USCM Retirement Report - Haar, Wallace K.

✵ May 1st, 2182 ✵

Two men clad in black strolled to the small protein farm on the remote colony farm, their uniforms bearing the words “UAAC” along the left shoulder.

Populated with only a dog kennel in the garden and a welcome mat on the porch. They rapped at the door repeatedly until a man with a medical patch over his eye answered the door, a cigarette hung loosely from his lips and nicotine filled the air.

By instinct alone one of the men unclipped a revolver from his holster.

The man fell backwards into the house and the two men followed, proceding to check cupboards, cabinets and wardrobes before eventually stumbling on a small folder, it’s contents included pictures of a matte black creature in a blinding white cell, it’s jaw unhinged.

Slumped over, the eyepatched started to go pale and couldn’t help but think of what he could be reincarnated as.
A silkworm, a colonist on Luna, perhaps a famous actor?

He desperately tried to grab at his throat that once barked harsh orders and harsher words, attempting to move the barrel from his face.
What about his wife?
The man primed the hammer of the revolver again and the world went dark.
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We salute one of the legends. One that inspired many. Helped shaped the Third Fleet. I feel so terrible for Lana. Who will tend the farm? Never had that last drink and cigar with the man.

Once we grieve, we avenge. Wallace may be free of his mortal shackles but his murderers still roam the halls of power. This must not stand. All true patriots of the USCM must stand as one chorus and with righteous fury avenge our beloved Lt Col. It is our solemn duty to the man.

Rest in Peace. You will be avenged.


I’ll miss you Wallace K. Haar. A real one.


i dont really know this guy too much but he likes daft punk sooooo +1


I can’t believe they easily killed the UA president like that. Dont every president have a tank and a rocket launcher for self defense in their homes? Why didnt he just use that?

-1, terrible story

Edit: I might be actually retarded, it took me awhile to realises this was a cryosleep thread with a story o7. Rest in peace


In america maybe, where you can buy weapons of mass-destruction in your local store without any training for self defense (or shooting up your school)

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Lt Col. Wallace Kerry Haar, the Hammer of the Arcturians. A true friend and mentor. I had the distinct displeasure of traveling to the Haar Family Farm in Australia to inform Lana about the untimely passing of a hero and Legend of the Third Fleet. Lana cried in my arms as the children watched on.

Passage from the personal memoirs of General Archibald V. Cartwright. USCM

                    <. USCM Personal Logs.... Maj. Satomi Nishiyama .>
                                <. Start of Transmission .>

Hard to think that one of the finest in the USCM is gone. He was a good friend and leader among other things. The first division is a mere skeleton of what it used to be, and without Wallace I’m left thinking how the Third fleet will fare without another of its veterans. You may have chosen Lana over me but you were still a dear friend of mine. I won’t rest until those held accountable for your death are dealt with. If not for me, perhaps it will give Lana some comfort… Goodbye Haar, I’ll miss you.

                                  <. End Transmission .>