USCM Dossier - Wolfram 'Krieg' Bittenfeld



BRANCH: 3rd Fleet
VESSEL: USS Almayer, Arikara-class patrol transport.
OPERATING FORCE: Falling Falcons, Third Fleet, Second Company, Second Battalion.
CURRENT COMMAND: Herculis, Chinook 91 GSO Station

Service Number: 01928-19912-WB
Name: Wolfram Reinhard Bittenfeld
Rank: Captain (0-3)
Date of Birth: 2147-04-21
Place of Birth: New England, US
Age: 35
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: US Citizen, German-English
Height: 5’11ft
Weight: 11’2st
Hair Colour: Blond
Eye Colour: Blue
Blood Type: O+
Languages: English/German/Russian

Date of Enlistment: 2165-07-22
Enlistment Notes:
During initial training programme was selected for OC due to his exceptional test results and displays in live fire exercises. When asked for his reasoning for signing up as a rank and file trainee, stated: “I would feel it more appropriate for those commanding their subordinates to have come from where they are now.”

During training, showed a keen interest in history. Though more interested in the military theory of training, was still devoted to strict body training programmes, emphasizing agility over strength.

Showed much contempt for Officer Cadets who earned their place in the academy on account of their connections over any real merit, and was often involved in brawls with said individuals.

Graduated from the military academy with a distinguished level mark, opening up his options of where to seek station.
After consideration was picked to be stationed aboard the USS Washington, an Arikara-class patrol transport, as an SO, LT grade 2 (0-1).

Interests: Classical music, jazz, history, Gilbert and Sullivan musicals, cider, well maintained facial hair, pipe smoking, privacy, revolver maintenance.
Dislikes: Heavy metal, Officers who behave like rank and file soldiers, drunk and disorderly behavior, politicians, businessmen, politicians and businessmen in the same location, politicians and business who are drunk and disorderly in the same location.

-Record of Those Termed ‘Bravo’s Golden’-
(Note: Those who have been found to have exemplified the qualities of honourable conduct, devotion to the Marine Core, ability to follow and carry out orders, and having personally served under their command with loyalty and unquestioning zeal.)

Damon Kelly
Buzz ‘Shark’ Towers
Kira Muller
Ciara ‘Prodigal’ Blanco
Reuben (last name not found)
Blake Bravo
Lukas ‘Goatee’ Teiger


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