thespy24574 - Player Report: MA-629-O, Rule 5 , and rule 6 + 2

thespy24574 - Player Report: MA-629-O, Rule 5 , and rule 6 + 2

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Andy ‘Mutton’ Marcotte

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What rule(s) were broken?:

Rule 5 , and rule 6 + 2

Description of the incident:

Incident happened near the end of hijack, queen screeched and I was in prime position to be captured. After I was dragged to alamo and a face hugger forced onto me. The drone moved me away from the alamo, placing me into a evac pod, grabbing me, and then throwing me into the evac cyro pod. The administrative team online said it wasnt possible but also said they wouldn’t’ve tell me if they did anything to the drone in question. So I am here to ensure something happens.

My reasoning for the rules 2, 5 and 6 being broken are as follows;

1; roleplay, Xenomorphs have little knowledge about the cyro system and how it works. They simply wouldnt need to and thusly why would the drone in question use it to mechanically lock me out? Makes no sense for a xenomorph to utilize tech in this way. Would be simpler and more effective (given I would actually be able to burst) if I was placed on a wall.

2; Mechanical exploit, The xenomorph in question physically locked any chance of me being discovered or recovered as no knowledge-able marine would check the evac cyro pods for people who have been accidentally or forcefully cyroed marines, they would think they willingly did and wanted to do so. Therefore they effectively removed me from the round.

3; Metagaming, I believe this (As mentioned above) was an attempt to remove a critical character (I was the CO and the xenos clearly knew this) from a round almost indefinitely as, even if the marines won, they would absolutely not check the evac cyro pods.


I would love to have logs pulled but its mostly set in stone what happened given the attack logs likely show it. Image some time after I was cyroed

Staff verified it happened, as the xeno did admit to it.
While true it makes no sense for a xeno to do so, it’s also not supposed to be possible, a check was missing in the code for that particular subtype of cryopod.

I have made a mechanical fix, both for this and forcing people into the pods in general, in lieu of punishing the player.

Added report:approved and removed report:pendinglogs