) has died at Kutjevo - Scrubland!
You feel your strength return! You can use Heal Xenomorph (600) again!
The facehugger decays into a mass of acid and chitin.
XOOC: MsLoveShacker(TrialAdmin): I said move back.

(These were collected at the end of the round, after I died, when dsay was talking about

DEAD: Ancient Sentinel (BA-236-LD) (F) says, “then after we ahelped the rifle she said ‘well they’ll run out of ammo eventually and then i’ll give their normal sniper back’ which is why sniper still has fire ammo to use on lessers 2 and a half hours in”

DEAD: Veteran Facehugger (517) (F) says, “They got like half of T3 killed with abombs and gave to marines 2 anti-material rifles”

There was a lot of other bad things said in dsay, none of which I considered to be very prudent here. I can’t verify the abombings, and it only seemed a good idea to grab the above.

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Hey man I spawned in the blue laser sniper, I wanted to see how it performed on a actual round, didn’t think it’d have much of an impact

As for the other AMR, the guy got from my knowledge 1 kill

I was a bit concerned Abt the damage the XM43E1 could do when using the laser mode but I thought it’d be fine with limited ammo, for what it’s worth he didn’t get much kills either and from my view it was only people who would’ve died from normal sniper flak and what not

My bad.

This is fine, even though they were (moderately) annoying it wasn’t MUCH worse than a normal sniper who was performing really well. Obviously it performed BETTER, but it wasn’t the major issue I had with the round.

Although it paints it in a better light, the primary reason I made the report was due to the hand slapping the xenos got in XOOC due to, again, from my perspective, what appeared to be a normal push after an OB dropped.

Problems i had specifically:

  1. The abombed included a spitter which is not a t3. Afaik there is no rule against a t2 attacking the fob. JIT for sure was killed by admins.

  2. The area we were fighting over was far enough away from the LZ that we were on weeds the whole time. I never saw a xeno get even near the dropship door. Marines had a layer of cades up the entire fight. What is the point of the “too early to spread weeds boundary”?

  3. The guns given to the marines were ridiculous. I dont think anything was given to xenos to compensate despite the continual complaints.

Overall just… not great


All I did was the Bombs. I received an ahelp about an early siege from the XO and saw Weed Pylons built within 20 tiles of the FOB. At around 00:35 OP time.

The vast majority of Xenos pulled back to Medical and lower badlands after the first message. I used a bomb to clear some fortifications around the single cadeline between Xenos and the LZ at 10 minutes after drop. This did kill one Spitter from what I remember who was overpushing after both warnings not to had already occurred. My intention wasn’t to kills Xenos, but to destroy the forticiations. I also DMed an XX Crusher who was not listening.

Generally longer rounds are more enjoyable if there is an extended back and forth. Everyone learns more, and more story is to be had. As you admit in the post, what would have been a a 20 minute round became a 2 hour one. I see no better defense for my actions than that.

As an illistration:

Yellow is the single cadeline. The North wasn’t even caded and neither was the South. Red is where I bombed basically.

I’m not opposed to the concept of giving Xenos something to balance for a longer round, but it’s generally more frowned upon (way more very toxic marine players) and risky.

If it was outlined somewhere under what rough conditions I could act, I would 100% do it. Right now only such an outline exists for Marine side (no metarushing FOB).

I have, personally, seen countless rounds on Kutjevo start with the skirmishing in the vicinity of the purple drawings you outlined. With that said, it feels extremely unfair that when we are pushing and skirmishing as to where our true border is (‘Too early to expand the hive…’), we get punished for it, when the next two rounds, Marines had wiped out the xeno hive in literally 10 minutes from drop without a second glance.

The marines pushed, fell back, OB’d, fell back, and were skirmishing with us at badlands. It was not our fault that we were pushed back, and the round was severely altered, and the xenos ended up losing over it. I’m not mad about a win/loss or anything, but a fundamental change on that level, and punishment for the xenos when the marines apparently 1. did not reinforce their LZ and 2. were losing of their own accord, even with an admin spawned weapon or two, seems… Asinine.

