USCM Dossier: Anekcahap 'Kneecap' Volkov

Personnel Record #X41833N

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Name: Anekcahap Volkov (Typically referred to as “Kneecap”)

Age: 24

DOB Aug 21st

POB: [Higher access of O-4 or O-2-MARSOC required] [O-4 “Major” authority recognized; un-locking] “малая ракета” colony 4776, UPP space.

Current Rank: Cpl E-4


Alina Vashtayet (Mother) [Deceased]
Miklan Volkov (Father) [Deceased]

Foster Parents:
Lynia Heirtzler (Mother)
Mark Lyon (Father)

Jacob Lyon (Step-Brother) [Currently serving in the Navy as a Petty Officer]

Known relatives & applicable extended family:
Jolken Vashtayet (Uncle) [Deceased]


Civilian / Other:
Eagle Scout rank from BSUA (Boy Scouts of United Americas)
Wilderness First-Aid & Survival

Basic Training
Covert Ops Training
Extended Ops Training
Search and Rescue Training
Advanced Weapons [Ship, ASB, AASAT, AATIS]
Demolitions Training
JTAC 1 & 2
Basic Electronic Warfare
Basic & Advanced Engineering
Basic & Advanced Medical
Basic & Advanced Hacking
Basic & Advanced Zero-G Combat
Sniper School
ITBDD (Integration of Training Between Differentiating Domains)

General Notes:

Although Anekcahap ‘Kneecap’ Volkov is from a UPP colony, due to the age at which he was forced to relocate, the way he took so well to a UA family, and the fact that he nurses almost a silent resentment of the UPP, he is to be considered born naturalized into the UA. This is no longer up for debate. We are thorough in our background checks and psych evals. Perhaps more-so than any other division than perhaps the SEAL division of the Navy branch who we even consulted for advice on this one. This is also the reason we have restricted his DOB to MARSOC-O2 or MAR-O4. If you have any questions or concerns, go fuck yourself, I’m tired of answering them. - Agent Y7327Z MARSOC CMISAR

Agent X41833N, known by his fellow marines as “Kneecap”, is a highly-trained stealth operative that is currently stationed aboard the [USS Almayer] with the [Falling Falcons]. Kneecap generally does not talk about his past, but finally opened up when he was recognized for his potential due to his highly broad, and some-what extensive, skill-set. - Agent Y33712Z, MARSOC O-2

Anekcahap is a highly capable individual, and should never be under-estimated or under-utilized in an AO. Kneecap has snuck into hives to get marines out of nests, into UPP Top-Secret Facilities to hack and get information, securing or eliminating HVTs, you name it. - CO of USS Almayer

I find that one of the most interesting and perhaps important qualities that Agent X41833N has, is the fact that he uses his brain to overcome obstacles. He’s passed some of the hardest tests the scout’s academy has to offer with flying colors. - Agent X22317T MARSOC Trainer

Medical Notes:

Anxiety (treated with medication)
Depression (treated with medication)

Surprisingly enough, Kneecap actually has a some-what decent capability to connect and socialize with people, though he is rarely given time to do so due to his assignments.
Kneecap shows a past of high traumatization at the extremely young age of 4.

Kneecap’s technical name, Anekcahap, is a bastardization or insulting way of saying the russian name “Alexander”. Although it was the fault of the recruiter for this (which I have no idea how this got through processing) Kneecap chose to keep it this way because “They [Referring to the UPP] were the ones who took my parents from me.”

Kneecap demonstrates the ability to perform better when under high-pressure, and high-stake critical situations.

Despite Kneecap’s ability to connect with people and socialize rather easily, he is rather disconnected from others in his squad, primarily due to the fact that he is on his own most of the time.

During a random passive evaluation in which we watch the patient through cameras without letting them know, I watched him for 30 minutes as he reacted to people around him, laughing at dumb, crude, and even dark-humor jokes, which was a surprise to me given his past.

After his parents died, Kneecap was taken to a foster family through CPS (Child Protective Services) and given to a family that was from the United Americas rather than the UPP. He recalls the feeling of being loved by his foster parents almost as if they were his own, real parents.

Despite having grudges against the UPP for the reasons listed earlier in this report, Kneecap holds an incredibly high moral standpoint on some very critical things:
0: If you judge an entire organization or group based on the actions of an individual person or an extremely small sample and that small sample’s bias and prejudice, society will crumble due to prejudice and things that aren’t even there in that group.
(Kneecap asked me to put that as a “0”, which tells me how important it is to him)
Kneecap said there are only 4 things he cares about in a person:
1: Your morals
2: The integrity of those morals (or how well you keep them)
3: Your competency at whatever you do, with honesty.
4: Your tolerance, or patience, to deal with someone who’s ideals and ideology are different than your own. (Basic free will) (I see this as being stoic. Interesting quality for him.)

Kneecap recalled an incident to me where he directly dis-obeyed orders from command. "They were completely devoid of morality. I can’t follow an order like that, I don’t care if I end up NJP’ed, or even Court Marshalled because of it. A space-base full of UPP that I can de-pressurize instantly and kill everyone inside I can do … but to stoop to the their level of degeneracy by jeopardizing civillian lives? Possibly making another one of me because of my own actions? HELL no.

For records purposes, the commander of that operation was Court-Marshalled and sent to Military Prison. They had another operative do it during the OP, who’s Agent name, and current status have obviously been removed from this file.

In conclusion, Kneecap is a strong, mentally stable, capable young man with a good set of moral codes he lives by despite having a tragic childhood.

This concludes my report. - M.D Nikina Ashtyn, Psychiatrist.


Due to the highly valuable and sensitive intel Agent X41833N handles, he should be watched and monitored passively through default electronic data tracking. Any red flags are to be immediately investigated and the agent questioned as a last resort.

Kneecap should be assigned to most operations, though command should be reminded that anything “morally grey” could result in insubordination, which he no doubt, has a few NJP’s for. Though on the flip-side, should command, or anyone in general, come to him for advice you can expect a highly moral response.

Should Agent X41833N go A.W.O.L, desert, or otherwise become “rogue”, a standard MARSOC clean-up team should be deployed to neutralize him. Though due to the highly survival-based skillset he has due to civilian life through BSUA and his combination of military training, this may become quite a challenge.

Kneecap has been made aware of such contingencies, as with all Agents and Operatives in the MARSOC branch regardless of Tier.

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This guy is Russian and a noob. -1 to his MARSOC WL