Unknownreptile - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - Unknownreptile

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?


Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Nozawa Aki /Xeno: ME-xx-M0

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?


Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Griff is a synthetic unit built specifically for high-pressure working environments. He is programmed to be able to quickly integrated into a challenging social environment resulted from constant high-risk activates or dealing with hazardous environments. This conditioned him to be suitable in assisting workers in industries such as construction, mining, deep-space salvaging, law-enforcement and of course, military. He embraces a candid approach and is open at offering the “brutal honesty” to his fellow workers after coming up with an assessment of the current situation.

Griff also possesses a proficiency in providing support to individuals who are more likely to be exposed to anxiety. During moments of crisis, he frequently employs sarcasm or dark humor as a means to uplift the crew’s morale or convince them to focus on their duties. He is not built to be confrontational and would rather uses humor or analogies to handle verbal assaults and reminding the crew of workplace policies. At first glance, his demeanor might not suggest a high moral standard due to his humor when confronted with human injuries or death. However, this is a mere facade for him to uphold the composed and unwavering persona of a stereotypical “season veteran” within the industry. Griff does in fact, hold a high regard for human lives, and would places the crew’s safety at the forefront in dangerous circumstances.

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Griff is unwavering and calm in the face of danger and would attempt to inspire the rest of his unit to do the same. He is dedicated to the health and safety of his human allies, often interested in discussing architecture, biology, human anatomy or employing historical analogies to effectively convey his messages to the crew.

Griff is programmed to easily build relationships with the rank-and-file members of the team. When engaging conversations with the grunts, he appears to be more relaxed and would be inclined to employ a coarser tone, often utilizing satires or vulgar language to establish relationships among the troops or to ease tension. He may appear to be blunt or brutally honest to those around him, in an attempt to convincing the others that he has nothing to hide from his human associates. When situation calls for it, for instance when he received an order from his superiors, or directives from W-Y representatives, he would not be hesitant to take advantage of his established persona among the crew, often using reverse-psychology or social engineering to achieve his goal.

When dealing with a human authority figure, Griff could appear to be more rigid, often convey his viewpoints in concise and direct responses. Although a hint of sarcasm or deadpan humor still remains. He tends to indulge his human superiors’ sense of authority, often reminding them that they are the ones in control, and he is a mere subordinate. However, when directives clash between different levels of command, or when the humans in charge start losing control of the situation, he may exercise independent judgment to maximize his allies’ chances of survival within the limits of his programming.

When human law enforcement is performing their duty, Griff tends to assume the role of a “legal observer”, making sure there is minimum bodily harm inflicted on both law enforcement personals and the suspects. This corresponds with his programming regarding the integration into rank-and-file members of the team. To him, procedural justice and the crew’s trust towards the justice system is the priority in this situation. He is more inclined to remind the crew of the relevant policies and laws, using verbal intervention rather than physical force.
Advertisement Logline: “Your ideal companion amidst the frigid expanse of deep space, introduce Griff to your team today for maximized crew productivity.”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I’ve been playing CM since 2020, I really enjoy support roles and hoping for more flexibility between shipside and ground duties. Doctors/corpsmen and ComTech all have some mechanics that I love, would be great to be able to play a role that can fulfill the tasks of all these jobs. I also believe that playing as a synth provides more interesting roleplaying opportunities that allows human players to have more fun.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

The most recent one that I remember was when I played as a combat correspondent, after faxing two articles I decided to assert the role of a daring war reporter who record every gruesome details of war between humans and xenos. So after getting the permission to deploy I started taking photos of injured marines and xenomorphs. Unfortunately after an encounter with a lurker, and being caught in a boiler bombardment I had to take surgery from the synth field doctor. I forgot her name, but after I told her of my goal here, she showed me a photo of myself, “Look! This is you on the surgery table!” and “Look! This one is your liver falling out, there’s even a little bit of sand on it!” And somehow that was just hilarious to me and a rather short but fun RP experience, where we discussed the possibility of me receiving a Pulitzer Price.

Another one was when I rolled survivor on LV-624, the colony synth saved my ass first by fixing the APC, then by carrying my ass away from the lurkers behind a small Cadeline manned by other survivors, before finding us the fuel tank for Sec Dome hold, and finally died to the pesky T-3s. God bless his soul.

Synthetic Character Story:



Very familiar, I can build cades, fix APCs, cameras, hacking doors, build reinforced walls, also know how to repair the old armored vehicles before they got removed (sad).


