thespy24574 - Moderator Application

Hello Biolock, And lets get to these questions:

  1. What would you do if you were the only staff member online and someone gunned you down for obviously no reason whatsoever?

Given there is no obvious reason like escalation or a hostile faction was present and it wasnt an apparent accident; I would PM the marine who gunned be down, asking a reason why he shot me to death. Based on their answer I would either apply either a medium/heavy note or light/heavy ban for griefing, (possibly) metagaming if I knew them or they knew me, and rule 10 lethal force. The note to ban here is very dependent on the marine’s response and conversation(s) following the PM.

This can go many ways but this is the most likely path I would take granted it was a non accidental situation.

  1. What would you do if that same player began then shooting up the rest of the Almayer after having shot you?

If they then continued to shoot up the rest of the almayer after I started to PM them. I would do the following actions: Asleep them, attempt to communicate any reason from them for their actions, if no sufficient reasoning was given or they simply disconnect; then I will apply a perm ban for several rule breaks; rule 2 and 3 community expectations (quite a “dick move” to shoot everyone), Rule 4 griefing, Rule 7 ban evading (if they disconnect after I Asleep them or disconnect mid PMing), and rule 10 lethal force for obvious reasons.

All in all, quite a situation on hand. Though I believe my course of actions are sufficient to prevent further disruption.

  1. What would you do if you were the only staff member online and someone ahelped about Andy ‘Mutton’ Marcotte, the Commanding Officer, claiming they performed an unwarranted battlefield execution?

Firstly, I am ASSUMING I would be the current CO of that round given that is my ingame name all that and I BE’d someone who was a threat to me or my command. For starters, non Council staff can not handle WL issues so I would notify them to head to the forums for a player report. Secondly, I would ask for their side of the story and we will go from there.

Fairly open ended question, though very curious if this does happen. Regardless it is TOO open and not exactly something a non council member can handle even if they have the WL due to the nature of the report/ahelp.


  • The executive officer is currently at the FOB with an MP.
  • The XO, having just realized thatthey lost the command tablet amidst fighting xenos, orders the MP to leave the FOB and recover the tablet which is 20 tiles away by the frontline.
  • The MP obliges the XO’s orders and goes to retrieve the tablet where he is caught up in frontline fighting and killed by xenos.
  • A ghost ahelps, “Admin, there is an MP on the frontlines!”
    How would you handle this scenario?

From my understanding of SOP, and escort missions from CO’s Code of Conduct;

MPs are only to be sent in escort missions with the Commanding Officer only (The distinction between Commander and Commanding Officer are to be noted here). Any of the 2 MPs sent groundside to protect a shipside person, in this case the XO, should REMAIN within FOB only and NOT be XO’s extended arm to acquire the dropped the command tablet.

So; The MP is in the wrong here though I can see the distinction of the escort mission and the shipside protection detail ruling being easily over looked and it not being a clear cut and dry outcome. But here is what I will do in that situation; PM the ahelper and get their side, PM the MP and get their side of the story, Likely PMing the XO aswell. After I gathered the information I would notify the MP that the order was unlawful, as fulfilling the order would require them to break SOP to fetch the tablet. As SOP clearly states “FOB”, not the frontline. Only being in sight of the Commanding Officer on the frontline may he pick up the tablet. As it would be a escort mission, NOT a FOB protection detail.

Granted, the MP likely didn’t know this distinction or only knew about the CO’s provisions/escort SOP and not much else about it. If this is the case, then I will likely apply a warning or light note.

This one was fairly difficult and for the last I can see someone being angry over it. But this is my Current understanding of SOP, CO Code of Conduct, and more. As I play and get into more situations like this, my knowledge and further understanding will enhance even more.

You seem to have an acceptable grasp when it comes to the rules and general information, which is important. However, I have my reservations as there are few indications, but indications nonetheless of leanings towards a relapse into previous behavior passed off in-game interaction with other players in way of conversation.

Promises are just that, promises. The real question is, are you capable of handling accountability and admitting that you made a mistake - a question that you should ask yourself, time and time again.

I do believe we need to see more of your interactions in game with other players in an extended form to better determine if you’ve had a change of character. A couple of things to note, after reviewing your interactions on TGMC Discord / CM Discord, I can see there is a complete difference in behavior in both discords. This makes me question the consistency of what you say and your actions as an individual.

