USCM DOSSIER - Sergeant River Jay Wolf


Name: River Jay Wolf
Sex: Male
Age: 29 Years (357 Real Years)
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Service Record: Nine Years
Rank: Sergeant (E5)
Specalty: Ranged Operations, Sniper Class

Criminal/Security Record

Infraction: Fight in Mess
Date: 2179/03/23
Reason: “Food Fight”, “Okay, so [REDACTED] threw a still very hot baked potato at me, but I’m not the one that yelled for it, I just beat the crap out of [REDACTED] with his own meatloaf. Yes, with a slab of meatloaf.”
Punishment: Cleaning the Mess Hall, Brig Time (Waved), Forced Work (Kitchen)

Infraction: Theft?
Date: 2180/07/13
Reason: Believed to have been stealing a weapon from Delta Armory Specalist. Ended up being an Initiation Ritual for Charlie Squad.
Punishment: Reprimanded, Forced to clean latrines (1 month)

Infraction: The “Spooky” Incident
Date: 2180/10/31
Reason: [Then] Lance Coporal Wolf was found scaring marines by running around half-naked in a bed sheet drenched in blood plasma (believed to have been stolen from medical, unable to determine if he stole it or not) yelling a mixture of phrases including but not limited to “Why did you leave me?”, “We were team mates” and “Its wriggling inside me.”
Punishment: Reprimanded, Forced to work in Medbay (2 months), Detained till the following morning cycle

Infraction: Mutany
Date: 2182/10/21
Reason Given: Unlawful or Unreasonable requests by Senior Staff against Squad Leader
Punishment: Execution (Waved), Punitive Punishment (Flogging), Reduction in Benefits, Reduction in Pay, Temporary Demotion, Therapy (Waved)

Medical Record

No Outsanding Medical Records


Please Enter Corporate ID Number

Please Submit to Retinal Scan

Corporate Identification Confirmed
Access Level Blue Granted


Access Log

File is Encrypted using Unknown or Unrecognized Encryption Method.



Richard Gonzolas Wolfgang.txt

Error Log 744-32-20811205

USCM Profile
Name: Richard Gonzolas Wolfgang
Gender: Male
Age: 31
Service Record: Seven Years
Rank: Second Lieutenant (O1)

Service Record
USS Sulaco (4 Years)
USS Dunmar (3 Year)

Notice 2081/12/05
Automatic Data Checking System detected a previously unknown log for Second Lieutenant Richard Gonzolas Wolfgang appearing within the database. Data was flagged but cleared and data was added to the database. During a routine database check information was again flagged and this time was brought to a technitians attention as no cadet record was found for Richard Gonzolas Wolfgang. Information pushed to Corporate for further review

Notice 2082/02/15
From the Desk of Major Keith Albertson

It is not unresaonable to believe that another member of the Wolfpack experiment had survived, god forbid given that River Jay Wolf survived by the skin of his teeth and no small amount of luck. For the time being we’ll leave the file in the database unflagged so as not to draw attention to it if we haven’t already. All O3 and above ranks are to keep an eye out for Second Lieutenant Richard Gonzolas Wolfgang and are hereby ordered to observe his movements and are only ordered to confront in the event of disruption of normal operations. If possible, Wolfgang should be taken alive for questioning. Subject is to be treated as dangerous due to possible psychic capabilities.

End of Notice

Notice 2082/02/19

Major Keith Albertson was found dead in his office by a clerk on 2082/02/19, time of death estimated to be 11:43 am. At this time, autopsy suggests a heart attack. Major Albertson has no known family history of heart attacks and was in good health. At this time it is believed it maybe connected to Second Lieutenant Wolfgang.

End of Notice.


River's Dreams.txt

Notice: Document was written by River Jay Wolf as part of a therapy session and submitted to this directory due to relevancy to Broker’s Station.

Sometimes I have this dream, I’m sure its a dream because nothing looks right in it, where I’m younger and on a station I don’t recognize. While I’m walking along this girl runs up past me, tells me to follow her. She has a tail and I don’t recognize her face, but in the dream I know I can trust her, so I follow her. When I get there there’s a bunch of other kids and this one older guy, maybe late teens. Sometimes they’re eating, sometimes they’re playing some kids game, but its always the same three or four people, tail girl included. Sometimes I also recognize this girl with a big gash in her throat that’s leaking blood, but nobody seems to notice that she’s bleeding out, not even me.