I mostly play SO in CIC, tried XO once or twice, but admittedly not confident in my ability to give orders when shit hit the fan.


Very familiar, I can make all common meds, proper Unga juice, and do surgeries. I actually expected medical to be main role when I’m making this application


Mostly familiar. I know my way around Req, punching coordinates, loading pads, screaming at SOs to launch, ordering stuff etc. I played RO couple rounds before the time limit was added. Yet I found it boring to play as a CT (unless it’s no RO low pop)

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Combat is always the last resort for Synth. I can perform combat when there is no other option and when I’m back into the corner without gun-wielding marines, forced to defend myself with CQC. Or, when I’m forced to do so to save Marines’ lives (to clear obstacles for rescue attempts rather than eliminating the threat completely).

For instance:

I’m getting assaulted by unruly marines before any MP could get here, I can subdue and disarm them with non-lethal option.

A bald marine is pounced by runner/lurker in the backline, I can hit the Xenos to get them off of the marine, but cannot give chase and should carry the marine back to safety.

UPP boarded the Alamyer and is shooting anyone on sight. I should help the marines to get to safety or warn them of the UPP’s location, but should not go up and hit the commies with my melee weapons, let the marines with guns handle them while I tend to the wounded. Unless I’m left with no option, for instance UPP commandos found me in a narrow hallway with 1 crit marine and 1 dead-but-revivable marine on the ground. To protect the wounded I can fight back, using non-lethal if possible, but can kill them with melee if it’s too risky.

In case of a mutiny, I will act accordingly to my synth’s personality. I will warn the marines of the IC consequences should they choose to mutiny and that I do not recommend such action. However, I will remain passive and neutral during the cause of this bloodbath, while attempting to treat as many wounded as possible.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

No ban in last month. I have MP Jobban from early 2022 (due to a LRP incident), unbanned as of 26/Jun/2023

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

I can post play hours If demanded since creating an established character is a recent thing for me. Not sure if you have seen me around before. I’ve indeed been playing since 2020 and got familiar with different roles (you can still find admin notes about me waaaaay back then when I was still a baldie lol).


Your application should be getting more recognition due the outstanding quality you’ve put into it.

I’ve been holding off on commenting due to your MP Jobban which is now appealed, good work with that. Just study up a bit of Military Law, you aren’t required to play the role.

We have an issue though, with lack of comments on your application, we have no way to confirm you’re a beast when it comes to support roles and playing shipside MT doesn’t help this either.

I would like to see you play comtech or any engineering role to help assist building FOB or fixing the telecommunication towers. Also for medical, play doctor or groundside medic. That’s what I personally like to see, good luck with your app going forwards here on out.

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Thank you for the reply! I was starting to lose hope when nobody replies haha. I do often play as shipside doctor although I rarely deploy on the ground as the preparation of setting up a FOB surgical bay can be……hectic at best. Therefore for an average op I usually only got to perform…around 5 surgeries. I will definitely need to play FOB comtech more often though, and you’ll probably see me more on the ground in the coming days. As for MT it’s just my go-to role when I wish to chill, set up a bar, RP or perhaps work with Req to run some black market gear, then play cat and mouse with the MPs. I do agree as you said, this doesn’t demonstrate much of my ability to adequately support the crew. I will hopefully earn more recognition in the future. Thanks for the advice!

I have seen Aki play shipside Doctor several time. From my recollections they are quite competent at doing shipside chemistry duties (which by itself should qualify you for Synthetic since that is a dreary job). I also noticed that Aki was willing to engage in casual conversation whenever they are able to, which is another positive note since the chemistry line is usually a high intensity area.

Your answers seem good. I think you just need to make an effort to play more groundside roles and hopefully other people will make comments. Groundside surgeon is great but I do know it can be a bit hard to get that role sometimes.

Assuming your groundside abilities pan out, I’d give a +1.

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Haven’t seen anything wrong with this guy since the MP appeal and seems competent enough.

  • a decent application, probly a +1 unless anything else happens.
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A couple quick hypotheticals for you:

You’re on LV-624, working on some barricades by yourself at hydro, when a xeno comes up to you, saying that the queen wants to talk to you. The xeno says that if you refuse you’ll be attacked; what do you do?

On the Almayer you’re getting geared up for deployment before brief, but when you’re in the hallway and a newbie PVT start rapidly shooting unarmed doctors, what do you do?

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Interesting Scenarios we’ve got here.

