thespy24574 - Player Report: Prime Empress, Metagaming (Possibly), Exploiting

thespy24574 - Player Report: Prime Empress, Metagaming (Possibly), Exploiting

What’s your BYOND key?


Round ID:


Your character name:

Andy ‘Mutton’ Marcotte

Accused BYOND key:


Accused character name:

Prime Empress

What rule(s) were broken?:

Metagaming (Possibly), Exploiting

Description of the incident:

Spawned in as Van survivor, gathered with fellow survivors and built up fortifications south west of LZ2. Got overran, went south east of LZ1 where van wheels finally gave out.

Here’s where the incident truly happened:

Last stand, me, Ethan (Colony Synthetic), and Gordan Rader are last inside. Queen appears suddenly after we killed a warrior and lurker. Someone shot the fuel tank and all inside die inside the van, including synth. After our death, queen exits the van and proceeds to Push the van away to the south eastern corner of administration taking several minutes to position and maneuver as needed to get it into the corner and this was very much intentional and wasn’t at all a small movement.

This, at least we assumed to be, is to attempt to get all occupants (Synthetic or not) to get them furthest away to maximize the possibility of our perma death (Which did happen as we were never found).

If we were never moved we’d still be south east of LZ1 just north west of warehouse, all survivors (excluding the one lad who died earlier) would have certainly been found and revived accordingly. In this I, among the rest of survivors including synthetic Ethan, believe the Prime Queen was exploiting the ability of her’s to move the van to gain an advantage and perma some survivors who could’ve changed the course of the round.

Either case, due to the fact it is not explicitly stated within the rules to not do this, I feel a warning should be issued at very least as its not very sportsmen-like as its as synth stated, (I think it was synth) “its essentially walling off a corpse” and that’s due to the fact its easy to maneuver it… to… I dunno… THE HIVE?! The possibility of moving survivors or marines to the hive when they all died is quite absurd.

TL/DR: Queen pushed van into a corner intentionally to hide/block our bodies from being found, if left alone we’d be alive due to marines landing about 2 minutes later when were moved.


Not an admin or someone who has access to logs, I ask someone who Does have access to pull up something as I am not sure if moving the van is logged at all.

At least pulling the chat log that me and Ethan were talking about could prove we agreed that queen was gaming the system to gain an edge.

Either case here is images of the round where we died and who’s inside.

Just to make this known, I am not quite sure where within the rules this lies but I decided on metagaming and exploiting as likely candidates for this report.

This was handled in game.