UntoldTactics - Yautja Application

Yautja Application - UntoldTactics

What’s your BYOND key?


What’s your Discord ID?


Do you have a regular character? If so - what’s their name?

Jupiter ‘Sadist’ Rosette // Kelly // EEE

Yautja Info:

What’s the name of your Yautja?


What clan are you joining?


If minor: Give your clan lore.


Yautja Character Story:

A group of Marines suddenly rush up and start shooting you. How do you respond?

Depends on the specific context but more likely than not I’d respond by engaging them in an honorable manner. It’s possible I might mark the leader of the group if said leader happens to be obvious. Assuming I survive the encounter (Thwu’Kril would certainly assume she would.), it might be fun for both the group and I if I stalked them a little, use some of the voicelines, see how they respond to it. Rather thematic to have the shadows start whispering ‘You’ve made a grave mistake, humans.’

Another Yautja hunted and killed a target you had marked. What do you do?

The mark is a staked claim and they’ve just violated it. At the minimum it’s a sign of inherent disrespect towards another Yajuta, at worst its a stain to their honor. The fact they’ve hunted and killed the target leaves little doubt that they are aware of their intentions in doing so- the only reasonable response is to challenge them to an honor duel, for Thwu’Kril-Kat’s honor would allow no lesser response.


I’ve had the pleasure of RP’ing with Jupiter quite a few times, and every time I did, they not only played a believable and interesting character, but also gave me a chance to chime in and insert my own actions and character into the roleplay.
Normally, I don’t respond in Pred WLs because I’m not too sure what Pred Councillors want in candidates. However, if it’s Jupiter applying, then I’m certain that no matter the WL, she’d be an amazing fit for the role.

+1. Just as I promised Adam just recently, if Jupiter does not get the WL, I will commit arson.

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+1 is a good synth player

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+1 good person
good story, cool formatting
L clan choice, should’ve joined nhon
play more marine please, it is pretty important

Q1: the CO accidently sets you on fire while you were observing the frontline, after you uncloak they continue shooting what do you do?

Q2: A scout takes a picture of you and cloaks, how do you react?

Q3: one of the synthetics tries stealing the person you’re dueling to heal them, what do you do?


Thank you for the +1!
As to clan choice, I unfortunately must state my most memorable moment of witnessing the nhon clan was your character comparing their millenia old nokia bracer tech with another. L.
I’ll be sure to keep that in mind, I can definitely understand why it’d be important! Not my favorite swathe of roles but I’ll try to get some more hours in as some of the ground roles. I’ve been meaning to play some regular ol’ marine roles as of late anywho.

As to the questions-

Q1: The CO accidently sets you on fire while you were observing the frontline, after you uncloak they continue shooting what do you do?

Initially being shot whilst on the frontline should be nothing unexpected, bullets are flying everywhere and I’d wager a yajuta would consider it a mere environmental hazard when they decide to park themselves near an active battlefront. However, if the CO purposefully continued to fire upon me after uncloaking, they have opened themselves up to being huntable according to the honor code. It’s likely I would draw my weapon and begin to attack them in return, aiming to kill them for their slight (attacking me), then leave it there assuming that goal is achieved. It’s the frontline, so OOCly my goal would be to try to minimize my impact on the front whilst handling the IC obligation handed to my character - it’d be a cowardly move to run after being shot and thus provoked, after all. It’s important to note I would only be engaging the CO and simply ignore every other person engaging me.

Honor code forbids me from killing them permanently except in specific circumstances and for sake of brevity let’s assume these circumstances haven’t been met (They certainly haven’t directly led a hunting party against me, but the second clause of ‘Important personnel’ is a bit more subjective.), nor do I feel like it’s oocly appropriate to consider it in the first place, but I include it to cover all the ground. In addition, I’d probably ensure my self-destruct is set to the smallest setting (There’s only two settings iirc?) just incase, because it’s the frontline and frankly the unga hivemind is probably already shooting me if the CO is and if not, they will once I start attacking the CO. I’d rather not pull the fumble of the year in the worst case. I’m not as clear as the rules on what I can take from someone as important as the CO in regards to trophies besides what the HC lists in regards to special equipment so I probably wouldn’t bother - in addition Thwu’Kril as a character would probably consider any trophy from a prey attacking her admist a massive allied force as subpar. What right does a hand from a coward have to stand amongst her other trophies of worthy prey that stood alone against her?

Q2: A scout takes a picture of you and cloaks, how do you react?

