USCM Dossier - Major Steve Murphy

United States Colonial Marine Corps
Personnel Data File

4th Company ‘Crimson Crows’

3rd Regiment, Marine Space Force 3, 4th Combat Division
5th Battalion ‘Iron Eagles’

Primary Vessel:
USS Palisade

Commanding Officer:
Maj. Steve Murphy

Interceptor Strike Group

Contained Units:

45th Special-Recon Platoon

72nd Forward-Assault Platoon

9th ISO Squadron

112th Light-Fighter Squadron

Personal Information

Full Name:
Steve Murphy

52 Years


Blood Type:


Eye Colour:

Russian descent

Date of Birth:
Approximately in the year 2130

Place of Birth:

Known Languages:
English, Russian, Japanese (rough)

Security Clearance:
Major O-4

Issued by:
USCM High Command

Date of Clearance:

Stationed Command:

Marine Space Force 3, 4th Combat Division

5th Battalion ‘Iron Eagles’

4th Company ‘Crimson Crows’

Medical Record:

Shrapnel wound across the right eye

Right eye surgically removed


USS Palisade

Active since 03/01/2178

Conestoga Class

Light Assault Starship


Designed to specialise in long-range patrols in which they may encounter smaller or faster vessels. Hulls of the Conestoga Hunter-Battleship subclass have been heavily retrofitted to both track and chase lone targets, struggling to adapt to larger fleet combat settings.


6x Class-4 ARCON Advanced Railgun Systems

2x Long Range Kinetic Artillery Platforms

4x ‘Concorde’ Autocannon Batteries

1x PT41 Grouped Torpedo Silo


5x ‘Flak’ Point Defence Systems

1x ANANTA Directed EM-Pulse Generator


Class-3 Active Injection Hybrid Ion/Plasma Thrusters

Retrofitted Class-2 Advanced Afterburners

Upgraded Long-Range Active DOPPLER Radar

Passive ‘Silencer’ Pattern Camouflage Systems

Upgraded BEAMER Communications Mainframe

Short-Range Embedded Communications Jamming Systems


19 Commissioned Officers

4 Non-Commissioned Officers

155 Enlisted Personnel


2x ‘Orca’ 3rd Generation Osprey-Type Light Gunships

2x ‘Hornet’ 2nd Generation Osprey-Type Trans-Atmospheric Mixed Infantry Transports

1x Modified M3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle


45th Special-Recon Platoon ‘Five-Eyes’, Led by Second Lieutenant [CLASSIFIED]

72nd Forward-Assault Platoon ‘Admonition’, Led by Second Lieutenant [CLASSIFIED]

9th ISO Squad ‘Terminus’, Led by First Lieutenant James Gallagher (not under direct USCM command)

Crew Manifest
Known Information Index

Parts of Murphy’s motivations, affiliations, and backstory may be known by different ranking figures within the USCM, and WY. General information in this Dossier is split into three levels of classification depending on the reader. This index should be referenced when wondering “how much should [blank] know about Steve Murphy as a CO?” during RP.

[Level 0] Enlists, Civilians, PMC third parties

Cursory information only.

The general appearance of Major Steve Murphy, age, rank (more or less).

Nothing more

[Level 1] Jr. WY Executives, Commissioned Officers

Approximate knowledge of Murphy’s USCM service history AFTER Operation Canton, including the fact that Murphy originally commanded the USS Palisade of the ‘Crimson Crows’ company. Members of this level are aware of Murphy’s stance on all other groups of interest but do not have access to his reasoning.

Level 1 members are aware of an unusually close link between Murphy, the UA-I, and Weyland-Yutani.

[Level 2] WY Executives, Almayer Captains, Fleet and Survivor Majors

Complete access to the service history of Major Steve Murphy, barring his initial involvement with the UA-I in Operation Galahad. Aware of the fact that Murphy is of Russian descent, and speaks the language fluently. Near completely aware of Murphy’s faction alignments (barring anything involving Operation Galahad), including his in-depth motivations.

Characters classified in this level may also know Murphy personally, having a friendly or negative stance on him.

[Level 3] Sr. WY Executives or above, Lt. Colonels or above, high ranking UA-I staff

Complete knowledge of all information regarding Major Steve Murphy, including Operation Galahad.

Simplified Faction Relations

Weyland-Yutani: Friendly

While not blindly subservient to the corporation, Major Murphy shares a relationship of mutual benefit with WY. Both parties see the other as a tool they can use to their advantage, with their alliance born out of convenience, rather than any deep-seeded loyalties. Weyland-Yutani and Murphy will often share a common objective, and cooperate on a largely no-questions-asked basis. WY uses Murphy for any matters that require particularly clandestine handling, and Murphy uses the connections and influence of WY for his own largely unknown goals.

UA-Intelligence: Deeply Loyal

Following his heavy involvement with the UA-I in his past (Operation Galahad), Murphy has remained an unofficial part of the organisation well into his USCM career. Murphy often coordinates with unknown UA-I contacts, and his onboard UA-I special operations division (ISO Squad ‘Terminus’), to further the goals of the group. Murphy frequently has ulterior motives when arriving at any ongoing USCM engagement, with his presence typically indicating an object of UA-I special interest is nearby.

Murphy believes that, while the methods of the UA-I are questionable, they are ultimately acting for the betterment of the UA, and the security of the Galaxy as a whole. He is often willing to cast aside his morals for this goal, with the ends justifying the means, in his eyes.

