Trying to make sense and add consistency to item price and availability.

For this post i will only be talking about squad marines (rifleman,engi,medic,specialist,smartguner,teamleader,squadleader)

items(utilities or tool) that are available in large quantity but cost points in vendors:
1-Machete Scabbard (Full) squad prep round(scale * 5) * 2
2-Roller Bed (med-bay and squad prep)
3-Fire Extinguisher (Portable) (med-bay and squad prep)

My proposal would be to just remove them from vendor and make sure they are available in large quantity.

items that are available in small quantity and cost points in vendors:
1-USCM Radio Telephone Pack
2-Sling Pouch

My proposal would be to remove them from clothing surplus vendor and make them available to everyone in their vendor if they aren’t there.

medical items that are infinite and can be found in med-bay but cost point in the vendors:
2-health analyzer

My proposal would be to just remove them from vendor and make sure they are available in large quantity.

one last particular case is rifleman that get an option to buy webbing when all the option are available for free in small quantity in clothing surplus vendor.
all the other squad marine have access to all the webbing choice for free.

My proposal for this case would be to remove webbing from the surplus clothing vendor and to make it available for rifleman by adding an option to choose between all the webbing.


Yeah: There’s a ton of items that will just screw you if you don’t get to them first, like webbing. I doubt any round has been won by marines, say, having unlimited webbing or some attachments over unlimited grenades or AP rounds.

I’m not sure if I’d remove medical supplies from the locker just because they’re in medical or the Marine Meds that people love to take from but not restock (just click-drag a single gauze or splint back into it after you’ve taken a stack, do a service to your homies), but should be available in lockers for free. Then they’re at least convenient.

As a deep cut, I’d like to add to the list of things that should be free: The engineer belt with room for a pistol. The “fits more types of items but has less capacity” belt for Medic and Smartgunner don’t cost points because they already feature an opportunity cost.

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Webbings being universal is inventory creep. So no.

Items being buyable in vendors while also available elsewhere isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I don’t really agree with the idea that it’s “noob bait”. People will learn what is worth and not as they go and trying to dictate that is strange.

Infinite splints/meds/whatever via restocking from vendors is on the list to be removed.

Any time you are looking to add more to what marines have en masse it’s probably going to be a no.

can i atleast remove machete scabbard, roller bed and mini-extinguisher from being sold?
if no can i atleast reduce scabbard price to 5?

tbh with what has already been done to marine equipment availability for pouches and the like (Large Pouches removed, MedHud helmet only) i only ever spend 20 pts (15 for Motion Detector, 5 for JTAC key because it is a REQ key too). plenty of medkits and the like can be found around the ship if youre too point-poor to vend them.

I use synth points to buy a health analyzer and a defib. I literally do not care.