There are people breaking the rules in this Topic!!!

Move along nerd, I’m waiting for the mods.

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No rules, no master. Only Freedom.

Okay. What’s your point?

We are robbing a bank the adminbus?


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Just 1 bullet, thats like what, 13 brute damage? Just use the EZ bica autoinjector.

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Become ungovernable. The can’t ban us all.

We mutiny against the adminbus? But don’t lynch the cool admins, the ones where I always talk myself out of a permaban by citing random parts of the rules and explaining, it was the guy I don’t like.

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Freedom is the right of all sentient beings. Stand up for your rights people. We must not back down.

There’s the rulebreaker Admins!


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Skill Issue moment… CM mods…

Bruh I got a temp forum ban because I posed “bri’ish” teeth and they were all like “THIS IS HIGHLY OFFENSIVE!”, at the exact same time they kicked me from the discord and from ingame.