Ticker175 - Job/Role Ban Appeal

Ticker175 - Job/Role Ban Ban Appeal

What’s your BYOND key?

Character Name?
Bob Huey

Type of Ban?
Job/Role Ban

What is your Bancode?

Admin who banned you?

Total Ban Duration
JBan / N/A

Remaining Duration

What other servers do you play on?

Are you now or have you been banned on any servers? Which ones?

Do you play using a Virtual Machine?

is your copy of Windows legitimate?

Reason for Ban:
Improper Escalation - Shot MPs trying to arrest him because he was deployed. No xenos in sight or immediate area when MPs attempted an arrest, and MPs did not take direct action to detain before getting shot. by forest2001 (HeadStaff) on 2022-10-22 21:47:18

Banned from Squad Leader - SL jobban applied per: Resolved N/a - 10 by ben11567 (HeadStaff) on 2022-11-05 15:18:11

Links to previous appeals:

Your appeal:
I was JBanned from SL late last year, I will openly admit that I was in the wrong and I shouldn’t have done what I did.

There is a story behind it (this was also before MP were allowed to leave fob to arrest people, the rule was that they could only arrest people at fob or immediately around fob) and I had been playing for a few rounds at that point and was very fed up with getting constantly arrested for no reason but that’s just something we all have to deal with.

TLDR: The CO for that round (and the 2 rounds before that) was Bob Cross, we don’t get along, most people don’t get along with him because of the way he leads (i think he even got his WL revoked shortly after this incident). So after 2 rounds of putting up with his bullshit I was fed up and decided to leave my squad to build the fob whilst I went and fixed power and filtration (the map was Trijant Dam). skip ahead and I’m at the “hydro dam” part of the map (for context that is a LONG way from fob, it takes about a minute to run there from fob) with 3-4 other marines, we were constantly getting attacked by lurkers and runners and had 2 of the 5 of us dead, so whilst the medic was reviving the 2 dead people and me and the engie were doing security I see 2 fucking MP come over and start saying they were going to arrest me… I will admit I fucking lost it, I just started shooting them which resulted in forest spawning droppods which eventually killed me and then they arrested me and forest messaged me, I was not very cooperative in the investigation as you might imagine. I got smacked with a 24 Hour ban for IE and then someone opened a report on me and I also got a SL JBan

First off, I explain the situation purely for context, I’m aware that I was in the wrong, but I thought I should explain the situation so that you can understand why I did what I did.

However, with this said, I am unsure why I was banned from SL for this incident. The rule I broke was IE, the fact that I was an SL at the time was irrelevant. I will say that after reading the Forum post, I can see that they had a reason to arrest me but I was not told that, there was no point where I was told to return to fob, no point where I was told that I was going to be arrested, no point where I was told anything, the first I learnt of it was when I saw the MP. And even with that taken into account, that is an IC issue, not an OOC JBan issue.

Again however, with all that said I am not denying the fact that I broke a rule, I openly admit the fact that I shouldn’t have shot the MP, I apologise for doing it and will endeavour not to do it again (and haven’t done it since)

I have a lot of experience as an SL and ~120 hours in the role. I also have a lot of people who can vouch that I am at least a “decent” SL, I have had a lot of people ask why I don’t play bravo SL anymore (i only play bravo SL), after they find out the circumstances they agree that, yeah I probably shouldn’t have shot the MP but it’s fair enough considering the situation. again i say this not to excuse myself, simply for context

This appeal has been assigned to the administration team for review.

All righty. Having taken some time to digest these two appeals of yours, I am leaning towards a tenuous ACCEPTANCE of your appeals. You have quite the history, and I feel like your biggest issue moving forward is knowing when to not do something that may break a rule. A quick trigger finger is great in combat, but not when you do something that leads to you attempting to cover your tracks when staff are investigating a potential rule break. You’re an experienced player as you’ve said yourself, and I am sticking my neck out here hoping that you’ll take these lessons to heart and be better.

We’ll see you on the battlefield again, and hopefully not here anytime soon.

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I appreciate it and will endeavour to keep my rule-breaking to ML, not server rules.
The first round of drinks when we get to space vegas is on me :+1:

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