It put a really, really sour taste in my mouth about playing xeno in the future. That’s all I’m getting at. Xenos got punished for playing the game and winning, but on the flipside, as someone who mains marine, I have not once ever even remotely heard of Humans getting handslapped for overperforming. That’s just silly.

Just like this was silly.


I refer to you my previous comment right above your own.

And I refer you to mine. It was not metarushing. Despite several xenos telling you what happened, including myself, you did not listen and chose to abomb us while we were fighting on weeds, skirmishing just past the border where we couldn’t plant them anymore, because Marines had failed a push twice.

That isn’t metarushing.

That’s all.


You were weeding up to a single cadeline, 20 meters from FOB at 10 minutes after drop.

No one wants to do 20 minutes of prep for a 10 minute round. That scenario was avoided due to my action, as is my job.

Now we’re being cyclical, and it’s not getting anywhere. We were weeding to where our exterior point was. Past that point, we could not weed to where you say the cadelines were, due to the ‘Too early to extend the hive message’. If the marines didn’t have a cade prior to that one, it’s on them. We were punished for winning a round, and if you can’t see why we might be upset, that’s on you.

Prefer to wait for outside responses, as clearly, we’re going to have to agree to disagree.

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Relevant logs posted. If you believe I have missed any information or have misconstrued something important for your case, please contact me on Discord.

I believe at the time of this incident that the rule regarding xenos and the landing zone before 1st drop was still in effect, but I can not corroborate as I am unaware as to when this rule was rescinded.

MxLoveShacker tells xenos to withdraw from the FOB, they also drop admin bombs
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:53:54.563 19678 ADMIN ADMIN: XOOC: MsLoveShacker/(Gonzo the Magnificent) : You are 20 tiles from the FOB at 5 minutes after launch.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:37.430 19678 ADMIN ADMIN: msloveshacker used ‘Drop Bomb’ at Kutjevo - Scrubland.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:43.129 19678 ADMIN ADMIN: msloveshacker used ‘Drop Bomb’ at Kutjevo - Scrubland.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:13.408 19678 ADMIN ADMIN: XOOC: MsLoveShacker/(Gonzo the Magnificent) : Move now back to medical.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:55:10.226 19678 ADMIN ADMIN: msloveshacker used ‘Drop Bomb’ at Kutjevo - Scrubland.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:55:22.327 19678 ADMIN ADMIN: PM: MsLoveShacker/(Gonzo the Magnificent)->/(Crusher (XX-316)): Move back.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:55.427 19678 ADMIN ADMIN: XOOC: MsLoveShacker/(Gonzo the Magnificent) : I said move back.
I can only corroborate a single T2 Xeno who died to the abombs.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:43.244 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Elder Spitter (JIT-232) has died to divine intervention at Kutjevo - Scrubland
However the following Xenomorphs died in close proximity to the detonation of the admin bombs, I can not ascertain if the admin bombs had any impact on them dying or not however.
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:18.218 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Young Crusher (XX-983) has died to �M56D heavy machine gun at Kutjevo - Northwest Colony Grounds from Koko Mame
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:48.790 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Drone (XX-412) has died to �80mm incendiary mortar shell at Kutjevo - Scrubland from Anri ‘Butcher’ Carter
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:54:58.320 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Young Runner (ID-527) has died to �88 Mod 4 combat pistol at Kutjevo - Northwest Colony Grounds from Sergio Wallick
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:55:28.288 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Hivelord (OM-758-A) has died to �AGR-59 ‘Mini-Mike’ at Kutjevo - Scrubland from Goddard ‘Eagle’ Pearsall
In terms of the special weapons spawned for the Marines. The Sniper Specialist had their Sniper replaced with the XM43E1, its user kills 4 Xenos and 2 Lessers during the round
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:53:38.133 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Lesser Drone (834) has died to �XM43E1 experimental anti-materiel rifle at Kutjevo - Scrubland from (as Harry Jones)
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:56:18.762 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Young Praetorian (EG-315) has died to �XM43E1 experimental anti-materiel rifle at Kutjevo - Scrubland from (as Harry Jones)
Nov 25, 2023 @ 23:57:37.862 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Elder Ravager (AVA-784) has died to �XM43E1 experimental anti-materiel rifle at Kutjevo Complex - Medical Operation Hallway from (as Harry Jones)
Nov 26, 2023 @ 00:01:38.844 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Ancient Carrier (TY-104-C0) has died to �XM43E1 experimental anti-materiel rifle at Kutjevo Complex - Medical Operation Hallway from (as Harry Jones)
Nov 26, 2023 @ 00:08:35.872 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Lesser Drone (443) has died to �XM43E1 experimental anti-materiel rifle at Kutjevo - Scrubland from (as Harry Jones)
Nov 26, 2023 @ 00:18:35.674 19678 ATTACK ATTACK: Prime Boiler (BA-334-LD) has died to �XM43E1 experimental anti-materiel rifle at Kutjevo Complex - Medical Operation Hallway from (as Harry Jones)

