To cade, or not to cade?

Our beloved barricades are a powerful tool, without a doubt being capable to change the flow of rounds. Sadly, the metal required is a scarce material, specially for frontline ComTechs. So with that in mind, i ask the master engineers out there, when should i cade? The places i usually cade with no doubt are the cave entrances in LV and the FOB.

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A single line of barricades can mean the difference between an orderly retreat or regroup, versus a total rout and certain death for a large number of marines.

Certainly, the FOB needs its defences. But in the field, ideally, I find you want to set up barricades behind chock points at, or near, the frontline as fallback positions.

Barricades directly on the frontline are typically only useful during a stalemate, as otherwise you risk the cades being destroyed by xeno attacks.

Typically you should be cading the flanks or setting up fallback points, NOT the main frontline unless it’s clear marines can’t push. Reasoning being that in order to get kills, marines typically MUST push- It’s much, much harder to kill xenos when you lack initiative and cadehug (unless you have fire support). This is especially true for counter-pushing a queen screech.
By cading the main frontline, marines are stuck getting past a choke point to chase, slowing them down. You can mitigate this by simply having multiple linked plasteel cades on the cadeline, albeit this is expensive.

As a result, you should only really cade the frontline if it’s an Uber-stalemate (I.e. neither marines or xenos can easily push), and you should be creating fallback positions as marines advance (to prevent total wipes).


Generally don’t cade when marines are pushing. Not only it would be a waste if you set up cades and frontline simply moved way further, but also cades make pushing harder. Wait until push run out of steam, then cade. Even small pillbox for medics near the front can be very useful.

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Metal costs 5 points sandbags cost 10 points in technician vendors. Why? Sandbags are too strong.

Sandbags have .5 seconds of deployment and can be fixed with ease.

When to deploy? When there’s a choke, or when you feel marines are about to be folded, or the most common one, is to block of flanks and cading when you think your gonna fight for a long time. Example being containers at LV.

Don’t forget about deployable barricades. They are very good at securing advancements and stopping boiler shots from travelling all the way to the back of a marine collum. And in a pinch combined with the heavy machine gun can deter every caste of xeno bar a solo queen screech. Just make sure there are no boilers when setting up a heavy machine gun and if there are they are suppressed. You can also use them to quickly secure flanks, and they can’t be leaped over like unbarbed sandbags, and when the marines are ready to full unga you can remove them in a pinch.

use plasteel cades on cades you want to last, use foldies on secondary or temporary defenses, sandbags are your friend but they need setup time