USCM Dossier: Salvador Kepplinger

—USCM Official Dossier—

General Information

Name: Salvador [REDACTED] Kepplinger
Alias: ‘56’ (Unknown reasoning)
Full Title: Sir Reverend Doctor Father General Salvador [REDACTED] Kepplinger, Knight of Her Royal Majesty of Britain
Place of Birth: [REDACTED] Michigan; Upper Peninsula
Rank: General
Notable Contacts: [REDACTED]

Positive relations: Weyland-Yutani Corporation. Kepp Corp. Kepplinger Insurance.
Negative relations: None… for now.

Military History: Salvador Kepplinger was born in [REDACTED] in the UP of Michigan. He moved to Texas at the age of 20, where he gained an interest in Theology. After a few years studying military history, Salvador joined the army as a private. He quickly rose through the ranks by volunteering for every available assignment. After some years, at the rank of Staff Sergeant, Salvador was sent with a Spec Ops team to suppress a terrorist group by the name of “Blanket Bombers” in a small country on the southern border of France. Salvador and his team managed to stop the terrorists. Their next orders were to move to Britain for security and logistical reasons.

While in Britain, the Queen was in a parade. But then disaster struck! An Irish terrorist group attacked the Queen! Salvador’s team was not at the parade unfortunately, so it was Salvador by himself. He quickly leapt into the fray. Using his robust karate moves, Salvador disposed of every terrorist there, then grabbed the queen’s cane, and threw it with enough velocity to knock a sniper off the roof of a building onto the ground, into the hands of the authorities.

For his valiant actions, Salvador was Knighted by Her Royal Majesty, the Queen. Shortly thereafter, Salvador retired and decided to run for president of the country he had helped. Andorra. With the support of the Queen, Salvador got it and became the president.

Salvador then went of to rejoin the military. This time he was commissioned into the Provost Marshal. He started at ensign, and quickly rose to Lieutenant Commander. Lieutenant Commander Kepplinger was placed in charge of a vicious detention center. We expected him to get torn to shreds. Next thing you know Kepplinger is the designated Gang leader of the whole prison. As well as the warden. His methods converted over 100,000 prisoners from vicious killers into kind and caring members of society.

For his robustness Salvador was promoted to Commander. He had a 2 year hiatus in the Sahara desert ,with nothing but rags, for unknown reasons. (Contact President for more information) and when he returned, he had a uniform with an 0-6 Paygrade (Captain) attached. Captain Salvador Kepplinger’s employment papers had shifted from Provost Marshal to USCM. When asked why, he underwent a series of light-headedness and by the time he was able to respond, we gave up.

After large shifts in American politics, and a change in administration, Salvador was promoted to a general, and given control over much of the Third Fleet. His new job includes overseeing and maintaining commanding officers in the fleet, the synthetics and research division, and the bioscience and unknown lifeforms division.

We asked the president what he has to say about Salvador. Here is what he said: “Salvador? I know that guy. He’s a strange bloke. Does a lot of stuff. How old is that guy? Anyone actually know? Heh, well, I once had tea with him actually. Not a bad dude. We talked about all sorts of stuff. He’s a good dude. He has done all sorts of secret missions for me. Oh, this is public? I was just joking haha!”

Theological Journey: Salvador Kepplinger moved to Italy for quite some time while in the military. He decided to join the Catholic Church while still in the military and became a military chaplain. He became a Deacon for the Church, not just in the military. Eventually he was ordained as a Priest, and had his own Church. While in Andorra, Salvador became a bishop. After being knighted, the Pope promoted Salvador to Arch-Bishop. He had been given the chance to be a cardinal, but he wanted to pursue his military career and then become president of Andorra, so he declined, and settled for Arch-Bishop.

Volunteer service: Salvador serves as a volunteer fire fighter, fighting fires both literally and figuratively. He has been known to be nearby buildings whenever mysterious fires start, and has managed to avoid questioning about this. He is often seen wearing a patch with the letters FC stitched on.

Weyland-Yutani Employment: Salvador Kepplinger worked for Weyland-Yutani for quite some time. We’re searching for more information right now. At present, it appears he was the manager of a pizzeria.

Summary: Salvador is currently the president of Andorra and an Arch-Bishop of the Catholic Church. In addition, he is overseeing and maintaining the Third Fleet.


Did not mention being the president of the terrorist organization, “Unconfederate America”
-1 on your application, also veryLRP

Very unrealistic story, there is no way he managed to beat all of those guys with just karate. We all know karate is bullshit and doesnt kill people

-1 to this General WL

Not going to lie. I am a little disappointed my service was not mentioned. I served proudly in the Great Patriotic War to Reclaim Andorra from the False President.

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There is a reason I didn’t mention I was the president of a terrorist organization.

Salvador isn’t a murderer! He uses non-lethal methods!

And Archibald, your service is not forgotten, I hope you can forgive me my friend.

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You can’t hide the truth sir.

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