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.../General Information/USS Almayer/Enlisted Personnel/Alpha Section/FITZGERALD, M.

Name: Michael Kuehn Fitzgerald
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Irish American
Languages: German, English
Height: 5 ft 11 in, 1.81 m
Weight: 164 lb, 74 kg
Birthplace: Olympia, Luna
Civil Status: Single

  • Johnny Fitzgerald - Atmospheric Technician, Shift Manager. DECEASED - HOMICIDE VICTIM.
  • Marie Elizabeth Kuehn - Procurement Director, Alphatech Hardware. Currently enroute to ALPHA BOÖTIS SYSTEM.


  • Thomas Fitzgerald - Student, Secondary Education. DECEASED - HOMICIDE VICTIM.
  • Mikayla “Mika” Fitzgerald - Private First Class, USCMC MSF Eridani - 3rd CMD. DECEASED - KIA LINNA 349 CAMPAIGN.
  • Karinne Fitzgerald Kuehn - Student, Primary Education. Currently enroute to ALPHA BOÖTIS SYSTEM.

Personal Effects:

  • One pair of BiMex ballistic goggles.
  • One red face wrap/tactical mask.
  • One polaroid photograph - contents unknown.
  • Two 1:18 G.I Joe figures - “Corporal Hix” and “Private Dubson”
  • One copy of “Space Beast” by Robert Morse [CONFISCATED]

Current Status:
Assigned to USS Almayer, 2/4 Colonial Marines, MSF Herculis. 2nd Company, 2nd Platoon.
Sergeant - Alpha Section Leader.

.../Service Records/USS Almayer/Enlisted Personnel/Alpha Section/FITZGERALD, M.
  • 2171 - Enlisted. Completion of Basic Training at MCRD Parris Island. Assigned to USS St. Clair, 4th Colonial Marine Brigade, MSF Herculis.
  • 2172 - Completed USCM Zero-Grav School. Participated in the Betelgeuse Campaign and Battle of Epsilon Ceti IV. [FURTHER INFORMATION CLASSIFIED]
  • 2177 - Reassigned to USS Almayer, 2/4 Colonial Marines, MSF Herculis.
  • 2181 - Participated in Operation Papaya. Promoted to Lance Corporal.
  • 2182 - Participated in Operation Tychon Tackle. Promoted to Sergeant.
.../Disciplinary Records/USS Almayer/Enlisted Personnel/Alpha Section/FITZGERALD, M.
  • 2171 - Two charges, driving under the influence.
  • 2177 - Possession of contraband - “Space Beast” by Robert Morse.
  • 2177 - Possession of contraband - one dozen morphine ampoules.
  • 2182 - Possession of contraband - two oxycodone combat autoinjectors.
  • 2182 - Voluntary manslaughter - Fratricide (Blue-on-blue incident). Currently under investigation.

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Damn new Brad Ward lore dropped?


Brad Ward? Hero of the USCM. President of The United Americas. Man is a legend in cargo. Best in the business.


Didn’t have a more funny name than alpha böötis?

look man i was reading the aliens RPG manual and i saw the name and i giggled

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u keep this shit up ill put B.W. in his credentials

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