USCM: Puro Ferreira

    NAME: Puro Ferreira
    NATIONALITY: Portuguese
    RANK: Sargent
    PLACE OF BIRTH: Drake Lunarius

NOTABLE INCIDENTS: During operation Hammerhead Puro lead a squad across a river while taking heavy machine gun fire from entrenched CLF positions. Puro’s squad managed to take out several of the hostile emplacements before chemical weapons were used by CLF to deny the position. The poison used was deemed to be most likely “Raving gas” a cocktail of various industrial compounds sprayed via makeshift canisters. Notably Puro’s gas-mask was damaged leading to a small amount of exposure to this gas. Following medical evacuation and immediate treatment it was deemed unnecessary for discharge as the poison caused no notable damage to the brain.
—( will add more operations later via editing just getting the general idea down) —

PERSONALITY: Puro Ferreira had an extremely noticeable change in behavior before and after operation Hammerhead. Before the operation he was renown as calm and collected not fearing to take risks to ensure victory. He also cared quite deeply for the marines under his command. After exposure to the chemical attack his behavior became far more aggressive to the point of near suicidal tendencies. Rushing straight into enemy positions to relieve pinned friendlies often earning him severe injuries. During operation Snow storm Puro called in several orbital bombardments extremely close to his own position to prevent CLF from overrunning a hospital. It is theorized that acute exposure to this chemical leads to a lack of inhibitions and amplification of previous behavior. However there are brief periods of pure lucidity where his old nature returns.


^ this man is your friend, he will fight for you till the bitter end!

Man should go ahead a get the CO WL.