Colonial Liberation Front: Indifferent

Owing to Murphy’s colonial upbringing on an independent LV-440, and the UPP bombings of its surface following Operation Galahad’s failure, Murphy can somewhat sympathise with the mission of the CLF, understanding that they are fighting for a righteous cause. That being said, Murphy also views the group as idealists and cowards, believing that they act for attention, rather than any meaningful change.

As such, Murphy has no reservations against killing CLF, should they hinder or obstruct him in any way, but will not bother to make a specific effort to hunt them down unless ordered to. That said, Major Murphy is just as likely to ally with CLF cells, should it prove convenient to him in the short-term

Union of Progressive Peoples: Hated

While, in truth, there is little to no difference between the methods of the UPP as opposed to the UA, Steve Murphy irrationally blames them for the death of his father and colony on LV-440, unable to recognize that it was his own actions which directly motivated the attack. As such, Murphy often does everything in his capability to cripple the operations of the UPP at large, occasionally violating the ‘cold’ aspect of their conflict in the process.


All Cannon stories in Murphy’s timeline

Steve Murphy Security file - Google Docs
Steve Murphy’s Origins
(By Me)

Abnegation - Google Docs
Connections To The Origins Of Scotty Willey
(By Scotty Willey)

Unexpected Visitors - Google Docs
Unexpected Visitors
(By Scotty Willey)

CANTON 2165 (A War Story)
Operation Canton
(By Murphy Major)



Scotty Willey: One of Murphy’s few trusted friends, fighting in the same unit during Operation Canton. Meeting Scotty Willey as a child in 2155, before either had joined the USCM. Both are haunted by the sins of their fathers.

Isabel Lopits: An up-and-coming Captain in the 3rd Regiment. Served alongside Murphy in a joint UA-I/MARSOC infiltration unit, in which the pair boarded and hijacked a CLF dropship, eliminating a local cell base of operations.

Molly Xia: A somewhat transient title used to describe an omni-universal agent of chaos. Murphy generally regards any ‘Molly Xia’ entities with caution, doing his best to make sure he stays on her good side, fearing the consequences of him doing otherwise.

Murphy Major: An old friend of Steve’s from his Canton days. Mysteriously disappeared following the operation, with Murphy believing she was likely snatched up by either Weyland-Yutani or UA-Intelligence to do their dirty work. Their exact whereabouts are unknown.

Gramps A.A. Silverton: Undoubtedly the toughest Marine that Murphy has ever come across, the de facto mascot of Bravo squadron on the USS Almayer. He has seemingly occupied the same position of Combat Technician for the past 50 years, with his origins unclear…

Samson Jack: A renowned fighter who’s passed up multiple opportunities for promotion so he can continue on the field. Followed Murphy to the Almayer from the 72nd Forward-Assault Platoon onboard the USS Palisade, where he originally operated as a Squad Smartgunner.

Kolton Murphy: A legendary field medic who has saved Murphy’s skin more times than he can count during his deployments as a Lieutenant

Zhu Cijue: Revered medical expert and Nobel Prize recipient, partially responsible for curing the 2177 Polio outbreak across USCM vessels, in conjunction with the CDC.

Shiva Ridge: 2nd LT of Frontline Intelligence, a position formerly occupied by Major Murphy in his early years. A young officer of great potential.

Rozu Ishina: A fellow Major in the 3rd regiment, who rarely agrees with Murphy’s occasionally draconian combat tactics. While Steve doesn’t typically hold much respect for Doves, Major Ishina’s operational success numbers cannot be ignored. A cautious ally

Joe Dafoe: Admired by Murphy for their sheer hatred towards the UPP, and the unrivalled skill at which they’re known to dispatch them. An ace up the sleeve of any USCM fleet that happens to contain his company.

Joe Nutter: Rumour has it, during Operation Open-House, Maintenance Technician Joe Nutter stole a spare Officer’s uniform, snuck into the Bridge, and convinced the entirety of the USS Constantiam that he was their acting Executive Officer, having the real Captain quietly jettisoned into space. Naturally, Captain Nutter and Major Murphy laugh about the story over drinks on shore leave.

Branden Stephenson: Battlegroup Commander of the 5th. A mysterious figure, who Murphy has very rarely physically laid eyes on, instead coordinating with his subordinates largely through secure communication. A man of a few words, who prefers to let his combat records do the talking.

Nina Hange: Literal embodiment of the Songbirds. The closest thing Murphy ever had to a proper teacher, with their occasionally reckless tactics setting the foundations of Major Murphy’s command style. Trusted, and deeply respected

Gocken Demir: One of the few people Murphy is completely unable to read. Something cold and calculating hides behind her smile. Demir is not to be trusted

Emily Smith: A kind-hearted WY Corporate Executive, and a dear friend of Murphy’s. Always seems to end up being at the right place, at the right time.

Don Nivans: An arch-enemy in a past life. Murphy will attempt to kill Don Nivans whenever given the chance, without explanation. Something about “stompy stompy”?..

April: A somewhat fearsome synthetic unit. Comes preloaded with suspiciously up-to-date tactical and CQC training data. Regular sparring partner of Major Murphy, occasionally letting him win out of pity.

Michael Fitzgerald: The sole reason behind the creation of a HR department within the 3rd regiment. For the sake of his career, Murphy stays well clear of Michael Fitzgerald.

Maki Dinkelvert: You can always count on the MT Mafia. Godspeed

Sergeyevich Morozov: Originally met at the “Booze-Divers” bar on New-Varadero during shore leave. A Captain of wide renown, and a dear friend of Murphy’s


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Is this total crew including marines, or the ship crew?


Double checked, realized I had miscounted

Officers: 19
NCOs: 4
Enlist: 155

Including Marines, and the ship crew

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