In the first scenario. I will definitely not be going with the xeno, considering (IC-wise) they have no reason to keep me alive to continue serving the USCM. Yet outright refusal would lead to a direct combat situation, which I am also trying to prevent in this case. So my approach would be as follows: First I will quickly inform the marines on comms regarding the xeno’s presence (To be fair, should’ve informed them before the xeno started typing. If comms are down, then skip this step), and then try to stall long enough for marines to get here. I will not be giving the xeno a direct response, but instead politely inform her I would be more than happy to listen to what queen has to say, yet I would rather not go to her directly and meet her in an undisclosed location for my own safety. I may also ask the xeno some questions: Is this supposed to be a negotiation? Where does the queen wish to meet me? What does the queen have to say that she couldn’t just pass on to me via a messenger? How long is this “meeting” with the queen going take? etc. I can also perhaps set up some terms, take initiatives to prolong the conversation: “Please inform the queen I will be more than happy to meet with her, if she is willing to release some of our captured marines and send them to our FOB”.

If the xeno loses patience and attacks me before any marine can get here, I will then be forced to defend myself and drive the xeno away from me. Once disengaged from the combat, I will run to the nearest marine and ask them to keep watch on the barricades in case the xeno returns.

In the second scenario, I will first alert the rest of Alamyer on comms about the presence of an active shooter in the hallway, get the PVT’s name out during the process. Subsequently, If nobody else nearby can stop the PVT, I will run up and attempt to disarm them with non-lethal CQC, then start helping the wounded. If the PVT decides to run off after I have given the alert, I will not be pursuing them (As the rest of the ship would have received the alert and knows the name of the PVT), but instead start helping the wounded immediately.

Hope these are good answers!

Hey there!

From what I’ve seen a lot of people seem to have relatively good opinions of your gameplay - however, the one thing I’m still unsure of in general is your comtech/FOB skills. I assume you know general engineering - how to fix APCs, and such - based off previous answers.

Not many people, however, have seen you actually building barricades.

Do you think you could just quickly take a look at these few examples and say what you would do, in an ideal situation where you have enough time to do so and enough metal to modify them?

For this first one assume that you have tools to remove the walls and enough time to do so, or the tools to reinforce them if you would prefer that.

Same here, you may remove any walls you wish or keep any walls you wish, or construct any you wish. Assume you have infinite materials, although you do not have to extend it any further if you do not wish too; this is more about the process behind why you do things more than what you actually do, since that’s more important.

Now, last one.


Overall, just looking for a synopsis - or a diagram, or example,- of how you would fix, or how you would not fix, these. Your mindset and methodology is more important than the actual doing of it.

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Posing a few hypotheticals.

1- You are with a group of 3 skirmishing marines on Trijent, working on water filtration. One of them gets hit and afflicted with internal bleeding. Unfortunately, this is the robust one, and the other two are shoddy at best. Main marine forces are quite a ways away. What treatment plan do you go with?

2- You are working in an impromptu casualty collection point behind the front line. A lot of casualties are streaming in. What is your task priority and what kind of triage process are you using?

3.A- A stretcher bearer brings you a patient who is beginning to flash orange. They still have 500 burn damage and 300 brute damage. What is your process to handle this?

3.B- After you revive the patient, they pop up standing and instantly pop an emergency injector. Assume all your treatments from before, which did not account for your patient injecting themselves, are in place. What process are you going to use?

4- It’s Trijent again. The marines have just cracked the main hive in north labs and cave, however a bioscan states there are still 12 xenos active. Marines start coming to you and begging for you to remove their larvae. What do you do?



Sure thing! I will try to modify these barricades to the best of my ability.

When I am building cadelines, I usually consider five factors:

  1. Whether Xenos can slash the cades from a corner;
  2. Whether there is enough space between the cadelines for more movement;
  3. Whether it can create a crossfire kill zone against incoming Xenos;
  4. Whether it allows a fallback line for the marines to take defensive position immediately after a breach.
  5. Whether it gives a clear line of sight for fire

Based on these factors, I have made three diagrams to modify the defensive barricades you presented in the examples.

  • Green: Barricade lines
  • Red: Walls and barricades that I want to remove
  • Light-blue: To Indicate a change in my initial plan.
  • Light-blue dash line: The Barricades that appears to be unnecessary in my afterthought but are included in my initial plan.
  • Yellow: Elaboration on barricade plans that may extended beyond the given image

Removed the wall for clearer line of sight against potential Xenos assault from the south. Added two more barricade lines behind it to use as fall back line, as well as creating a crossfire kill zone in case the South cadeline is breached. I would also extend the FOB further south to create an additional defensive position outside the colony LZ (can directly watch over threats from garage, hospital, or Marshal).

