USMC Dossier: Sky 'Skillet' Forfront

Name: Sky Forfront
Nickname: Skillet
Occupation: Surgeon
Rank: Second Lieutenant (O1)
(biological) Age: 32
Birthplace: Luna Colony: Sea of Tranquility
Gender: Male

Height: 6’1

Weight: 220 LBS

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: brown

Other Identifying marks: Has a blond spot on the back of his head

Birthplace: Luna Colony - Sea of Tranquility

Date of birth: October 20th 2148

Languages: English

Likes: working alone. The occasional Demons blood to get him hyped up. Peace and quiet. Massage. A proper paycheck.

Dislikes: being harmed physically. Cigarettes’. Smudges on glasses. ignorant people. Grenades about to blow up below his feet.
Previous occupations: Arcade worker. Massage therapist. General surgeon.

Lore: Sky had an interesting childhood growing up. His father and mother where separated at a young age living on opposite sides of the Lunar colony he was born and raised in. Ferried in between two houses almost constantly through the many years of his youth he suffered small bits just having to jump back and forth between schools almost constantly throughout the years. The Parents he both adored and despised because of how Nomadic they both where. He decided, “Fork it I’m going to work in the medical field!” working on and off in an arcade for about 3 years of his life he was able to afford a W-Y Funded but not run doctoral school. It ended up being a massage school based on medical practice, and he shoulda read the fine print. After his W-Y funded hell school for about a year he began a 7 year long career as a massage therapist Doing Injury treatment massage as he went to a properly funded school to become a surgeon. He did about a two year stint as a General Surgeon before being Recruited into USCM to serve as a Doctor on board the Almayer and has been for about a year now.

Security Records: Left patient on Anesthesia early on in his career as a Surgeon due to it being a nurse that slighted him.

medical History: near sighted. ADHD. minor form of autism attached to the ADHD.

He is just like me FOR REAL

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Welp we are similar then because its based on my personality. anxiety and all. Just a different character with the same mindset