USCM DOSSIER: Artem ''Lord Eng'' Cherny

Personnel Record #X41833N

Access of this record has been logged and tagged to your account. Unauthorized access will result in a Court Marshal. Do not continue if you have found this by accident or have accessed by mistake and report to your superior officer Immediately Anyone of Rank O-2 or lower in the normal marine branch should NOT be able to view this file. ALL Officers in the MARSOC branch, including the low-tier branch are allowed to view this file. Name: Anekcahap Volkov (Typically referred to as “Kneecap”) Age: 23 DOB Nov 25st POB: [Higher access of O-4 or O-2-MARSOC required] [O-4 “Major” authority recognized; un-locking] “Eternal darkness” colony 3942, Border with UPP space.

Current Rank: Cpl LC-E3
Family/Relations: No data available
Basic Training
Field engineering
Vehicle control
Covert Ops Training
Demolitions Training
JTAC 1 & 2
Basic Electronic Warfare
Basic & Advanced Engineering
Basic & Advanced Medical
Basic & Advanced Hacking
Basic & Advanced Zero-G Combat

Non-standard incident: Was evacuated by ship during the “Dead Sector” incident Details of the incident:

During the patrol, the ship entered the border sector of JOM-206, where the orbital station and colony 3942 were located. At the time of arrival from the sector, the signals from the station were not postulated, which caused a combat alert to begin on the ship. During the arrival to colony 3942, the crew of the ship was presented with a terrifying picture. The orbital station has fallen on the planet. There was no response from her. Even from automatic systems. And in places where mining outposts and factories should have been located, there were only craters. Colony 3942 itself was not discovered, and even its approximate location was not possible to determine. But the ship’s sensors were able to pick up an SOS signal 1,192 kilometers from the primary location in the colony. A rescue and expedition team was sent to scout the signal. At the site of the signal, they found the remains of one of the shuttles. Having driven away the wolves, they began to explore the area for the abundance of survivors, as well as the black box. Not finding the black box, they decided to raise the bodies for the ship. While transporting the bodies, they discovered that one of the bodies still had a heartbeat. Although it was -78 outside, and half of the face was covered by a frozen wound, the scanners showed that resuscitation was still possible. In in a short order, the group boarded the ship and transported the bodies with a possible survivor. After handing over the body, the command received a not encouraging medical report: The patient’s condition is extremely critical. The average body temperature is 2-2.5 degrees Celsius. Srdce beats at a speed of 1 beat per hour. There is also a significant frostbite of all tissues, including the brain. We are making attempts to stabilize the patient.

The command decided to move to the USCM subspace to send a report and transfer the patient to a more specialized medical institution.

Attempts to find out from UPP what happened at the colony received a response about an accident.[For more details, you need to have access 0-5.]

After a rehabilitation course, he received citizenship as a refugee. Six months later, he applied to the Marines. During the tests, he showed high professional fitness, an unconventional way of thinking, the ability to work in critical situations.

Medical Notes: Increased Aggression (Treated with medications) and Lack of self-preservation instincts (selection of a treatment method is underway). After passing the medical examination 3 weeks ago, we received not the most pleasant result. During the service, the patient develops aggression, as well as the instinct of self-preservation becomes significantly more blunt. When viewing the operations in which Artem participated, our assumptions were confirmed. The patient periodically commits absolutely mindless acts: Drive a car into an enemy pillbox, and jump out before the collision; Use of an automatic trophy shotgun during battles at short-over short distances. We assume that this "Bloodlust’’ something to do with the “Dead Sector” incident. The patient himself did not comment on this in any way. Although his psyche corresponds to acceptable deviations, we advise him to be temporarily suspended from service and sent for treatment of mental abnormalities.

General Notes: Artem, when he came to our unit, was quite unsociable. And this is his mask…In general, his image was extremely specific. For half a year of service, the squad and I managed to get close to him, and even learned a couple of his interesting secrets. By the type that he hails from UPP. We certainly did not condemn him, especially since he saved our ass, and more than once. To recall only the case when we were pressed from a makeshift pillbox in a hangar, when checking for a CLF contraband. And do you know what he did? He jumped in the fucking car, and just flew into this fucking pillbox. We had a couple of guys hooked by a queue, and he came out of that mess with only bruises. What is this, if not a messenger from above? -Combat Technician Jason Merek

As a combat technician, Artem showed himself just fine. Acts without reflection, thinks outside the box, does not panic.His only flaw is weak obedience to an order. But this has never led to a negative consequence, so this disadvantage is insignificant. -Commanding Officer of USS Almayer


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