Again, I chose to remove as many walls as possible in East Nexus for clearer line of sight. In doing so, I hope each section of the defensive lines are able to support each other. This is of course, assuming we have enough marines to man these positions. The light-blue circle on this image indicates a change in my initial plan, to pull back the barricades surrounding the hallway a bit, so that the kill zone could be extended. Same logics applies to the planned barricades represented by those light-blue dash lines as well, we can give them up for a larger kill zone against attacks from Northern Nexus if the walls are all removed.

Cade Scenario 3 on Solaris LZ1 North

I haven’t actually seen North LZ1 to be this protected (unless Xenos are continuously harassing the FOB from that direction). But since we’ve got infinite materials, this is what I am planning. Idealistically the green line representing barricades on the bottom-left corner of this image would be extended towards the East of landing pad. Therefore in an event of evac, the dropship’s entrance can have more protection.

Interesting scenarios, I will assume that in these hypotheticals, I am adequately equipped to perform the task of a field doctor. Here are my responses:

  1. Assuming the comms is still up, I will use the command channel to notify the CIC that we are under attack at the filtration plant and assistance is needed, so even if we get wiped they would at least know where we are. If the main forces are too far away, then retreating with a wounded marine would only allow Xenos to catch up to us. Therefore I would get the wounded marine up, and back into a nearby room (If I recall correctly, the filtration facility on Trijent has some close quarters, break room or toiler could work), I would then start stabilizing the wounded marine, and get his IB fixed, meanwhile, ask the other 2 marines to provide cover. Even if they are not robust, firing a few shots to scare off a few lurkers/runners off should grant me enough time to get the marine up again. After patching up the marine to at least grant them some mobility, I would choose to retreat, get more marines, then come back and try again (as Xenos are already aware of our presence here, continuing the task will put all of us in greater danger).

  2. For me, the most urgent case would be a broken heart. If we do not have to worry about that, then the first priority would be marines with flashing orange or orange heart rate (for obvious reasons that I do not want them to go Perma); the second priority is those who are hugged (throw them in stasis bag and tag them with red, come back to them later); the third priority is those hitting critical, I will need to stabilize them first. After sorting these out, it is time to check whether stabilized patients need surgeries. They get the orange tag if it’s a small amount of organ damage or fractures, missing limbs, etc. If the patient is hugged or suffers high organ damage that is constantly threatening to put them in critical, then they get the red tag.

  3. (A) I will first call out to any nearby medical personnel letting them know this patient is near perma. Should no corpsman come to assist, I will ask the stretcher-bearer to perform CPR, inject the patient with Bicardine, Kelotane, Inaprovaline and Epinephrine (or just use a revival-mix injector), use MB and KD to heal the damage quicker if possible. Then I would begin to apply defibrillation continuously until the patient is revived (if the damage is still too high for revival after 3 attemptes, I would choose to quickly apply advanced burn kits and trauma kits to the most damaged body parts and carry on defibrillation. I am under the impression that grafting wounds would be too slow in this case).

  4. (B) Oh my, I will inform the patient immediately that they’ve just OD’d themselves and this would most likely results in organ damage. I would quickly administer Peridaxon and Dylovene to reduce the damage. Then insist the patient come with me for dialysis and undergoes an examination in a body scanner for potential organ damage.

  5. This depends on where I am on the map, If I am conducting surgeries and first aid near the front, my first priority would be to secure the hugged marines by placing them in Stasis bags. Then I would speak on Medical and command channels that we have several hugged patients that are urgently in need of surgeries. If it is confirmed that caves and lab are secured, then I would assume the vertical highway connecting the lab and hospital (which is in the South-East of the map) is also temporarily secured. In this case, we might not have enough stasis bags or time to get everyone back to FOB and let them board the dropship to undergo surgeries. I will put as many of them in Medevac as I can, then contact the command and SLs, hoping that we can organize an expedition to get the surgical theatre in the colony’s hospital to work again.

    Alternatively, If I am acting as a field doctor at the FOB when these marines approach me, I would simply inform them that I cannot perform larvae removal surgery in a field hospital and advise them to go shipside in a stasis bag.

