UntoldTactics - Synthetic Application

Synthetic Application - UntoldTactics

What is your BYOND key?


What is your Discord ID?

Dots.dot (Dots#6175)

Do you usually play a specific character? If so, who?

Jupiter ‘Sadist’ Rosette

What whitelist applications have you previously completed?

Previously applied for Synthetic back in 2019.

Synthetic Info:

Name of the Synth Character you wish to play:


What is your Synthetic’s Personality?

Kelly’s synthetic model is primarily geared towards tourism, as a culturally adapative guide. In Kelly’s specific case, she plays the part of an average Australian (minus the swearing), she is designed to be endearing, friendly and warm to others, capable of engaging and socializing with others in a proactive manner alongside managing to emulate a degree of cheekiness and mischief. Besides the actual demeanor, she will often use Australian slang and has a more sterotypical tendency to nickname people. (e.g Dave = Dav-o or Dave-o)

How will they react to the different ranks of the USCM, what would they talk about in a one on one conversation? What are their interests? What is an advertisement logline that could be written for them?

Kelly treats enlisted much as if they were old friends, best buds, endearing them with nicknames and often calling them mates alongside banter and quips. A personable tourism guide that people can connect with leads to a better experience than one that just drones on about the sights. With officers she has a stricter demeanor, calling them by rank or as Sir/Ma’am and forgoing from calling them mates or giving them nicknames and only occasionally throwing in quips when appropriate.

As above, Kelly typically treats people casually, engaging them in more personal conversation. In a one on one she would likely ask how their day has been, if they’ve had any trouble lately, reassuring and listening to them if they have, asking them of their own interests, and learning about the person themselves. One of Kelly’s interests is very well indeed, socializing. She learns about people, their interests and their lives in general. Unsurprisingly she also has an interest in locations and places, memorable sights and in general anything that a tourist might be there for. She will research locations before arrival to ensure the marines are properly prepared to tour their AO. (LV-624 is known for its humid fogs and broiling heat, best get some sunscreen and mosquito repellent, mates!) As a final mention, she’s pretty good at cooking ‘classical’ Australian dishes. (Such as fairy bread, the snag and the barbequed lamb chop)

“It takes a special kind of person- or synthetic to endear others to the sights and glories of the Outback, meet Kelly, introducing you to the authentic Australian experience, from the likes of Uluru to showing you how we Aussies relax in our backyards with a personally-cooked barbie experience!”

Why do you want to be a synthetic/why should we whitelist you?

I find the idea of synthetics appealing on a basic level. A multi-support role is something I find right up my alley, as I do frequently play and enjoy support roles of all sorts and that’s without mentioning the roleplay potential and enjoyment that could be derived from the interactions that a synthetic gets into. They’re complex, yet simple. Understand emotion, yet unable to feel them, there’s just a lot to do with them and I like getting busy sometimes. Generally, just seems like a real big bundle of fun.

I think people will find my synthetic enjoyable to interact with, maybe humorous or simply just endearing and I think it’ll be fun to explore the ways a synthetic understands humans. With the actual duties of a synthetic, I believe myself more than capable, with the time I’ve had on CM (recently and back in 2018/2019) and just my general time on SS13, which has given me a degree of ‘omni-understanding’ of how to work through situations so rare that I’ve yet to experience them yet, if I ever do.

What is your most memorable interaction with a synthetic?

Honestly i’m pretty bad at remembering ‘memorable’ interactions, but of recently I would say there was this round on LV-624 I found pretty amusing. Bravo com-tech, fortifying FOB and later going on jaunts between comms, FOB and medical (which I was tasked with fortifying) and a bit into that I see the Almayer synth (name forgotten) talking with the PMC synth survivor (Malcolm) in the middle of hydro road for no reason. Why was this funny? Both of them lacked any real lights, so they were just having a conversation in the dark. I did a cycle between the comms next to engineering and when I returned to hydro road, they were still there, chatting away. It perfectly matched my idea of the odd shenannigans a synthetic might get up to at times. After all, no sane person is gonna chat to someone else in the dark with literal monsters around, are they?

