[USCM] Marine dossier: PFC Ruben Benitez

this is a copy paste from the old forums, since this dossier is old as f. you might see names of people that simply don’t exist anymore.

Sin título


Name: Ruben D. Benítez.

Age: ?

Rank: Private First Class.

Date of birth: July 14th, 2156.

Place of birth: Earth - La Habana, Cuba.

Religion: Catholic.

Assigned to: USS Almayer.

Status: ALIVE

Squad: DELTA.


Height: 6’1 ft.

Weight: 191 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown.

Skin tone: White.

Race: Hispanic.





  • Ramon Mckendrick: Not a man of words but actions.

  • John ‘Spartan’ Murry: If you wake up with a lust for glory, Spartan is your battlebuddy.

  • Barnabus Jones: Sometimes, just a bad situation can create a better friendship than any chat would.

  • Jools Kirby: Follow blindy to hell. You’ll return.

  • Luis, nickname ‘Mises’: One of the few authorities that deserve to be listened.

  • Reno ‘Weenie’ Story: A noble man, good people doesn’t last in war but he did.

  • Jackson Dee: Courage, Duty, Honor all in one man

  • Leonel Berkheimerr: Need something built or repaired? Don’t search for anyone else

  • Luna ‘Firecracker’ Thyatos: Soft-handed yet brave. She will keep you alive if you’re not that f**ked

  • Khan Degei: Old mongolian marine, he’s like taken from a history book about ancient warriors.

  • Dolthgar “Fire” Folk: This grunt is crazy. But he’s one of the most ruthless marine I’ve met, would fight at his side anytime.

  • Bran ‘Survivor’ Jast: At first sight, his nickname made me smirk. However, his performance on the battlefield made me change my mind about it, now I consider him a truly veteran. Did he went to space 'nam? can’t remember. I need a cigar.

  • Darius Ico: Angry marine, so angry, always yelling at comms because our incompetence. Can’t blame him, good soldier nevertheless. Trust this man.

  • Vanechka “Sleepy” Penkina: During a drill that went really bad we got sick with rads, everyone had different hallucinations but mine was this lady kicking my ass for like two hours, no matter how much I yelled her to stop. After that, everytime I see her she’s doing something weird. Or punching someone else, coincidence?

  • Taegan “Mouth” McCarthy: Sadly, I’m not good with names and I can’t remember his. But I do remember his nickname. Loyal and a competent team worker.

  • Brady Morales: He’s here to help.

  • Nyxia ‘50’ Cals: A knife rig? what the hell she’s going to do with that shit.

  • Chen Westinton: He’s the King of Disco.

  • Claymore Allister: Weird name but I won’t complain about his skills on the battlefield, he can hold his shit together.

  • Emily Skyfall: A female grunt, however she doesn’t grunt at all she just shoots and pass the ammo. I like it.

  • Taros Chain: He’s a filthy ‘Bravstard’ but he’s an old friend from Space 'Nam.

  • Uriel Turner: A veteran, even if he’s a little battle-worn he still has a joke to share or a smile to give. I don’t understand.

  • Lochlann Healy: Commie killer.

  • Emilio Greene: I like him, everything I expect from a charlie buddy.

  • Dominic Powers: A competent grunt with one job, like looking myself in a mirror.

  • Ed Trevor: Not a big fan of marines who handle snipers, but I trust this one to do it.

  • Peter Kumar: A good charlie marine.

  • Kieth Grimes: Hunting buddy.

  • Greg Calimotski: Competent deltard medic.

  • Park So-Hee: There aren’t many women around leading a bunch of fools, but this one is good at it.

  • Ulman Strootman: I don’t know what to say.

  • Eric Penton: Old man.

  • Stefano Griffoni: He is a Padre.

  • Daniel ‘Exo’ Aye: Grizzled grape that you see around sometimes.

  • Barry Pecker: A no-fear marine, frontline camper, vanguard fanatic.

  • Jessica Weiss: a Vanguard marine that is proficient with the carbine. Oddly enough right?

  • Phillip ‘Avalanche’ Murray: ‘You gaze upon a man that smells like blood mixed with commie shitstains and a red headband that perfectly fits his bucket shaped head’

  • Aabid ‘Angel’ Al-Farsi: A flechette enthusiastic, you don’t see these e’ryday.

  • Sally Shears: Fighting gal’, I’ve never seen her knocking someone out tho.

  • K. Drayco: An old stray that knows his shit.

  • Joseph Murta: flexing on them gooks all night long.

  • Samantha ‘Riggs’ Rigga: Delta at heart, but not at looks.

  • Kai ‘Ducky’ Duckworth: Afromarine

  • Nathan Harold: always trying new (sometimes useless) weapon loadouts

  • Jeff Jenkins: A long forgotten marine that cryo’d and never woke, the mad axeman.

  • Cheng ‘Monk’ Chang: Unga dunga giv MD dunga unga buckshot NI HAO CHARGEE


Dossier may be old as fuck but goes hard as fuck. So many legends of this game. Makes me nostalgic to see all the old names. What a time it was.