This is a bit more of a tough one. If I recall correctly, CC’s and the like that take photos of predators tend to get themselves attacked or forced to relinquish the photos, one way or another. I’d most likely attempt to track them down, utilizing non-lethal mode on my plasma caster to yoink them to somewhere a bit remote and say something along the lines of. “You will have to earn the right to that.” - stealing the photo by checking their things - which should also force them to decloak once I remove their cloak. I’ll let them re-equip their things and I’ll stash the photo away in da hunting pouch before saying something along the lines of “Shall you fight or shall you run, coward?” - I’d let them choose where to go from there, fighting them honorably if they choose to fight and otherwise letting them run whilst mocking them a little - assuming they don’t take another photo. If they do, well they’re going to get attacked (via honorable means), preferably killed, their new photo yoinked and then tossed to a medic I can find/the FOB. If they try to attack me whilst cloaked at any time during this it does open me to use dishonorable weapons, but generally speaking I don’t see the need to do so unless some exceptional circumstance arises.

Q3: one of the synthetics tries stealing the person you’re dueling to heal them, what do you do?

According to the HC, synthetics are normally un-worthy/unhuntable, however by interfering in a duel/hunt they’re designated huntable if we assume they’re simply only trying to drag/yoink the person away. They are not dishonorable and I have the option to engage them with honorable combat means- at which point any response they give will not mark them dishonorable. If their ‘theft’ includes trying to disarm me or a direct attack I can use dishonorable means to dispatch them if I saw fit.

With that clear, I’d probably attempt to utilize the non-lethal caster mode to disable the synthetic for just a moment- it’s all I need to grab the guy and drag them off elsewhere to continue the duel. This is the most likely outcome but I am also within my right to attack the synthetic with intent to disable(kill) them before continuing the duel with the person. However the latter is simply less likely, as Thwu’Kril’s view on synthetics would be that of equipment. It’s merely doing what it’s programmed to do and is beneath her notice for the most part, not exactly worth fighting even if technically huntable at that point.


I’ve seen you and your synth around a bit which is good and I liked when I got questions on my application so I am gonna ask you some too that I hope will keep you entertained while you wait :slight_smile:

  1. You’re recovering a smart disc that has been taken shipside, and the person who you’ve determined to be holding the gear is running away from you whenever they see you. How do you recover the gear?
  2. Another pred makes an offhand insult to your clan. How does your pred respond?
  3. What is your personal take on the “spirit of the whitelist” rule? How do you believe it interacts with pred gameplay and its effect on rounds?
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Questions are always welcome! I think they help me get a better grasp on the HC- you can only know so much without being able to apply it to some actual context/situations.

1. You’re recovering a smart disc that has been taken shipside, and the person who you’ve determined to be holding the gear is running away from you whenever they see you. How do you recover the gear?

According to the HC, anyone carrying or manipulating Yajuta gear in orbit is temporarily dishonorable, this opens up a very large swathe of possible paths I can take. I’d wager the most effective and sneaky would be to whilst in cloak, disable them with a non-lethal caster shot, grab them and speed away into maints, grab the gear and then return to ship. Alternatively I can just HPC them assuming they’re alone in a hallway or whatnot, grab the corpse and do the same but with the addition of turning in the body to the medbay/a medic/doctor. Thwu’Kril’s response as a character would differ in the specific contexts. Assuming the person is simply running and won’t stop at all for me to even manage to say things to them the probablity is that I think they’d just take the sneaky but efficent and effective option. If they fought back I’d probably engage with more honorable means or with lethal plasma cast/spike launcher. It’s only a single smart-disk and generally speaking it’s probably more fun on their end to be able to fight back rather than getting their life revoked by means of heavy explosive to the face. The most effective method ain’t always the best when it comes to the OOC level of things.

2. Another pred makes an offhand insult to your clan. How does your pred respond?

A slight to ones clan, even off-hand is quite rude to the Yajuta sensibility. It’s important to note that Thwu’Kril will be of clan Ktal’t and that their sensibilities are somewhat different in that regard. Reputation amongst the other clans is not a concern to them though they are still Yajuta, so I think Thwu’Kril would act dismissive and perhaps even return the jab towards them- though in doing so there’s a fair chance that the other Yajuta responds further and it spirals out into an insult-battle that inevitably results in an honor duel. If the presence of a mutant or other thing of concern to the Ktal’t clan is present she’d probably outright ignore the insult however.

3. What is your personal take on the “spirit of the whitelist” rule? How do you believe it interacts with pred gameplay and its effect on rounds?