Anyway, a bit into that I ask them why they’re doing that, Malcolm mentions he would turn his light on if he still had his PMC synth armor then before their conversation goes on much we get an announcement indicating the other comm tower is getting weird energy spikes (Beno pylon moment), so me, another marine and Malcolm head over, clearing it, all the whilst Malcolm occasionally lamented about his lack of his special armor kit. Poor guy.

Synthetic Character Story:



Engineering is an old buddy of mine. Back in 2019, a lot of things were less…streamlined. Tasks like repairing APCs was less frequent (no comms tower APC shenannigans or IOs), but fixing those is kind of just engrained muscle memory, hard to forget once you’ve done it so many times on so many different servers where constructing/deconstructing APCs are basically the same. Beyond that I occasionally spend rounds as combat technician just helping build up FOB and other locations, ‘cade theory’ as it’s called is something I’m familiar enough with, I wouldn’t say engineering is what I most excel at, but I certainly know more than enough. I understand how to layer cades appropriately, taking into account the cover xenos may get when attacking said cades, and minimizing that cover if possible alongside considering the best lines for safe and maximum ability for marines to provide fire from the defensive position. I also keep in mind the ways I can alter terrain via removal of walls or other obstructions to better allow for defending positions. I enjoy the challenge of the different maps and their environments and finding good ways to alter or maximize what they have. For example I usually deconstruct the southwest (and northeast/southeast parts if time and material permits) of robotics in LV-624 when we use that as the FOB, allowing for wide cade lines that are unobstructed by walls, giving marines better means of firing in numbers and overall adding more cadelines between the FOB proper and the exterior compared to keeping the walls/window frames there and building to accomodate them.


I don’t play command too much, but I’ve dabbled in it on occasion. I’m more than familiar enough with the variety of tools that command uses, from req drops to the use and reloading of the OB, alongside the utilization of the tacmap. I understand the overall purpose of command and how I can best apply myself towards assisting marines as overwatch or command. I’m not the best at making command level decisions, which is why I refrain from XO and have 0 dream of getting a CO whitelist, but I have enjoyed the task of overwatch, supplying information to marines and intaking information from the various sources given from me to keep marines informed and keep them on track and more importantly, alive. I can handle communicating with the ground well and not miss much if anything when it comes to handling requests or communication from all the different channels.


Medical is something I am immensely familiar in. I had to rewrite this a few times because it got too long, honestly. I am more than familiar in the use of the various tools we have to assess and treat the common unga. From medscanners and bodyscanners to the check status verb and the humble and oft forgotten stethoscope. I have memorized most if not all the common chem mixes and often indulge in stuffing the smartfridge full of stuff that medics absolutely love. I have memorized to the point of muscle memory most surgical procedures and can perform them swiftly, both with a full compliment of tools or with whatever ghetto alternatives I might need to use. I understand the ways I can skip or hasten steps in order to do specific surgeries quicker (e.g skipping clamping bleeders entirely- or more appropriately, use of disarm intent w/ a surgical saw to instantly break through the ribcage. Useful for say, larva removal). I also understand the struggles and demands in regards to medical supplies and inventory management that one may face, knowing how to optimize and carry enough to treat marines. Both as a medic for stabilizing on the field and carrying enough to take care of the swathes of ungas, and as a doctor for truly fixing someone up to full condition. I am confident in being able to apply this knowledge towards a synthetics management of both carrying medical and engineering equipment and finding a good middle ground. I am confident in my ability to prioritize and treat wounded quickly in mass casualty situations, able to act with the specific context of a situation to get the best outcome from the situation that I can go for.


I don’t play req roles much, but I definitely understand how to handle all the aspects of it, from handing over equipment to managing the benevolent god that is the ASRS lift and the 20 MRE boxes (and camera/flare shells) it sends up instead of anything useful. I am more than effective in communicating with the ground to establish what is needed alongside the task of managing the req budget when needed. I understand how to ‘scavenge’ the Almayer for supplies such as materials or yoinking stuff from preps should the need arise and command gives their approval (in the case of scrapping parts of the Almayer)

What are some scenarios that you can perform combat in? Give us a brief example.

Synthetic is moving on a patrol with a small group of marines towards the frontlines. Backliners attack them en mass but not the synthetic, the synthetic can attack to deter them if assistance is ineffective or cannot get to the group in time to assist in ultimately making them disengage, but cannot chase them down, that’s up to marines to do so.