Additionally, there is a huge inconsistency in what you say regarding the reason you did what you did when you were a TGMC Admin:

TGMC Staff Report / Images

[COMPLAINT] [thespy24574/Synthetic Andy] - /tg/Station 13

This how I see it, you are inconsistent, giving different and varying portrayals of the situation. I do not feel there is a genuine attempt at an apology for those mistakes, but this was just a slapped together apology without a clear understanding of why you yourself did what you did, or the refusal/lack of integrity/accountability to admit that you straight up just screwed up.

I did not want to nitpick, and I understand that we all make mistakes. However, you should be able to remain consistent and just straight up admit that you made a mistake without saying “I’ll let my actions speak for me” while at the same time giving your version(s) of the story that seem to bump into each other.

There should be no need for you to reply to every comment you get, if the intention is “I’ll let my actions speak for me”. At this moment of time, I’ll have to give a



I’ve played a few rounds with you and under you. You did an okay job delegating and leading and although your RP skills weren’t phenomenal, they weren’t subpar. I haven’t noticed any recent IC or OOC concerns regarding you, and I think based on that, you’ve been improving from when I last took a step back and talked with you about your CO application that was accepted.

That being said, I am disappointed not in you, but by the way the people have treated you on your previous application, and this one. Being completely denied in the previous one without having a chance to respond to something that happened 7/8 months ago from the posting was not something I think was done favorably or fairly. Although that’s not the topic of today, I still think it’s unfairly dragging this application down.

However, specifically about this application, it’s literally been over a year now since that incident. People grow, and more importantly, can learn and be taught. I’ve run staff teams for SS13 servers, and been a part of multiple. Some of the best members of our teams have always been those who struggled in the beginning, but took a leap and wanted to learn. I understand that things can get overwhelming and you go into damage-control mode, and I don’t believe that you need to be repeatedly dragged and kicked while you’re down. I think being taught and learning better ways to correct yourself would do more than repeatedly getting denied and forcing yourself to “improve” when there’s nothing left - some people struggle to let things go and will explode over things that happened years ago (on a video game, no less).

I keep seeing people ask for evidence on multiple forum posts about changing or promises that you have, etc (not even related to you specifically) about things that happened a year or more ago. And it’s like - y’all need to just take a step back and give people chances and help them grow positively. It’s a video game - you’re not electing a politician here. I also think people need to realize that separate communities do have separate people and those people can influence how their peers act - not saying that excuses any behavior or is an argument for any, though.

Anyways. I think I’ll give you a green-light here. I look at what I’ve seen in-game. I look at how you’ve acted in this community. And I look at all your failed applications and see you repeatedly trying to get better. I would never expect anyone to be perfect, but simultaneously I do believe there are levels of acceptability - and I think you’re at what a trial moderator should be. After all, it’s a trial - you’re there to learn and see if you’re fit. As a side note, I don’t know why people are nit-picking the fact you’re responding to people. As long as you’re not rage-baiting people, there’s nothing wrong with responding to everyone and anyone in my eyes.


I agree with what you say here and I do thank you for the literal paragraph of text you took (I suspect) at least a good few minutes writing. In general I do thank you for taking time out of your day to post this.

And I agree, this is just a video game. And people will become angry over anything, especially calling out others’ for past mistakes. I am here to entertain myself and those around me by being a good moderator keeping those who play honest safe. We shouldn’t rage over something that’s suppose to make us laugh or build something funny.

Hello again thespy,

I don’t particularly adore the answers you gave to my questions. I’ve elected to no longer discuss the questions I ask in mod applications, so that I can re-use them in the future. However, as a general rule of thumb, you’d try to never handle your own incidents. Staff are expected to make a player report just like anybody else if no staff are available to handle your situation. There are nuances to that guideline, but we can always discuss it during your train-up should this get accepted.

What I do like is the way you interact with the community. You’ve invested your time in being a mentor and actively engage in the most visible whitelist. I think a person’s past can indicate their future, but that people are equally as capable of changing aspects about themselves that they don’t like. I think your answers to your checkered past are reasonable, and am willing to take a chance on you going forward. Good luck!


I see, I wasnt notified about the general rule of thumb about not handling your own incidents. I do apologize for that and shall keep that noted for future reference.

Thank you for your time with further comments and support. I do hope I will be a good addition should this get accepted.