USCM Dossier: Holly 'Critical' Mass



“The Falling Falcons”

Records retrieved: November 4th, 2182

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It is a criminal offense to access classified United States Colonial Marine personnel information without explicit permission from a commanding officer unless otherwise specified in your terms of employment.

USCM Personnel Database Record

Name: Holly Mass

ID: SA-2017-20PR

Position: Combat Technician

Rank: Lance Corporal (E3)

Squad: Alpha

Posting: USS Almayer

General Information

Known Alias(es): "Critical"

Date Of Birth: 2145-04-18

Biological Age: 23

Chronological Age: 37

Years in cryosleep: 15

Nationality: United Americas

Spoken Languages: English, Russian

Service History

Holly Mass was drafted into the [REDACTED] penal unit in 2164 following a sentence served at Weyland-Yutani Class C Work Correctional Unit [REDACTED]. After engaging in several operations as part Operation Canton, Mass displayed initiative in raids targeting known UPP positions - often acting as a de-facto combat engineer within her squad.

Following the destruction of Canton and the resulting USCM-UPP ceasefire; Mass was transferred to the 2nd battalion of the 4th brigade and stationed on the patrol transport USS Almayer as a Combat Technician.

Mass continued to display proficiency in both combat operations and engineering duties. During operation Tychon Tackle, she aided in establishing a forward operation base ahead of the coming “Battle of Schomberg”. She would then later take part in an assault on a CLF munitions cache where she would be critically wounded from a hand grenade blast. Her injuries blinded her permanently in the right eye and induced severe internal bleeding.

Following effective treatment from the Almayer’s medical staff, Mass was able to recover swiftly enough to return to active duty within the year. During her time suspended from duty, she volunteered to help maintain and repair the ships systems following damage sustained in the operation.

Medical Records

Blood Type: O+


- Permanent blindness in the right eye due to physical injury

- Previous pneumothorax due to shrapnel puncture

- Chronic chain smoking habit, typically worse during combat operations. Attempts to recommend therapy have been unsuccessful.

Security Records

- 2163: Convicted in small-scale weapons smuggling bust.

- Drafted into [REDACTED] penal unit as part of the USCM [REDACTED] program.

- Formal recruitment into the United States Colonial Marines 4th brigade. Criminal record revoked.


Mass has shown verbal hostility towards both military police and corporate presence aboard the Almayer. This has not resulted in confrontation but has caused a strong distrust with the ship's Corporate Liason and MP personnel. Despite her distaste for authority, she has displayed strong loyalty to her commanding officers and squadmates.


Hey, I'm Holly! I used to play a bunch between 2017 and 2019 as Sarah 'Magnet' Price but took a bit of an extended break. I've popped my head back in a few times over the years but I think the game is in an enjoyable place right now so I thought it would be a good time start with a new character. I'm all for feedback btw, I know my writing and lore stuff are a bit iffy in places so criticism is super welcome :)


Hey there i was wondering how you started to create this character?

I was wondering if you have any tips for creating one. Want to create one myself.

I’m not the OP (obviously), but if you wanna create your own character, you should start by asking yourself what you want out of your character, and then making a backstory and building your character off of that.

you should start by asking yourself what you want out of your character, and then making a backstory and building your character off of that

This is really good advice. For Holly, I based her personality off of how I interact with her in-game. I’ve been playing CT a bunch and I usually talk in a kinda quippy and casual way so I went with that as a baseline and expanded on with a lot of help from the lore page. The idea of making her an ex-con came from the new (to me) convict origin from the character creator. It’s also good to snoop on other dossiers to get some cool ideas and change them to work with your character.

Basically just come up with a SUPER BASIC background and play with your character in-game for a bit and some ideas should come from that.