CLF boards Almayer, synthetic is in CIC assisting command. CLF guriella runs in and shotguns an officer, synth can engage the CLF to disable and even kill them (or more likely allow them to crit and bleed out) if the situation deems it nessecary. (Can’t really handle a POW if more CLF are trying to get into the CIC then and there)

A more niche situation I recall is that a synthetic can also engage in active combat actions such as bodyblocking xenomorphs when they have a captured marine in them in an effort to rescue them, but besides that can’t bodyblock xenos.

Final Info:

Have you been banned from CM in the last month for any reason? Do you have any active jobbans?

Nope and nadah.

Are you currently banned from our Discord?


Let us know why you were discord banned.


Do you have anything else you would like to include about your application?

Thanks for taking the time to read this lmao. I’m pretty bad at summing up and writing my knowledge when it comes to stuff like medical/engineering, even if I am well versed in the mechanics of both, but I’m happy to answer any questions.

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I’ve never seen you before, but I like your personality. As long as other synths can vouch you have my +1.

Only issue I have is body blocking xenos, that’s a pretty solid no-go. You put yourself in too much danger doing it, and you’re combat synthing. You can have a small grab war over an unconscious marine provided you’re not in particular danger doing so, but you can’t body block. Not a big deal though, if you get synth the funny rules/exceptions document has this kind of stuff listed.

Fair enough! I probably misunderstood the context where I got this information from on the discord. In retrospect I think it was specifically regarding a situation where a xeno is in a cadeline or something.

Seen them around multiple times. Fun to interact with, competent player, especially in medical.

As far as I know, they’re working on improving their engineering + construction skills, and they are quite good at it regardless. Would like to see a proper synthetic vouch for their skills, however.

I like the personality. I like the story.

And yes, the document has it listed. It’s minor things, but I don’t think it’d affect your outcome too much, especially since you’ll probably be questioned in the comments. Maybe read into it a little more, or do a quick refresher to prepare for that.

Solid fit. Would love to see Kelly ingame. +1

I like the general layout and appearance of the story document - it has pizzazz to it in a manner of speaking.

In terms of acting Australian I will have to consult with the rest of the Australian council that play CM - just kidding. It seems fine to me in terms of how you act with it, but nobody would call it ‘barbie night’ they’d just say ‘barbie’. Try to work in references to Australian culture and all in game though but don’t go TOO overboard with the mischief and being a cunt that is well known in Australia. Also don’t be lazy/your average council worker.

I have also observed your Comtech gameplay and I am willing to vouch for that - and, I have heard of your corpsman gameplay and seen your doctor hours. I would like to ask some questions regarding that though due to not having personally observed it.

I will be giving you my +1 as a preface, but I would also like for you to answer these questions below on top of that.


  • You are on Solaris Ridge, at filtration, with Landing Zone 2 being the primary LZ. The main fighting is currently in the caves of the colony. Three marines approach you, three ne’er-do-wells. One is in a stasis bag with a 35 unit oxycodone overdose and 50 toxin damage, although no other visible complications - stasis bag preventing any further damage. The other is missing a foot, and the third has internal bleeding of his chest and has been defibrillated four times, with what appears to be a persistent 22 oxygen damage in spite of his blood level being above 100%. Assuming you are a synthetic in this situation - with surgical tools and any chems available to you - what do you do?

  • An incendiary OB has just landed on an unspecified map. You are in a relatively safe location although you do not have access to CPR, and a marine comes to you with 500 burn damage and 200 brute damage. The moment he enters your vision he begins to redline. Three other deceased marines are present, within the 300 - 400 damage range, with one being heartbroken at an unspecified point in time. The others are currently midway through yellowlining to redlining. Assume you are the only synthetic and no corpsman are around, and marines are refusing to do CPR, but that you can operate in relative safety and will not be harassed during this.

These are incredibly difficult questions and decisions that need to be made on the fly, and the answer alone is not the only thing I am looking for - it is also the methodology and an understanding of why you are doing certain things that matter more than the answers on their own. Even a partially correct answer - or, an answer you feel is correct in the situation - is enough for me.

