A way to stop IB is nice, espeically when theres no medics around. If left on long enough your limb will no longer function and will require amputation. However, your life is more important than your limb, so you choose!


I really like this idea, but I dunno how good it’d be seeing as you can already take food and Fe to delay the effects of most IBs.

Tourniquet will negate IB effects, however will kill your limb slowly, effects of your limb being dead would be the same as being delimbed. The longer your necrotic leg is on you, then toxin damage will continue growing.

Actually interesting idea. Not sure if it’s very viable since usually you can find a medic to get your IB fixed, but still sounds interesting.

Oh, don’t get me wrong; I know what it does, and I like it! I’m just worried it won’t be too useful since there are other ways to delay IB if you can’t get surg that don’t have the same negative effects as a tourniquet.

could see tourniquet be used when someone get amputated too…
meaning we could have massive bleeding when someone get amputated…?

Well IB is internal. A tourniquet is used to slow down external. However if they added external that needed it marines would always loose

You… If a limb has IB, that means that the veins/arteries have been damaged, causing them to bleed. If they used a tourniquet above where the artery/vein was damaged, it would stop it.

very cool idea. And also it has in build balancing. Losing an arm or something, not the worst. Imagine an unga brain getting IB in there head and/or chest and slapping that on there. And not getting treated. It would honestly be hilarious to see people die because they just cut of blood flow to there brain and ignored it. Im sure some would get mad they died from it as well. This fact alone makes me want this so much more.