Added report:needverdict and removed report:pendinglogs

Ouch thats a crusher to the bombs, and 3 other t3s to the rifle.

How many xenos were on at the time? That has to be a good chunk of the t3s?

Also I rememeber the carrier complaining that he was “one shot”. Do you have a log on how much damage the rifle hit for? Like did it just finish him off?

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Two things to keep in mind:

  1. That was the XX Crusher that I had specifically DMed to fallback. He continually refused and charged alone despite the now destroyed fortifications.
  2. I did not spawn the Rifle. It is violently OP and deals 400 brute a shot.

The xenos were about average population, I wouldn’t say there was any more or less than normal. It’s been a while so I don’t actually remember, but I don’t think for any reason that the numbers were less than 20-25ish, as would be expected.

I watched a boiler, on several occasions, almost get one shot by the blue laser sniper (dropped them to a little tick of a green bar above crit every single time they peeked). It was kind of horrendously strong, but that really wasn’t LoveShacker’s fault.

As far as I’m aware, as well, the Crusher was not at the LZ when the bomb hit. I still don’t know why we’re being so cyclical about “the LZ, the LZ” when the fighting was at Scrublands, at a cadeline, at where we could weed. If the point of the “too early to spread the hive” message isn’t to show where the line of demarkation for xeno vs human is, then I don’t know what the point of it is at all.

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Heya! Sorry for this report sitting so long, but I’m getting to it now!

I’ve looked through the logs for this situation and everything surrounding it. I am going to give the disclaimer that without a recording I can only get a limited picture of the situation, so some of the slight nuances of this particular round may be lost on me since I wasnt there to witness it.
I do however think I’ve got enough information to come to a conclusion on this report.

So in regards to @LoveShacker sending XOOC messages and dropping admin-bombs they were acting in their role as an administrator.
Their actions did affect the round balance, but administrators are allowed to use their tools to change the balance if it is in the interest of the round.
I do think that they were acting in the interest of the round, and I dont think the tools that they used to do so were too excessive, so I dont think that any action needs to be taken against them.

When it comes to the different sniper rifles being handed out to marines, this seems to have taken place before the round actually got going. And the way it was handled seems to have violated event guidelines. So I’ll be talking to @Backsea and taking appropriate action where required regarding it.

For a nice conclusion to this report. Admin action being taken to make the round less of a stomp seems fine, and the no metarushing rule was very much in effect when this got handled.
So regarding the overall report I guess I’m denying the report. Since the overall report is about ANY staff intervention in this round, and I do think that some action being taken was appropriate. But regarding the sniper rifles I will be taking action since that does seem like it violated the event rules that we have in place.

Added report:denied and removed report:needverdict