I’ve no plans to go too overboard with the whole Australian quirk and the mischief angle but I’ll keep it in mind! As for the whole barbie thing, oops. Despite being Australian myself I do not really do a lot of that stuff so it’s a bit out of my expertise when it comes to referencing it.

For the first question

First of all, a lot of what I would do would depends on how safe filtration is and if the pathway back to LZ2 is also secure enough. Assuming the two aformentioned things are both ‘safe and good’, I would get a medic or marine to escort the oxycodone OD unga and the one missing their foot back to the FOB, preferably with roller beds. I can’t treat the oxycodone OD directly, only indirectly by administering chems to counteract the symptoms (Arithrazine, tricord, dylovene, peridaxon and inaprovaline, maybe dexalin too) and letting it process- but for a 35u OD that’d take too long and probably require surgery to counteract the organ damage the OD is giving them. Better just bring them to FOB and get them dialysis via the portable machine. For the footless unga, well, I can’t really give them a new foot, so back to the FOB they go.

The third unga is a pretty easy fix, give them a shot of dexalin, oxycodone and iron-nutrient if I have it and strap them to a portable bed, open up their chest, fix the IB, open up their ribcage, fix the heart damage they most undoubtedly have and slap them with the trauma kit once more just to make sure its not their lungs as well. Close them up whilst fixing their chest fracture if they have one. If they still need blood I’d give them a nice jab from the blood bag, let it go up to a safe level and send them off.

If there are no marines besides the three wounded I got to escort the OD unga and footless unga back to FOB, but the (fairly short) path from LZ2 to filtration is reasonably safe, I should be able to quickly fix up the one with chest IB and the oxy damage and get him to carry one in a roller bed whilst I fireman carry the other and we both head back together. Teamwork, oorah. Alternatively I can carry both (fireman + roller bed) whilst the now not injured unga escorts me.

If the path back to the FOB is not secure for whatever reason and there is insufficent force to counteract the backliners or whatever is making it unsafe to escort the footless and oxy-OD unga back to FOB, I would first attempt to medvac the oxy OD unga and the footless unga. If there ain’t medvac then I’d do the following:

Still fix up the IB marine first, the longer I leave it the worst it gets for them and it really wouldn’t take too long to get them back up to optimal fighting shape. Once I do that, I’d probably administer the aformentioned chemicals (Arithrazine, tricord, dylovene, peridaxon and inaprovaline + dexalin maybe) to help stabilize the oxy-OD unga outside a stasis bag and fix up his organs once it passes/when the need arises. I can’t do much for the footless unga besides prepare his stump for a new foot, but there’s 0 point in that at filtration, too far from medical or anywhere I could get a new foot for him. Hopefully we can wait out the threat and get the last two ungas treated back at FOB. Failing that, I assume its possible to slap one onto a roller bed, fireman carry the other one and haul them both back on my lonesome if the situation becomes FUBAR at filtration.

Now, onto the second question.

First of all, I presume synths have the ability to chat on multiple channels at once, so I’d probably do ,vm to announce over both command and medical “Mass casualty, requesting medical assistance ASAP at (location)”. I don’t exist in a vaccum and even if no help can get to me in time (an unlikely thing to happen), it keeps command and medical alerted and also only takes 5-10 seconds.

Secondly, I’d probably have to give up on the first unga. Synthetics can work fast, but I severely doubt they can get someone at 700 total damage to a point where they are revivable whilst they’re redlining. Maybe they can, but I’m working on the assumption that it’ll waste too much time and without CPR they simply can’t do it fast enough. My time is better spent working on the three other marines to ensure they all make it.

When it comes to the three other marines, assuming they are all basic ungas (I would prioritize specialists/com-techs or others more than basic ungas if it comes down to them all being within the same level of fucked and death timing), I would first of all administer epi or whatever revival mix I have on hand on all of them. After that, I would likely treat one of the two non-heart broken ungas with burn kits and grafting them to get them down to where I can revive them and repeat for the 2nd. Once they’re both up I’d leave them in crit/slowly crawling out of it via revival mix for now and immediately begin surgery on the heartbroken unga. If I can fix his heart and graft/burn kit him in time to get him up before he permas, great. If not, then thats just how it is.

