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Major Murphy Major Dossier

Name: Murphy Major

Aliases: Murphs, Mad Murphy

Rank: Major (O-4)

Age: 32

Gender: Female

Height: 5’7ft

Weight: 157 lbs

Hair color: White

Eye color: Black

Marks: white hair, a pronounced scar on her face on the bridge of her nose, and numerous scars all over her body, from gunshots, burns, and slashes.

Personal items: An M10 helmet with an old ballistic goggles attached to it, ceremonial sword.

Martial Status: Unmarried

Birthplace: Earth

Date of birth: 13-10-2140

Languages(fluent): English, Russian, Kazakh, Gaelic, Deutsch, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese.




2168: Went on a “disturbingly long racist tirade agaisnt Russians, Chinese, Arcturians, and colonists.” - Forced to attend cultural sensitivity and diversity classes.

2170: Caught purchasing illegal combat modifications for synthetics - Put under surveylance by the Millitary Police

2171: Was involved in a duel with another officer, using a blunt greatsword - Assault with a deadly weapon charges were dropped, and the MP team surveying Murphy was reprimanded for their failure.


2164: 2ndLt

2164 - 2165: 2ndLt - 1stLt

2165 - 2168: 1slt - CPT

2169 - 2171: CPT - MAJ










“I remember the early days of Canton. I couldn’t see it then, but it was a doomed mission from the start. Mobilization of the fleets was a shitshow, it took us months of moving heaven and earth just to get the 3rd fleet off it’s ass. By the time we moved, the commies had already setup a blockade around Canton, and we in the 3rd fleet were used as the spearhead- the cannon fodder. 40.000 of us died in space, before we even hit the ground. Our top brass was still fresh off the Sol Campaign. None of them had any idea what the fuck they were doing. Our modern weapons weren’t enough to secure victory over the primitive, and badly armed -UPP backed- CLF. There were other potent factors that weren’t there back in Sol. The harshness of the terrain, the tropical climate, and alien disease among them. Half of us suffered sepsis from alien spores and died choking, and some of us had their limbs amputated from space gangrene.Then there was the unusual and brutal nature of our enemies. The fact that they desecrate dead marines, cut them open and stuff them with c4 like a thanksgiving turkey, that they used poisoned ammunitions, and hid themselves among civillians. These were tactical considerations not found anywhere else in the galaxy at the time. This was Canton, not Sol. There was no Geneva convention here. This place turned us all into animals.”

“When I returned home, they considered me a hero; pinned a few medals on me and promoted me to captain. But it was a hollow victory. I thought we were going to liberate Canton, but instead we gave up on it after only 3 years, and nuked it out of pettiness.”

CANTON 2165 (A War Story)

Administrative Notes:

First Lieutenant Major served with distinction during Operation Canton. Serving until the operation's end in 2168, despite the grevious injuries she sustained during The First Offensive


“I’ve done a few things in my life that I’m not proud of, but this is the first time I ever felt close to be in danger of hell.”


Administrative Notes:

Captain Major, Major ███, Colonel ████, and Director ████ of Weyland-Yutani Psi-division ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ 25 infiltrator synthetics██████████████████████████████████████████████████████ memetics ███████████████ Batu Khan involved███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ █████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ██████Polio-Extreme Virus bomb deployed███████████████████████████████████████████████████████ █████████up to 100.000 dead UPP civilians ███████████████████████████████ ██████████████████████████████████████████████ ███████████████ Director ████ terminated, Colonel ████ KIA (███████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████), Major ████ MIA, Captain Major given memory wipe ████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████████ ███████████████████████████ Captain Major was promoted to Major, and transfered to Eridana.


"Ah, my most fond memories in the USCM. Probably because for once in our lives, we bettered the colonies





Coffee, whiskey, MTs.

USCM Tofu MRE, MPs, Communists, UPP.

  • Due to her name, Major Major has often been mistaken as a man by fellow marines and in goverment records. This has happened so much that she stops bothering to correct them.

Wamakahana Windhealer- A great warrior and leader who has lead us to many victories and made us many great memories. He is the only one who could probably fix the Third Fleet.

Wallace K Haar - I will return to Sol and vote this man into presidency. God bless him, his wife, and his entire bloodline.

Johannes Strauss- The handsome German doctor i owe my life to. He’s abit of an ass kisser -mostly to me atleast-, so i dont mind. Just wish he wasnt such a smoker.

Thomas B Strobia - One dangerous motherfucker with 5000 recorded kills to his name. If WY’s labcoat monkeys cloned hundreds of Strobias, instead of fucking with XX-121s, we’d be rolling over the UPP right now.

Alan Jones - A disgusting man who i would unremorsefully throw feet first into a wood chipper.

Jeffery Jefferson - A XX-121 infestation survivor we picked up, he is absolutely insane and is without any sense of self preservation. While i appreciate the zealotry, i don’t believe he would live to see the end of the year.

Lenoox Caldwell - A dubious creature getting up to mischief. He has an aura to him that sends me and many others into a flying rage. Many times i have to hold myself back to not murder him where he stands.

Bob Huey - I sometimes wonder how he even passed officer school with his attitude. Atleast i can trust him to build a good FOB when deployed.

Lenina Hange - She’s abit of a dick and probably got in the USCM using her daddy’s money, but she definitely can lead, and her tactics are pretty good.

Celestine Chyler - A dutiful Captain who does her job well, but i’ve always find her to be miserably dull and robotic. It’s like she’s been lobotomised to make the perfect CIC puppet.

