TWE Death Squad

The USCM got the marsoc, cool dudes with big guns, the WY got synths with epic armor and guns, the UPP got multiple scouts, what about the TWE, i know it is a new faction with an ERT but i have been trying to think what exactly would be a death squad from the TWE, any ideas?


I think in Lore the TWE Royal Marine Commandos are already an elite fighting force.

But if you wanna go higher and make something up. The next evolution would probably be SBS - ‘Special Boat Serivice’ the Navy equilevant of the SAS - ‘Special Air Service’, If you don’t wanna go all the way to the top then SFSG - ‘Special Forces Support Group’ would be a tier below sorta.

Or if you don’t want to go navy you can go Pathfinders which is uh more of a reconnaissance thing. Or there is also their Tier One equivalent SRR - ‘Special Reconnaissance Regiment’

If you want to take a more Japanese spin on it. They have their own SOG - ‘Special Operations Group’


give them HEAP and slightly better armor/endurance and they’ll be deathsquad level, each TWE marine already all have a ton of skills.


That is true, they already got some pretty high skills , but still the TWE in lore has a huge WY influence but the RMC has zero WY equipment, atleast for the deathsquad i would expect a mix between TWE stuff and WY technlogy that not even their PMCs use

SRR and SFSG aren’t this. SBS is the ‘special forces’ naval borne force. But realistically, the TWE Navy has some kind of gray ops shipside dedicated strike squad.


You can start by first buffing the RMC’s guns to actually be decent. Its not uncommon to see people ditch the guns for a M41A considering that the RMC’s gun are just a M41A but with rare ammo and a massively slower ROF. I don’t think the rifles having no movement slowdown justifies the terrible ROF.

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Sure but it’s the future. Their remits are probably going to have alot of cross over. And they’re all steps up from just Royal Marine Commandos.

Giving them a bagpiper or any sort of musician that can instill fear in whatever they’re fighting whilst boosting morale would truly make it a worthy ERT.


I’d say the RMC is about equal to FORECON meaning they are above Standard marines but below actual special forces (such as MARSOC). I personally think RMC shouldn’t be the TWE deathsquad and that instead the TWE deathsquad should be based on either the British Special Boat Service (as like the RMC they are under the command of the royal navy) or the Japanese Special Boarding Unit. SBS is probably the best choice as they often recruit from the RMC.


Scottish RMC unit when?


Also the RMC armor is actually from a W-Y subsidiary

Bagpipes or bust. Scots wa hae on the pipes would be required.

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Think about the WY most top secret technology mixed with the TWE top secret technology, just thoughts but maybe some mutated xeno hive being mind controlled by some very skilled soldiers equipped with the best of the best, so basically 70% would be mutated xenos stronger than normal with the other 30% being the leader and soldiers that control these xenos to battle.

Here’s my idea for the TWE deathsquad:The SBS.

ERT members: the team would consist of 4-8 members and would be made up of 1-3 Gunners 1 Marksman a Team leader and the rest would consist of Breachers.

Equipment: Gunners would be given either a M56 with dirty rounds, a L56A3 with no movement slowdown or a Minigun that uses a similar lay out to the L56A2. Marksmen would be given either a L33 Pike or the XM43. And Breachers would get a rifle and a shotgun. The rifle would either be a Pulse based rifle or another bulpup based rifle that can match MARSOC and UPP Commandos. The shotgun would be a modified version of the type 76 and would have two unique features, the first is that it can take both normal and breaching rounds, the second unique feature would be it can be fired in two modes, Semi or Full auto, Semi would mainly be used for breaching rounds as full auto would produce a lot of recoil, whereas full auto would be for killing. Team leaders would receive a the same rifle as breachers and a pistol, either a type 78 pistol, VP-78 or a Mateba.

Armor:Gunners would receive an Ape Suit modified for Space missions as the SBS needs to be able to both board ships and stations. Breachers and Team leaders would be given a version of the kestral armor based off the B18 Exprimental armor, the difference between them being that Breachers get a B18 based helmet with a built in gas mask where as Team Leaders receive a Beret with the SBS’s emblem on it. Marksmen receive a modified version of the B18 kestral, this version being more lightweight with some ghillie camo on it, they also receive a cloak and a scout sight.

Superiors:Unlike the RMC who report to IMCOM the SBS reports directly to the Director Special Forces and the MoD. Should it be a joint operation with MARSOC then they answer to USCMHC as well.

Rank:Breachers would be of the rank of Senshi-Corporal or Leading Rating, Marksmen would be Tokubetsu-Sergeant or Petty officers and Gunners would be Warrant officers, the Team Leader would be the rank of around Captain or Commander.