I don’t know exactly how fast synthetics can work, but I’d hedge a 50/50 that I can revive the three marines. Regarding the heartbroken marine, I’d only likely prioritize them if they were a specialist or other vital marine role (SL or something), besides that it’d likely be a waste of time I do not have to fix them first, as it may mean I can’t reliably get the 2 marines revived.

It’s a tough question for sure and sort of depends on a familiarity with the speed and capabilities of a synthetic I don’t have. Maybe synthetics work faster than I realize and it’ll be possible to fix up the heartbroken unga first AND reliably get the 2 others fixed up, but I just don’t know that yet, so it’s better to hedge my bets towards getting as many as possible up than risk tackling the heartbroken guy and potentially failing to get them up in time + the time wasted means I can’t get the other two up, just one.

Sorry if these answers are a bit too long lmao. I find that medical situations are extremely contextual and the response is very much dependent on the exact factors at play, which do tend to influence my decisions on how I prioritize and handle ungas.

This is a good answer. Too many people are afraid of cutting their losses when things get bad or letting one person die to save others. Sometimes the dice roll like that and someone gets fucked over - it’s just the reality of the situation.

I’m happy with it. When you get synthetic you’ll have a better feel of how quickly you can do things and you’ll be able to push limits on things like that, such as trying to chain CPR into your own grafting/kitting due to the incredibly short time synthetic CPR takes - but that’s something you can find out and learn when you have the WL itself. Calling for help is also good as its something that oftentimes even I forget to do due to getting caught up in the heat of the moment.

For your first answer I’m also happy, but keep in mind that if you feel reasonably safe you can also take the patients to the colony medical wing even if it isn’t the primary LZ. With the oxycodone OD you may be able to counteract it with sufficient chem dosages and abusing ATD + dexalin/dexalin+ pills if you have them on you, alongside peridaxon, but only really enough to get them to the FOB. Keeping in mind that organ damage is just an arbitrary number right now but that in the future peridaxon is also getting nerfed, I think thats a suitable answer.

Good and stick to your guns, tons of people will call you a shitty player or synth for this, but you’re a machine who has to make logical choices without emotion.

High damage comes down to either mistakes, or just being at the wrong place at the wrong time.

If I’m having to get passed up to save 3 others, I wouldn’t sweat you for it. A lot of people will, but just know that it’s a better choice in the long run. Solid answers.

These kind of things happen, and when they eventually will, just stay confident in yourself that you’ve made the right choice without seeming overly pretentious (which btw I’ve never seen anything from you of the sort, so I know you’ll be fine).

The marines will be your best friends, and often times your worst enemy in scenarios. There are countless people out there ready to help, though, so it is good to practice calling for assistance after you gauge the severity of the situation.

I read all the above from you three a while ago but I didn’t know if I should respond, lol.

I’ll keep it all in mind! I’m not afraid to deal with backlash for actions and I also won’t take it personally. Some people get frustrated when they die, heck I know I do.

Regarding the bringing the marine to colony medical, I didn’t include it in the list of possibilities because I assume if the journey from FOB to filt is too dangerous chances are a journey to medical from filt is just as, if not more dangerous. I will keep my mind open about that sorta thing though since backliners do tend to ignore areas that lack marine traffic.

I’ve had a couple rounds where I’ve played with UntoldTactics character. They are competent in the roles they play and I believe they can meet synth standards.

This application looks like it had a lot of effort put in to making it, and the story was effective in showing off dialogue.


A cool RP player with high proficiency in medical roles.

Hi UntoldTactics and thanks for your interest in the Synthetic Whitelist.

To start you have a very workable personality and your story also illustrates your personality in action.
ps. I enjoyed reading your memorable interaction,
Your experience answers are elaborated well, and besides the little anecdote as noted by C4x, your combat answers demonstrate a good variety of unique yet encounterable scenarios - well done.

Since your application looks all good, next there’s a solid amount of community and Synthetic support for you. During observations, we found your roleplay to be excellent and your medical expertise to be proficient.

Having taken all of the above into account, we believe you would be a great candidate for Synthetics. Do bring your excellent RP with you, and enjoy the role.

Welcome to the USS Almayer, Kelly! :mechanical_arm: