Twin Stations Gamemode

Hey all! Im an advid reader (listener) of any and all alien books, along with exclusive originals like river of pain, sea of sorrows, and the awfully namd Alien 3.

Going to focus on alien 3 for a little bit, heads up there may be spoilers from this point on for the origonal audio drama.


The alien 3 audio drama has nothing to do with alien 3, it isnt in the same place, doesnt follow the same plot, and takes place like 6 months before the actual alien 3 story. I assume it is named that in spite of the movie, and is meant to be a mlre accurate sequel to aliens.

The story picks up at the end of aliens, the survivors are put in cryo, and months blend into years as the USS Sulaco drifts. Eventually enterig a UPP system, and being subsequently borded by a team of 3 commandos. The commandos investigate and open bishops pod, only for Colonel Kurtz, the team leader, to be hugged by a facehugger that somehow got inside. (This is the build up to some important events.)

Following this the Sulaco ends up at anchorpoint station, where ripley is in a coma for the sake of continuity, while an alien is let lose from Kurtz dead body.

Skipping ahead, Anchorpoint lies on the border of UPP space, and has a close counterpart called Rodina Station. They are twins and represent the UA/UPPs current standing, though anchorpoint isnt a military station.

Skipping ahead, Rodina finds out about what aliens are from the surviving commandos who abandoned Kurtz, and they manage to synthesize an embryo (this gets weird, so ignore that.) Which gets out of control literal minutes before Anchorpoint also goes under.

Rodina subsequently gets nuked by the UPP, and Anchorpoint implodes.


This gave me an idea for a potential gamemode. Players roll for either upp or usmc roles, and spawn on either Anchorpoint or Rodina.

Rodina is already under, and a xeno hive will start here. UPP have to gain control over, repair, and protect key points in order for the human win condition. This would be; restore communications, fuel the cruiser (a small dropship), defend the command center so the ship can actually launch.

Meeting these conditions the UPP can warn anchorpoint station, and escape on the cruiser to anchorpoint and subsequently nuke Rodina.

Should the upp fail, the rodina queen can use the cruiser to move on to anchorpoint.

Now for anchorpoint. Anchorpoint would have few marines and more regular civilians. It would start slower with a single drone (of a different hive than rodina) that can hide and try to slowly build up a hive.

Anchorpoints mission is simply to go about their lives until the threat is realized, and then escape anchorpoint using the lifeboats, or by launching a small dropship. Both of which only become options after the threat to anchorpoint is realized.

Theres alot that needs to be worked out, especially for anchorpoint, but i think it could be fun to play.

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Never gonna happen but would be cool as shit

What’s stopping it? I’d go through the effort of getting it made if it’s something that people would be interested in playing.