I don’t know why the RMC gun has a slower ROF quite honestly. It really should be a faster ROF weapon but when we (me and bobby and co.) were implementing it the insistence was on a m4a1 peer weapon

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The RMC Are already a Elite Fighting Force. There is only likely 20,000 Royal Marine Commandos in Service at one time in all of the empire combined half of that or likely 15000 of those marines are assigned to Sol and inner system. The other 5000 are assigned elsewhere to places of unsignificance like Neroid or other places to me I find it odd that Royal Marine Commandos would have time to bother with The Almayer but likely a Royal Marine Commando lost a bet to the prior commander of the Almayer whom of which was likely very very in deep with W-Y and the TWE hence all the W-Y Tech, The Mark 2 Guns, The Experimental Rifle and SG the CO can get, and the MGAD Which is also Experimental. The Fact that this ship has so much experimental gear on it especially when it operates so close to UPP Territory which likely wouldn’t happen in the first place cause ya know.

Commies bad.

Anyways the Special Boat Service main role is Recon… Sending in Recon boys on direct action aka boarding a hostile ship with very clear hostile intent Aka the Marines who did a bad thing enough to offend Imperial Armed Space Forces High Command You would instead send the Special Forces Support Group Essentially the people they call when the SAS or SBS get in a bit of trouble that need more heavy firepower. The Team would likely remain the same though packing more heat than average sniper perhaps some automatic shotguns or maybe a bunch of buffed up Frag grenades along with breachers having more advanced equipment and of course holy sacred HEAP.

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My main problem with having the SFSG as the Deathsquad is that they aren’t really Naval. Every other faction’s military presence (aside from the maybe the UPP and the USAFSF on new varadaro) is made up of either navy or marines.

While the SBS is mainly used for recon they are also used for Counter terrorism and direct action, Perhaps the SBS’s main job would to be getting the positions of critical infrastructure such as CIC, Reactors and ARES so the HMS Patna could strike them. MARSOC is also mainly used for recon but they also perform direct action and counter terrorism and their the USCM deathsquad.

The type of sniper i meant was one that was one similiar to the unobtainable Vulture and XM43E or the PMC anti mat, you know, the snipers that deal around 125-150 damage against even the most armoured targets, also i did mention the breachers getting auto shotguns.

Also to answer your question on why the RMC is there it’s because they are from a joint patrol on the HMS Patna and Thunderchild and have been tasked by imperial high command to assist the marines.


You know BOARDING in Aliens universe is just limited due to space and how far things are sure the SFSG would not be considered naval troops. Though they have naval elements " The unit comprises a battalion of Parachute Regiment soldiers, a Company of Royal Marine commandos, and a small platoon of RAF Regiment gunners." I would think spotting for a TWE Ship which likely has better sensors and equipment than most USCM Vessels would be stupid. The only reason TWE Would be boarding in the first place is likely to grab something worthy of their attention and bug out like per say Pred tech or per say a terrorist. That or a CO Who has killed their Three World Empire liason aka the CL for no reason.

And Marine Raiders are the one force that I would consider for attacking a fortified position cause they got the skill for it.

Snipers onboard a… Small enclosed area… Aint doing much besides this is a deathsquad. Hand em a maybe a Carl Gustav or something of that nature.


Of course boarding is limited but their main mission wouldn’t usually be boarding, they’d be boarding in game because the marines have done something that annoyed the TWE.

The reason why the SFSG exists is to provide support to special forces and what lead to their existence is actually because of an incident where the SBS assaulted a fortified position (with US special forces) and had low infantry support, it makes no sense why the SFSG would be the only TWE special forces attacking (unless MARSOC was also trying to kill the marines) as all of their operations have been either assisting Allied Special forces (mainly the UKSF) or training other countries forces.

Perhaps instead of just SBS or SFSG as the deathsquad it’s a SBS/SFSG joint force that way it isn’t just special forces support being there despite there being no special forces to support or the more stealthy SBS taking on an entire battlion of marines head on.


Perhaps it could be that using a cloak that doesn’t run out and can shoot with cloak on for the SBS since recon and they could have a demolitions expert with advanced C4 Charges that are bigger than normal ones.

SBS/SFSG Together would be nice to see regardless because I wanna see TWE Taking more of a head in USCMC Affairs in THEIR territory cause its supposed to be like their ALLIES not leaving the USCMC to operate alone in their sector would be… Horrid… If the CL Could per say Fax TWE High Command about whats going on because Fun Fact Weyland Yutani has a permnant Seat in the Empire’s Parliament being the only non member state to have one. I am sure they would be interested in keeping the empire’s stability… Especially in their OWN territory.