Urban Map - TWE

Recently I was going through some Maps for the Aliens RPG (cause I’m a nerd for lore) and came across this beauty of a fan made map

And it got me thinking, considering we (supposedly) have some people in the community taking up the project of implementing TWE as a faction into the game it is only fitting that a map roll out with this “update” right? and what better than something new.

A fully urban map with winding streets, alleyways, and condensed architecture. This is gonna be a real meat grinder for all involved.

So I wanted to hear what the community thinks of this idea, short of trijent dam we really dont have urban maps and i think this would be a very cool change to roll out with the TWE.


I really enjoy it as an idea, and tried to map it myself a while back.

The issue with making ‘urban’ stand-out from 'a backwater colony composed of an entire seven buildings is the same thing that makes urban warfare a nightmare in real life: Verticality.

Unless there’s some meaningful translation of verticality to z-layers or such, an urban CM map would just be any of the building-heavy sections of existing maps with a tileset for pavement instead of sand and grass.

With that being said: I fully support CM’s first sewer level.


Man could you imagine what a map of a skyscraper would be like? Multiple levels, only way to traverse them is by ladder or stairs. Medium size office spaces with small office rooms on the side. Probably would be a nightmare to play on but I would love to give it a try.

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It’s a cool idea, but it would be literal hell to make, considering that most of the buildings are multi-level. More than that, it would require a way to shoot from the upper levels into the lower levels. If they manage to make it possible, it will be a cool map.

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Really good idea. I hope it gets implemented.


A map focused on a more major civilian urban centre might be interesting, great opportunities for environmental story telling, possible RP regarding the TWE and UA/USCM, maybe even a good way to ease in TWE Marines?

Of course maps take months to make and I don’t know if the urban hell of a city would translate well into a map. It’d also need a lot of new sprites. But a challenge is a challenge, I think the issue is more convincing someone to go to the task of making the map, and getting someone to sprite for it.

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Perhaps this map could take place in a massive urban structure that has been quarantined by the local military presence? A giant mall? Entertainment centre? Medical clinic? Maybe all three in close proximity.

State it that the TWE officals have requested the assistance of the USCM as they lack the presence to deal with “whatever” is going on. The local police and TWE army presence has successfully quarantined the area and have prevented civilians from evacuating so the Marines have free reign to deal with it how they see fit.

Obviously, mission failure would result in the colony being overrun, but that’s for the lore to figure out.


Your suggestion sounds more like something for an event or a gamemode, as I understood it as the enemy being “whatever” and not xenos, but the thing generally sounds nice. About some big building, it would surely create some “new” feeling instead of the same running around in the bush, which is either a jungle, a desert or an ice colony. it may feel a bit unorganic with the server not having “real” multi-Z, but that could be made up with teleports like on the almayer.

I’ve seen other servers successfully implement things like this. Would be a nightmare but once its coded I would imagine basically every map coming out after would use it.

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About that, isn’t there already some system to atleast look down ladders and throw nades down there?

I’ve seen 1 server that had a proper design for levels which was 3 years ago and I think it no longer exists. However I have seen the uniform sprites they used on another server.

It was on a ship, about 5 levels, traversable via both a lift and a winding staircase. All you need to do to make this a viable form of moving from level to level so they don’t simply become kill boxes is to have multiple, at different locations around the map, possibly incorporating two buildings with a bridge between them.

Marines would land the DS on the roof, with the xenos being located in the basement.

This all means that OB’s, mortars, and CAS would not be viable.

And yes we can look up and down ladders simply via dragging the ladder onto yourself.


Okay, I had an idea, and it would probably not be balanced, but. How cool would it be if the Marines could OB a building to completely collapse a floor or two. Just the idea of being able to destroy the enviornment, especially in ways that may have to change how people play.
Also, large indoor zones may encourage more people to bring along c4 to help create new flank routes.

Yes, being able to actually destruct parts of the map would be very cool, maybe even being able to blow up things which then collapse and block off flanking routes.