Bob Vancleave - Madlad who shot up the req line.

Homer Bennett - A British “person”. Need i say more?

Katashi Juro - How does this man still have his job or his life for that matter? A great motivational speaker but a terrible commander. Often his tactics are outdated, even by the 1900s’ standard. Atleast he has the balls to lead his human wave charges himself.

August Agricola. ‘Gramps’ Silverston - An ancient man from a bygone time. He was quite the menace back in his days, and when WY finally caught up to him, they kept him alive with cheap organs, out of spite. I would have him retired, but i know that the old bastard would refuse, he’d rather die like a soldier.

Gregg ‘Miracle of Sol’ Lauffer - A great commander overall, but i still doubt many of his achievements. They sound fake, doesnt help that he often exaggerates numbers to boost morales.

Archibald V Cartwright - The more i observe his behavior the more suspicious i am of him. All he does is neutrally mop the floor like a Joe, often near highly sensitive area like ARES or the CIC. He could possibly be a spy or a synth.

Steve Murphy - A reliable SO who actually relays information to me. I’m glad to have him by my side in the CIC.

Titus Hill - A weirdo liaison who dresses himself up in larp tactical gear. Though he is pretty pleasant to talk to, i’d rather have him on my ship rather than someone like Johny Silver.

Johny ‘Downsizing’ Silver - Corporate greed made flesh. It is no exaggeration to say that this man feels no empathy, remorse, or common humanity that separates us from simple impulsive beasts. The only “love” this man could feel (If you dare call it so) is that for money. Senior Executive Silver would sooner sell his own mother for profit than do a single good deed in his entire wretched life.

Martin Jonas - A newer recruit whom i personally trained. He’s a quick learner and he’ll have a great career as an MT, i’m sure of it.

Harvest Singe - An excellent Chief Engineer, who i could trust with my ship and my life.

Batu Khan - No greater villain has ever gone unhung. For as long as this terrorist lives, the UA will never be safe. HE is the reason i sleep with one eye open.

Amara ‘Nukie’ Junge - Crackhead whore who deserves nothing but tablings and her boots stolen during briefing.

Keaton Howard - Though a little dramatic and weepy, I think Keaton is a fine gentleman and good fragger.

Arthricia Enwright - A funny MP lady who likes getting tabled while sleeping.

William ‘Jester’ Crimson - This man is no jester, he is a Tyrant!
The fact that he is a ginger and an MP, makes him double soulless.

Cayden ‘Prisoner’ Mary - Probably the nicest CMP i’ve had the pleasure of talking to, though thats not really a high bar to surpass.

Agatha A.W. Knebelpiess - Now, i’ve seen AWs looking like lizards but i’ve never seen an AW looking like a rat. Kinda cute.

Noir ‘Kamikaze’ Kamlo - This man should put a shirt on.

Brad Ward - You know the OP’s gonna be good when you see Brad manning the Req line. Last i heard he was hospitalized from a fuel tank explosion, hope he gets well soon.

Bill Wilkerson - No one knows where he comes from, he just suddenly appeared within our ranks and none dared question him. He is always completely naked, his body is chiseled like a godly statue, and he is armed only with the m37 shotgun, with wich he has slaughtered hundreds if not thousands of souls. I’ve seen XX-121s, creatures we tought to be “the perfect killing machines”, visibly tremble and scurry away in fear at the mere sight of him. I dont think this “man” is human. Thank god he’s on our side.

Cade ‘ALF’ Prescott - My 4ft tall smartgunner “homie”. She should be kept away from planets with low gravity and turbulent weather, or else she’d get carried away by the wind.

Stephen ‘Liquidator’ Lewis - A suprisingly chill old man once you get to know him.

Ordo - Possibly the most robust synthetic unit i’ve ever seen in my life. He has saved my ass and many others while deep behind enemy lines and under constant enemy fire. I can always count on him to survive any situation.

Isaac Flores - Best MT and chef. I hope he gets his dream job at a 5 Star restourant.

Alyx Einzbern - White hair gang.


I am honored to be included in this dossier.

Did you finally get the major major WL? Anyways, didn’t have you another backstory before with half of it stolen from starship troopers and the other half being incredible low-RP? But corrupting files is a good idea, really!

im not there :fu: !!! (it’s awesome)

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Gotta say as many times that I’ve played MP I don’t really remember getting a lot of trouble from Murphy. Tyke though…. I just try to ignore him. I get real tired of chasing someone across the ship for twenty minutes.

I have not gotten the WL and probably not anytime soon due to some controversy, and i do have a backstory but i keep revising it. It’s supposed to be in the “Early Life” and “Millitary Serivce” section, i plan on adding it when i think its good enough.

DW. I’m adding more people later lmao (Whats ur name ingame again? I keep hearing your OOC name but forgetting your ingame name)

No need to keep revising, the “stomped 5000 billion xenos and became flag officer of the WHOLE fleet (Can you even become flag officer of half the fleet, but anyways) and demoted themselves back to greytiding MT” was good

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The fact that my greatest hater doesn’t even have me on the list… it’s like… why even fight…

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Someone forgot to insert there interaction with Crably the command crab i see

didnt expect this man would be indonesian

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aw hell nah bro, did u just dox me? :sob:

One of the few people to realise the nickname is poking fun at Crimsons seriousness. Boy, its been a while.

Nice dossier. Easy to see the effort whats gone in to it.

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