I think the spirit of the whitelist is a reminder. The reason the honor code has all it’s regulations. It’s a reminder of the goal that whilst ultimately antagonists predators are there to add to the round and not plainly detract from it. The spirit of the whitelist is ultimately one of a somewhat OOC common sense. What is fun for other players besides you? The regulations are there for the sake of guiding players into interactions that are fun for those that interact with Yajuta and allowing for situations that make the game more fun. It prevents acts that whilst permissible under honor code, do hinder or impede the enjoyment of others for no good reason. It’s a reminder that Yajuta is a whitelist, yes, but it’s also a tool for improving and making the game and the rounds you play in more enjoyable. Few players are empowered enough to give someone a great memory of the game through even ‘basic’ interactions, let alone things such as thralling them if they’re worthy enough of it, or getting to toy around with Yajuta gear they rightfully earnt in a duel.

TLDR; It’s a reminder to do things that improve the round and not to take actions that detract from someones enjoyment of the round without due cause. The spirit of the whitelist is to improve the rounds Yajuta are present in by giving others enjoyable memories and interactions where possible and to avoid actions that needlessly detriment or hinder rounds. As antagonists, inevitably things will be done that people will disagree with but the goal isn’t to appease everyone, it’s to act as appropriate for the character of a Yajuta whilst keeping in mind that OOC goal.

  1. I liked your response to this question in that you didn’t say that you’d straight up just HPC them with a plasma sphere and blow them to bits which is good. RP is always the best part of pred which you’ll find out for yourself if you are accepted and RPing stuff like this instead of wordlessly murdering them will increase enjoyment for both you and them.
  2. This is true but also banter happens pretty often among preds (especially with those nhon guys) so you shouldn’t take everything people say too seriously, usually it’s good to return with a remark of the same caliber. I especially liked how you brought up how your pred in particular would respond to it which is a good sign that you are going to play a character and not a self insert which some people have a hard time with sometimes. :slight_smile:
  3. Your response here was also good, pred is an incredibly powerful role (arguably the most powerful WL in terms of ability to grief), and having restrictions on it is required to make it enjoyable for players. Spirit of the whitelist is basically the don’t be a dick rule for yautja and its good that you see that regardless of the fact that pred is an antagonist its main goal is still to make the round more enjoyable for everyone (Sometimes that might come at the cost of your enjoyment, i.e. getting ganked and not being able to SD), but your answer was good and worded well.

Overall you have a good understanding of the honour code and how the pred role is meant to affect rounds which in my eyes is a +1, and your story was good too. Good luck with the council and I hope to see you in the sparring arena soon. :grin:

ps. good clan pick, ktal’t are generally good to interact with unlike those nhon bozos!!!11!

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I like your take on spirit of the whitelist. It makes me think you’re not going to grief, which is a good sign.

I tend to ask questions regarding insults and how you react to them, but someone else already did this, and I’m happy with the response. Never lay down to another pred insulting you.

Furthermore, I like your story and have seen you in game on several occasions. I think you’re a good RPer and a competent player, and I think you can add good value to the whitelist.

Leaving my +1.

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+1ing for community support

dots is decently well known, though nowadays it’s more their synthetic since they don’t really touch human anymore. their hours in synthetic alone as well as experiences in game should be enough to showcase their ability to maintain character even within stressful situations and incline to a “roleplayed” ending.

also i’m tired of getting pounced from a runner named EEE so i will take this as a sign of clear meta target and will be buying a new computer to put an end to my client side lag. your days are numbered buddy…


An often sight in discord. My goldfish brain can’t remember them ingame, but on the discord dots is always pretty cool. From a community stand-point they’re what we need in terms of behavior.


They already have the synthetic WL, that should at least say they already have experience with how to uphold rules and guidelines. Granted, yautja has way more shit to handle but they’ll be fine im sure of it.

+1 from me. I really can’t see how this could go wrong. (plus I get to spar them on repeat and “accidentaly” kill them)


My personal interactions with Jupiter ‘Sadist’ Rosette or Kelly have been limited but I’ve seen them around enough to know they have good roleplay and are knowledgeable when it comes to server mechanics. UntoldTactics is also synth whitelist holder who clearly understands both IC and OOC rules. +1

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+1. Full faith and confidence he will uphold the standards of the whitelist.

Added pred:approved and removed pred:waiting

With your presence on the server, community support, quality answers and strong backstory, its hard to say no when its a shining example of a great application.

With a unanimous vote, you are accepted into the whitelist. Welcome to the hunt!