UPP squads


HVH in its current state is borderline meh due to a whole host of issues that this idea wont fix, however I do believe it will add at least a little bit more cohesion during HVH allowing for more (((“”“”“”“tactical”“”“”“”))) gameplay and making it overall more fun experience for those involved.

Rather than the simple minded hoard of UPP soldiers they will now be split into 4 distinct squads with a clear chain of command. Each squad will have their own comms and everything needed to maintain squad cohesion like trackers. You could be able to tell what squad your are another person is in by a possible armband on the fatigues similar to how armor in the USCM changes color depending on squad.

1st squad - Grigoriy detachment (green color)
2nd squad - Oleg detachment (orange color)
3rd squad - Taras detachment (brown color)
4th squad - Zakhar detachment (white color)

The only issue i see is that with they way comms work it might take more time to set up HVH events.


Very good idea. Would really like to see this implemented.

The back-end for squads is already done. They’re just not assigned at any point.