Ticker175 - Job/Role Ban Appeal

Ticker175 - Job/Role Ban Ban Appeal

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Bob Huey

Type of Ban?
Job/Role Ban

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JBan / N/A

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What other servers do you play on?

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Reason for Ban:
Banned from Chief Engineer, Ordnance Technician, Maintenance Technician, Bunker Crew Master, Bunker Crew - Multiple instances of inappropriate conduct as engineering roles, including repeated incidents of metagaming fortifications before hijack. by segrain (Maintainer) on 2023-03-23 10:46:49

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Your appeal:
I was recently JBanned from all shipside engineering roles by Segrain, this was entirely (as far as I know) due to one instance a few days ago where we had a “disagreement” about the events of a round.
The TLDR is that we had a disagreement over whether or not I moved the Tcomms APC to a “meta” location post-hijack or prior.

For starters, I did have a reason OOC (there is an infrequent bug relating to the alamyer general comms and hijack, where the :G channel randomly stops working after the queen calls the dropship down, moving the APC seems to prevent this (i did not report this bug due to the fact that my github account (for CM) and forums account have been “deactivated”, I have not done anything for this to be due to rulebreaking or enforcement action so I am unsure why this has happened but because of this reason I was unable to report this bug)) for moving the APC in the first place and a reason IC (maintenance, which was announced and was made as short as possible) for moving it too.
My intention was to quickly move the APC to prevent this bug as I was simply waiting around for hijack at that point of the round.
Now after actually giving this some thought, I agree, this is probably a little too meta (i did even say this to segrain after the round) even though I had a reason to do what I did. At the time I honestly didn’t even give a thought to if moving the APC was meta or not, I just knew there was a problem and moving the APC had fixed it in the past.

I wanted to also add that me moving the APC had no effect on the outcome of the round nor did it affect any other players. The comms weren’t even used… and the Xenos didn’t even attempt to break into tcomms (they didn’t go after tcomms in its entirety, so me having moved the APC was irrelevant) and destroy it.

So with the context explained, here is the Note that Segrain added to my account regarding the JBan; “Banned from Chief Engineer, Ordnance Technician, Maintenance Technician, Bunker Crew Master, Bunker Crew - Multiple instances of inappropriate conduct as engineering roles, including repeated incidents of metagaming fortifications before hijack. by segrain (Maintainer) on 2023-03-23 10:46:49”
Firstly I am unsure what Segrain means by “Multiple instances of inappropriate conduct as engineering roles” and “repeated incidents of metagaming fortifications before hijack” outside of this specific round, I have no other notes regarding metagaming (i have one but it was a misunderstanding and is very minor (see below)) or inappropriate conduct in regard to engineering (i am also unsure why I am banned from all engineering roles for this incident, I would have thought that a metagaming rulebreak would have been irrelevant of role).
I did in OOC after the round make a comment about moving the Tcomms APC to a “safer” spot but this wasn’t my original intention, this comment was exaggerating the situation to make it sound more interesting after the fact.

To cover any parts of the appeal I have missed I will reiterate the main parts. As for what I did wrong, I have admitted that yes after thinking about it I can see that moving the Tcomms APC is probably metagaming and regardless of whether or not I did it before or after hijack I will admit that I was in the wrong. I will also admit that after the round I was fairly blunt and rude at times to Segrain to which I apologise for (i shouldn’t have been angry just because Segrain was messaging me and I am sorry for that), I also want to apologise for lying to Segrain in their investigation (i can still recall rebuilding the comms apc twice but I’m willing to say that I was in the wrong and I only moved it once to a “meta” location). As for how will i improve my behaviour in the future, I will try and be as cooperative in Admin PMs in the future and I apologise for this incident, I also will avoid doing anything really regarding hijack in the future (be it before or after hijack), I don’t plan on playing that part of the game again. If I do decide to play for hijack I will ensure to only start working after the hijack starts.

Another thing I wanted to add is that I have ~1900 hours on the server (~250 as CE, ~180 as Ordnance Technician and ~10 hours as the other engineering roles) to have that many hours on the server and specifically relevant in this case so many hours as engineering staff (~400 hours), I think it’s inevitable for me to have made some mistakes around the server rules simply due to error on my part and interactions with others. so I believe that this should be taken into account when judging any notes I do have regarding enforcement action.

Here is the only note I have for metagaming but I honestly was calling for supplies to be sent to the upper engie area because someone had broken all the lights, by supplys i meant lightbulbs, light replacer and the light bars. its a not an easy note to defend myself on as it was situational and we had been discussing the broken lights for a long time… Rule 6: Metagaming. Noted. Player called for supplies to be brought over to lifeboats pre hijack over requsition comms. Player claims they were just asking for lights to be brought over so the broken lights there could be fixed but this is pretty hard to be believed when taking the context into account. by clairion (TrialAdmin) on 2023-02-22 04:36:03

This appeal has been assigned to the administration team for review.

This ban appeal is being accepted as stated in this other thread of yours: Ticker175 - Job/Role Ban Appeal - #3 by Podrick-Equus

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