This is the office to complain about excessive use of BE

The idea is to regroup every instance where a BE as been use when the person in question could have arrest you or resolve the situation in a way that wouldn’t perma you…
waiting for your stories bellow.

you should read the BE rule page and then edit the description


george franks walked up to me and said “where’s da boss money” when it was my 2nd XO round then he said “YOUZ A MUDDALESS FUCK” and shot me 20 times with CO shotgun


A medic was being slightly annoying during briefing and instead of arresting them or having the MPs bully them, the CO simply just BE them and their body flew to my feet and the CO walked over to the crit medic and finished them off. It was a thing.

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lol maybe dont be a lrp moron annoy the 1 guy that can round remove you

one of my first games. A group of marines banged against the cargo container in hangar during brief. I set on a chair next to it and banged once or twice as well. The CO told us to stop. After some other keept banging on it the CO was tired of it and walked down to the container and towards me. They just looked a me and i greetetd them “Oh hello CO, how can i-” BANG. I got executed on the spot. I had it happen multipel times by now where i was executed or imprsiioned for standing next to comosion. Making me give my first character its first desciption. “somehow her face makes you angry”. Because it keept happining. Sadly it stoped.


I was the CE. To “save on operations costs” we depowered parts of the ship that arent normally used (atmos, the room north of medical, chapel, etc.) Then pried out the fuel cells and shut down all but minimal generators.

I sent a fax to req to sell the fuel cells for more budget.

The CO told me to “cease immediately”. I told him of the cost savings. He gave me to the count of 10. I asked him if this was because he “wasnt getting a cut”

He shot me in the brain.

I deserved it but could have probably just been arrested


Forgot to say I actually like BEs and think they are hilarious and wish they were used more liberally. But wanted to tell my story anyways.


As an MT, people were wanting to kill greenos even though they had done nothing to deserve it. I took the greenos sympathizer route and cut a hole into their cell to free them and watched them maul marines.

I then was wandering around the maintenance halls, trying to look busy while secretly trying to kill anti-greenos when I ran into the CO with a few other marines. Before I could even get a greeting in, the CO had executed me.

It was most certainly deserved and a fun way to die, 10/10 would recommend.

In regards to unfair BEs though, the only one I can recall that I heavily disagreed on was when a pilot got into an argument with thr CO about something CAS related (I believed the CO wanted him to install a module) but the pilot wasn’t interested. The CO then BE’d the pilot at roughly 15 mins in the round, leaving us with no CAS. If I’m misremembering, please correct me.

so from my interaction with you in discord you seem to be generally against the CO WL (I’m guessing you got BE’d while trying to be a self insert or trying too hard to be funny at the expense of others, just a guess). I guess this is your way of trying to get people slowly to hate WL and create drama.

As my good friend George Franks suggested please read the rules on BE. A point you also didn’t put here is you want people to be allowed to play CO without a WL. So you’re against players that are held to a higher standard (and actually know the rules of BE and get heavily punished if misued. More than just a “They’ve been talked too”.) using BEs, but you want anyone to be able to use a tool that is beyond easy to grief with. Not to mention the other powers CO has.

I’m not saying the CO WL is perfect, far from it. I have my own issues with the WL, but be direct in this forum as you were being on discord.


PS instead of trying to install drama by having people screech “I GOT BE’D FOR THIS CO SUCKS” or say “Remove the WL”, why not try to suggest actual ideas that would limit BEs. I’m not saying they would go through, but it’s better than what you’re doing now


I was trick or treating at CIC as a CLF suicide bomber with my bag of candy disguised as a rigged fuel tank to fit my costume and the CE BE’d me pls deWL he


I am so sorry this happened to you. I am applying a bajillionkajillion year ban to the CO in question as well as putting him on the no fly list for killing a CM hero. Have a CM day


BE’s aren’t common enough. even as Gramps i’ve never been BE’d or executed by MPs, which is saying something. the only time i’ve ever complained about a BE was IC as a Liason when Carl BE’D Fred Hawking and inspired a MP revolt against CIC.

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never been BE yet
just founded myself sawing a two BE that could have been handle by arrest.
current rules are bad since they allow CO to execute people that don’t represent a direct threat and
that could be arrested and made prisoner by MP’s ship-side.
I don’t think the BE rules have an high enough standard RP wise.
and i want to open people eyes to it that’s all.
I don’t want drama.
an exception could be staff asking to BE a marine instead of banning him for example.(as in that case it’s in everyone interest to do so)
i hope my english isn’t to broken and that you can understand me.
have a good CM day.

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also i don’t see any issue with collecting stories about BE and some going wrong out or within the rules.
a point could be add that not everyone is going to fill a complaint about a whitelist doing something wrong…

If they don’t fill out a PR they clearly don’t give a shit


co killed me because I told him to eat dick while stealing his shoes, that’s so LRP!!! he couldve arrested me!! we need to raise rp standards (for co, not me)



You clearly want CO WL gone for some reason, I guess you just don’t like it which nothing against that. This forum I am against. You’re literally trying to pile up only negative interactions so you can present it as “CO clearly has an issue and needs to go”. If you’re also gonna present the stories of people who had a negative interaction, I suggest you tell them the whole store instead of quibbling. You deny trying to create drama and a negative outlook on COs, but this forum has one objective which is pretty obvious.

Blockquote current rules are bad since they allow CO to execute people that don’t represent a direct threat and
that could be arrested and made prisoner by MP’s ship-side.

The BE is not an RP mechanic, it is a tool that can sometimes be used for RP, but it’s main use is a tool. It’s to restore order and remove people who are posing a threat to the operation or your command and restore order quickly.

Yeah in real life a BE would be extremely extremely rare, but in real life military personal don’t run up to you trying to steal your shoes when you’re an 0-5, or doctor Tramadol OD doesn’t try to OD you. Some COs are more liberal with the use of a BE. Personally I hate using them and I’ve only BE’d 7 people my whole time as a CO for 2 years.

What you’re proposing is exactly what Gysillian said “raise the standards for CO, not for me”

Highly suggest you read the rules on BE instead of thinking COs can use them at a whim and don’t get punished for misusing it. People have gotten suspended for months and even removed for poor BEs. I got suspended for a month after misusing a BE on a MP.

The CO council takes a BE report serious and doesn’t issue “slap on the wrist” like staff members do. You’d be surprised how many COs get in trouble for even non BE issues

Say whatever you want or do what you want, but don’t lie. People aren’t gonna take you or your ideas serious if you’re trying to do what you’re doing now. If you really want the CO WL gone maybe open up a topic forum on that instead and let people get to the heart of it, instead of trying to create drama and a build up to it.


and if you think COs are bad, imagine if people like Kenneth Lance, Lauirnca Beck, or Shay Silverlock got access to CO. Your only defense was for removing the CO WL was “just job ban them”. Lance and Beck avoided being banned by rule lawyering and toeing the line to ruin players rounds. Shay Silverlock had thousands of hours but was a terrible command player. The WL CO council does not follow the same rules as staff, if the council simply doesn’t think you’re upholding the standards they can remove you even if you don’t mess up. Staff can not do that. Imagine if players who try to ruin rounds get access to a role that can ruin an entire sides round. XO can get their power checked by department heads(CMP to be specific), HC, SOs, and even SLs. A CO can not be arrested without HC authorization and it’s pretty much the only way they’re gonna be checked in round.

Also how do you think this is a CO abusing their BE tool. Even in real life you could be shot for suggesting that during an active military operation.

also lol trying to deny you don’t want CO gone


Holy shit the CO is on the 0-5 council?

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