I can also hear this kind of screaming in my head, like a distant yelling but nobody else seems to hear it and when I point it out they don’t seem to understand what I mean. One time I remember they were all singing when the tail girl brought me to them, it was the same kind of screaming but more like a song. The throat girl was there too but she was crying and apart from them. I sat down by her and felt myself crying even though I didn’t feel sad in the dream. I don’t know how to describe any of their faces, nor what their names were, I just knew who they were.


River Subjects

The Following were known succesful clones of the River series Wolfpack clones, with their clone number and listed capabilities below each entry.

River Alpha
13th Clone
Psychic Capabilities, Weak
-Emotion Reading
-Enhanced Reflexes
Unusual Eye Color (Yellow Iris)
Death: Expired in Sleep
Post-Mortum Review: Subject’s gray matter was found to be more densely packed than typical human brain tissue.

River B
15th Clone
Psychic Capabilites, Weak
-Emotion Reading
Unusual Hair Texture (Chitinous)
Death: Expired during physical exercise
Post-Mortum Review: Subject’s gray matter was not as densely packed as River Alpha’s, but was found to be more densely packed than typical human brain tissue. Subject possibly died due to Pericardial Disease.

River C
19th Clone
Unusual Hair Color (“Shiny Black”, produced a thin slime)
Unusual Tooth Structure (“Alien” Like)
Death: Subject accidently bit into own cheek with teeth, bleeding would not cease and subject expired due to blood loss. Subject’s blood found to lack clotting factor. Gray Matter typical for human subjects.

River D
23rd Clone
Fingernails were unusual color (Shiny Black)
Psychic Capabilities, Mild
-Awarness of Sentience (Could detect minds within 15 m of himself)
-Emotion Reading
-Thought Reading (Alien)
Unusual Spinal Structure (Minor protrusions, unobtrusive)
Death: Presumed dead with the Destruction of Broker’s Station

River E
29th Clone
Acidic Blood
Female (All other Clones prior to this point were Males)
Oviposition (Subject laid an egg containing a non-viable facehugger containing no egg, subject E-1 was dead upon breaching of the egg)
Psychic Capabilities, Mild
-Enhanced Reflexes
-Thought Reading (Alien)
Death: Presumed dead with the Destruction of Broker’s Station

River F
33rd Clone
Acidic Blood
Female (Direct clone of Subject E)
Unknown Capabilities; Though River F was brought succesfully to full growth, upon awakening subject began screaming and quickly comitted self-termination with a scalpal.
Death: Self-Termination
Post-Mortum Review: Post-Mortum examination shows subject had greatly increased gray matter connectivity, moreso than any River or Diego subject prior to her. Subject’s D and E both reported “We felt her awaken and for a moment could tell she was aggitated about something. The Aliens also became very aggitated. Then we heard them both screaming despite being halfway across the station from either of them… then she was gone.” Its hypothosised that River F’s mind was either not compatable with the aliens or it was rejected by them, and the mental anguish drove her mad.

River G
39th Clone
Acidic Blood
Psychic Capabilities, Strong
-Awarness of Sentience (Could detect minds across the station, some 150+ m)
-Domination, Alien (May have been able to dominate human minds)
-Enhanced Neural Processing
-Thought Reading (Alien)
Unusual Spinal Growth at Base of Spine (May have been the formation of a proto-tail
Death: Presumed dead with the Destruction of Broker’s Station
Notes: River G was able to “tame” an alien over extended exposure, refered to as subject G2, which later developed into an Alien Queen. Emergency Blackbox data is erattic and only suggests that subject G2 used River G as a liason mouthpiece and may have totally dominated River G’s mind.

River H
42rd Clone
Acidic Blood
Unknown Capabilities: Though River H was brought succesffuly to full growth, subject expired after exposure to mild soap. Apparently subject’s biology was highly acidic, moreso than any other subject prior or alien subjects. River H’s body went into shock after exposure and expired shortly after. It is unknown if River H had clotting factor.
Death: Exposure to Soap

River I
45th Clone
Oviposition (River I’s eggs produced viable facehuggers, though eggs were non-viable)
Tail (River I had a flesh covered tail with extended black protrusions sticking out of the dorsal side.)
Death: Presumed dead with the Destruction of Broker’s Station

River J
51st Clone
Psychic Capabilities, Anti
-Agressive Behaviors when exposed to Aliens
-Despised other River subjects
-Enhanced Reflexes
-“Song” was hard for other River subjects with psychic capabilities to “listen to for too long”
Status: Active Service
Notes: River J was removed earlier than standard procedure due to spasms in growth vat. River J was at first curious about the other River subjects, but after initial exposures to Alien subjects came to loath the other Rivers. Subject had to be confined to a seperate barracks for fear of agression between subjects. Subject’s mind has been (hopefully) wiped of all information regarding Broker’s Station.