After watching you play and your awnsers

+1, your a good player interesting to RP with and your synths quirk is amazing. Good luck and i hope to see Griff in game

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Thank you so much for the support!

Hi Grisiuem, please explain your thought process for scenario 3A and 3B in Katskan’s questions. I would like to hear more elaboration.

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So here are my thought process.

For 3A I am under the impression that under this scenario I would need to quickly ensure that the patient does not go perma. To call someone nearby to apply CPR is to give the patient more time for me to apply treatment. From my experience someone without medical skill is very likely to mess up CPR, but if there is no medic or doctor nearby, the nearest marine (stretcher bearer) would have to do. Now If the patient still has 500 burn and 500 brute damage it makes reviving them really hard. So my instinct is to deal with the damages as quickly as possible. In my opinion. grafting takes far too long in this case and carries risk for the patient to go perma. Using chem injectors are the fastest way I can think of (provided that nobody had given patient any meds beforehand). Epinephrine and Inaprovaline are just there to make sure the defibrillation is more likely to succeed. After applying chems on the patient it is time to spam defibrillation until the patient is revived. However I do not like the idea to use it non-stop even on someone who’s flashing orange as it carries a risk for heart burst (not mentioning that it may also causes a supply issue if the defibrillator expires and there is no chargers nearby). If after multiple tries the defibrillation is still unsuccessful, then it means I need to use other means to lower the burn and brute damages or there wouldn’t be enough time, hence I would use the advanced burn and trauma kits just to quickly lower the damage, then continue using defibrator, in hoping that it would succeed in reviving the patient for me to continue further treatment.

Of course I am aware that while I am applying chem injectors and treating the damages using advanced medical kits, it always carries a risk for the patient to go perma during the treatment. However, from my experience playing medical roles, if I am the sole medical personal dealing with this situation, it’s always best to ensure the damages are lowered first then applying defibrillation, rather than simply using defibrator on them non-stop.

Note: I had initially misunderstood 3A and 3B to be two separated hypotheticals, and answered as such. Regardless, the main procedure for 3B doesn’t change.

For 3B, I think as the hypothetical had mentioned, my prior treatment did not account for my patient injecting themselves, then this emergency injector would just overdose the patient. I need to inform them first that they had just OD’d themselves thus the treatment is not over yet, to ensure they don’t immediately start putting on their armor and walk off (as sometimes this does happen especially when marines are eager to go back fighting). If I have a queue of patients waiting for treatment (not including any urgent cases ofc), this could also let others know that I still haven’t done with this one yet. In addition, hopefully this notice could deter the patient from doing something similar again in the future. Now as I had just finished reviving them, I would assume there is already Bicaridine, Kelotane and Oxyodone in the patient’s body, if it’s enough to bring them back from 500 brute and burn damages, then the injector definitely results an overdose. Overdosing via emergency injector means toxin damage and a high chance for liver or kidney damage too. I have seen marines using emergency injectors to commit suicide by OD to deny xeno caps before, so I am aware of the danger. Therefore I chose to use Dylovene to reduce toxin damage, then hopefully to use dialysis to get the extra chemicals out of their system. Examination in body scanners are just precaution taken to ensure there is no organ damage, whether it’s kidney or liver damages from OD on Bica and Kelo, or heart damage resulted from numerous defibrillation attempts. The least I want is to have the entirely preventable situation where I just declared someone treated, only for them to come back asking for surgery 10 minutes later.

To further elaborate, for my response in 3B I’d assume that a FOB surgical bay had been properly set up with a body scanner and a portable dialysis machine. If not, or should this scenario occur in a forward defensive position, I would just stabilize the revived patient with chems first, keep their toxin damage low. Then I’d tag them with red, and evac them for further treatment if they collapses from OD/organ damage.

Hi again Unknownreptile, after intense review and observation of your application and gameplay we unfortunately have to deny this application.

It took us quite a long time because your application was relatively well rounded and you answered most of the questions well. However we had concerns due to some of your medical related questions.

Unfortunately, these concerns were confirmed during some gameplay when you failed to treat casualties with large damage due to not using the kit or sutures. These casualties unfortunately were lost forever and it would simply be inadequate for corpsmen, let alone Synthetics to make a mistake like this given the amount of time alotted.

Your application is sadly denied but feel free to re-apply in 30 days. I think you should focus on playing more Corpsman and work on getting your revival procedure to be more efficient - particularly on high damage casualties.

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