Tobacco, Weed, Small botany stuff.

I don’t really wanna make this such a long topic but recently I’ve noticed how the hydroponics shit is just extremely simple and whatnot, but I was thinking adding a drying rack and the ability to make your own cigarettes and weed joints would be cool, and as well tobacco obviously for the smoking pipes as of now the smoking pipes are bugged and its most likely a non issue obviously cause its just fluff but it basically has infinite tobacco that you don’t need to refill. I do think adding just a minor bit of fluff shit like the things mentioned would be something that breathes a tiny bit of air into the already dumbed down and dull hydroponics stuff currently for shipside stuff and create avenues of roleplay I’m guessing with shit like a MT selling weed joints or whatever.


I binge Researcher fairly often and outside of Poppies and Grass there’s no real reason to grow or experiment with anything else. Even as an MST, you narrow down your botany needs to what you’re running low on or what you want to fiddle with. Most of what you need is wheat for bread.

All that said, this isn’t a grow op and weed is illegal aboard a military vessel. You can, however, modify the seed vendors (or find an MT) and get your hands on contraband. Nothing fancy, just Reishi and Nettles and some other drugs. If you’re caught with that stuff, expect to be arrested by an MP.

CL has weed seeds in his office take it from him

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You can actually get weed from hacked vendors however it isn’t normal weed it’s ambrosia or something like that as you can tell via reading the description of a weed joint with the description calling it “space weed”.