The Wolfpack Experiment.wav

Date: Aug 7th, ???
Participants: Dr. N[REDACTED], Gen F[REDACTED]

Begin Playback…

F: “So explain this to me one more time, Doctor… The Wolfpack Experiment…”

N: “Yes, the Wolfpack… Broker’s Station…”

F: “Take your time, Doctor. I know this-”

N: “No no… I’m fine…” Dr. N can be heard taking a deep breath “I’m fine. Wolfpack… it was our attempt to recreate an effect that was witnessed on the SUM Auriga.”

F: “The Auriga? But that ship went-”

N: “Missing, along with her crew and all experiments… but not her research. There was an unusual effect that was witnessed and transmitted shortly before she dropped off the map. An alien interacting with a humanoid.”

F: “In a… civil way?”

N: “We don’t quite know, but Wolfpack proved that it was possible. I’ll skip some of the science talk for you but suffice to say we figured out with the Diego series that they could be controlled… and control the subjects.”

F: “Meaning?”

N: “There is no animal I can compare them to we know of, but they have our classic idea of a hive mind, a creature that is not physical but extended fingers of something else. The Diegos were controlled by their queen rather easily, and nearly let them go. We were thankfully able to subdue all-”

F: “You mean kill?”

N: “…Yes, we killed the Diegos… and the Queen Alien.”

F: “How does River fit into this?”

N: “Subject J?”

F: “Subject J?”

N: “Subject J was part of a second series, our attempts with the Diego series proved we could make them connect, now it was just a question of controlling them. The River series was the culmination of it all.”

F: “Where and why did you pick these names?”

N: “Popular pole based on greek alphabet… why are you counting on your fingers?”

F: “Lambda mu nu… xi… omicron? Phi and… Jesus christ, it took you thirteen more times?! How many did you think it was going to take!?”

N: “I won’t answer that…”

F: “…Well?”

N: “Right… the River Series showed promise as being able to dominate individual aliens. We even had one subject, Subject G, who managed to tame one to the point that it could interact with it directly. Damnedable thing even slept in the same bunk as him. And yes, he was in the barracks with the rest of them.”

F: “Subject J, Doctor.”

N: “I’m getting to that. Subject J was… different. We had to pull him a littler earlier from the accelerated growth baths, though we’d done the same with subject F and they were fine.”

F: “She committed suicide…”

N: “Growth wise she was fine… J however… they were very different from the other Rivers.”

F: “Details, damn it N[REDACTED].”

N: “Sorry, sorry… Subject J hated them with a passion we’d never seen before in any other subject, and more importantly, as we later learned, even the other Rivers could tell it. To quote Subject D, the oldest of them at that time “J’s song is very different from our own; We can hear their song, and we can echo it back, that’s how G was able to tame G2 and eventually make it sing his song instead. But J’s song isn’t like ours at all; imagine ours like a symphony, and his is like an electric guitar playing its own theme.” Suffice to say, it seems J would have been considered a failure…”

F: “Till the Rivers showed their colors…”

N: “Yes, as it turns out the Rivers and the Diegos weren’t all that different; Subject G was actually exactly like the Diegos, and G2, the alien, had actually tamed him and was biding its time. It evolved, I don’t know under what critera, I wasn’t there for it, but the emergency report stated it evolved and used him as a kind of liason to the others who fell under its control… but not J. His antithesis “song” as they called it made him seemingly immune, like a normal human would be in most circumstances.” the doctor sighs loudly “Suffice to say, he was the only survivor and we’re pretty sure with all the medication and hypno theraphy that he doesn’t even remember it as anything more than a bad dream.”

F: “Should I just terminate him then, Doctor N[REDACTED]?”

N: “In my professional opinion? He’s no harm. In my scientific opinion? Lets wait and see what happens, he’s of no harm to anyone, and frankly… he might be useful in the future.”