USCM: Masashi A.W. Kusarigama


Name: Masashi A.W. Kusarigama

Nickname: Nefarious Kusari

Rank: Private First Class

Squad: Delta


Masashi Kusarigama was born in an artificial womb in a top-secret facility of the United States Colonial Marines. From the moment he opened his eyes, he knew only one purpose: to serve as a soldier in the ongoing war against the alien threat that had plagued humanity for decades.

Growing up, Masashi was trained in various combat techniques and military strategies, honing his skills to become a lethal weapon in the hands of his superiors. His body was augmented with cybernetic implants, enhancing his strength, speed, and reflexes beyond what any natural human could achieve.

But despite his training and physical enhancements, Masashi always felt a sense of detachment from the world around him. He had never known his parents or any other family members. His entire existence was dedicated to serving the Colonial Marines, and he often wondered if he had any purpose beyond that.

One day, while on a mission to clear out an infested colony, Masashi came across a group of civilians huddled in a bunker, terrified and traumatized by the horrors they had witnessed. Masashi’s orders were to eliminate all potential threats, but as he looked at the helpless faces of the civilians, he couldn’t bring himself to do it.

For the first time in his life, Masashi questioned the morality of his actions. Was he really fighting for the greater good, or was he simply a tool of a ruthless military industrial complex? The thoughts lingered in his mind long after the mission was over.

As the years went by, Masashi continued to serve as a soldier, but his outlook on life had changed. He no longer saw himself as a mindless killing machine, but as a person with a sense of empathy and compassion.

When the war finally came to an end, Masashi found himself at a crossroads. He had no home to return to, no family to call his own. But he knew one thing for certain - he wanted to make a difference in the world, to help those in need and make up for the destruction he had caused as a soldier.

And so, Masashi Kusarigama embarked on a new journey, one that would take him beyond the confines of the military and into a world that he had never known. It was a world full of possibilities, and Masashi was determined to make the most of it.

Military Operation

Masashi and his unit had been on a routine patrol when they received a distress signal from a nearby colony. When they arrived, they found the colony under attack from a horde of aliens. Masashi and his unit quickly went into action, fighting off the aliens and trying to protect the civilians.

As they were battling the aliens, one of Masashi’s comrades was badly injured and trapped under a pile of rubble. Masashi could hear his comrade’s cries for help, but he knew that going to help him would mean putting himself in harm’s way. Without hesitation, Masashi sprinted towards the pile of rubble, dodging incoming fire and slashing his way through the aliens.

When he arrived at his comrade’s location, Masashi found him badly injured and unable to move. The aliens were closing in, and Masashi knew that he had to act fast. He picked up his comrade and started running towards the nearest evacuation point.

The aliens were hot on their trail, firing their weapons and snarling as they chased after Masashi and his comrade. But Masashi refused to give up. He kept running, using his cybernetic implants to jump over obstacles and dodge incoming fire.

As they approached the evacuation point, Masashi could see that the civilians were already being loaded onto the transport. But the transport was starting to lift off, and Masashi knew that he and his comrade were running out of time.

With all his strength, Masashi leapt onto the transport, holding his comrade tightly as the ship lifted off. The civilians on board cheered as they watched Masashi and his comrade make it onto the ship.

As they flew away from the colony, Masashi looked down at his injured comrade. He knew that he had risked his own life to save his comrade and the civilians, but he also knew that it was worth it. He was more than just a soldier - he was a warrior with a heart, and he would always do whatever it took to protect his comrades and innocent lives from harm.


Masashi Kusarigama is an artificial womb soldier who possesses many unique personal traits that set him apart from other soldiers. Here are a few of his defining characteristics:

  1. Determination: Masashi is incredibly determined, never giving up no matter how difficult the task at hand may seem. He will stop at nothing to complete his mission, even if it means risking his own life.
  2. Courage: Masashi is fearless in the face of danger. He does not hesitate to rush into battle, even when the odds are against him.
  3. Physical strength: As an augmented soldier, Masashi possesses incredible physical strength that allows him to overpower his enemies and withstand intense physical challenges.
  4. Loyalty: Masashi is fiercely loyal to his comrades and to the cause he fights for. He will do whatever it takes to protect his fellow soldiers and to complete his mission.
  5. Resilience: Masashi has been through extensive training and conditioning that has made him highly resilient. He is able to recover quickly from injuries and keep fighting even in the face of overwhelming odds.
  6. Intelligence: Masashi is not just a brute force soldier. He is highly intelligent and able to assess situations quickly and make smart decisions in the heat of battle.
  7. Empathy: Despite being a genetically engineered soldier, Masashi has a strong sense of empathy and compassion. He cares deeply about the well-being of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire of war.

Overall, Masashi Kusarigama is a highly skilled and dedicated soldier, possessing a unique blend of physical and mental abilities that make him a formidable force on the battlefield.


Masashi Kusarigama is a genetically engineered soldier who stands out not only for his exceptional combat skills but also for his unique physical appearance. His hair is braided into neat rows, with shades of blue and black adding an eye-catching touch to his otherwise stoic demeanor. Masashi’s septum piercing on his nostril adds to his edgy look, suggesting a rebellious streak in his personality. His line tattoo on his mouth is another distinguishing feature, giving him an air of mystery and intrigue.

On his arm, Masashi proudly sports a cherry blossom and dragon tattoo, reflecting his connection to his Japanese heritage. The cherry blossom symbolizes the transience of life and the importance of living in the moment, while the dragon represents strength, power, and wisdom. These symbols likely hold special significance for Masashi, serving as a reminder of his past and motivating him to fight for a better future.

Finally, Masashi’s armor is adorned with a painted kusarigama, a weapon that he is known to wield with deadly precision. The kusarigama consists of a chain with a weight on one end and a sickle on the other, allowing for both long-range and close-range attacks. Masashi’s mastery of this weapon makes him an even more formidable opponent on the battlefield, and his opponents would do well to beware.


As he prepared for the mission ahead, he donned the formidable M3-pattern marine armor, which would provide him with unparalleled protection. He checked his weapons carefully: the M4RA and MK1 rifles, loaded with anti-piercing magazines, and his trusty binoculars, all at the ready. And just in case he needed some extra firepower, he made sure to have three HEDP rounds loaded in his launcher. With his gear in place, he was more than ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead.