USCM Reinforcements - Foxtrot Expanded

Looking for some feedback on an idea.
Current Implementation:
Currently when command purchases reinforcements it spawns 5 Foxtrot Marines from cryo. This is rather underwhelming.

Instead, when command purchases Reinforcements on the tech tree 5 Foxtrot Marines still spawn, but for every X amount of dead marines recovered and placed in the morgue Y amount of Foxtrot Marines are also spawned. There could be a cap per purchase of Reinforcements.

Initial ideas for numbers: for every 8 Marines recovered an additional 4 Marines are awoken. This woud be in a “wave” that way new cryorines can still deploy with battle buddies, rather than waking up solo. Marine bodies recovered before purchasing Reinforcements will also count towards this. The cap per purchase of Reinforcements could be 13 cryorines total (1 SL+4 original spawn, +2 Fireteams of 4).

This will incentivize marines to recover the dead rather than leaving bodies strewn across the battlefield.

To offset this increase in capability the cost of Reinforcements could be increased by whatever number is reasonable. The X amount of dead to recover to get 4 additional cryorines could scale with round pop so lowpop isn’t completely handicapped.

The nitty gritty details can be hashed out through development, but what are some general thoughts you folks have?

dragging corpses to the morgue/research has got to be the worst mechanic in this godforsaken game


It is honestly not that bad. I just wish we got a button to fully strip dead bodies with one button click. I get that you can just strip the uniform and most other shit comes off, but it doesn’t take off the helmet and back slot items, which you might need to take off (especially helmets, since there are good visors you can loot).

Also, I will agree that foxtrot doesn’t always feel like it has as much of an impact on the round as it should have, but I don’t know if this is the solution. People are already incentivized to bring corpses up to the Almayer for tech points, which usually get used to call up reinforcements anyways.

I don’t see a problem with it. But yeah, like was said, the corpse thing is already incentivized for tech points. I think a simpler solution would be to scale it up/down based on numbers. 5 foxtrot on lowpop could be a big deal, 5 foxtrot on high pop could be very low impact. It shouldn’t really be always 5

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There is an incentive, but it is barely used. This would add more direct and well known reasons to recover bodies.

Well, the squad req venders do give fultons.

Who will get foxtrot to begin with? The already dead marines with occasional observers/dead xenos.
Why would dead marines getting 2nd+ chances beside self-entitlement?

remember when foxtrot used to have 10 marines , with one spec, and each foxtrot that you bought you would have another SL and another SPEC ( i agree that a new spec each time is op), but it was ofcourse more expensive, foxtrot these days will hardly make a difference in high pop, the numbers are too low to do anything, to be even abit useful the command has to buy it twice to get 10 marines.
It is even a meme sometimes because CIC spend points to have 3 wake up or they just straight up buy a spec cryo since it is more useful, it still something that in high pop in my view is worthless to buy unless it is a new spec.

being a low-pop player myself, 95% of the time only 2 of 5 Foxes wake up, though that leaves 3 to ‘claim’ as a ghost. but FT scaling up would probably be nice if only to delay nuke purchases on the borderline nuke cases.

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Depends on the players that get Foxtrot and also like you say who is in Dchat, im glad they added taking the unchosen as freedmobs because I often can grab those to get into the round as im ERTbanned.

Yeah this would swing the pendulum back into the middle, but with work that needs to be done by the Marines IOT reap the benefits.

Yeah, on lowpop a lot of the foxtrot RFN end up unclaimed… truly hell.

What would be a great boon is that the Ghost hud should show a unique icon to claim any freed Foxtrots. Since unless you pay attention to chat there’s no on-hud indication that there are Foxtrot up for grabs.

Foxtrot gets progressivly less worth buying as the population increases. 5 Marines on 60-80 people is a big deal, but on 150 plus? Less so.

Maybe tiers of foxtrot? one of 5 / 10 / 15 etc.