v4092 - Discord Ban Appeal

Discord Ban Appeal - v4092

What is your Discord ID?


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Total Ban Duration


Reason for Ban

You were warned in SS13: Colonial Marines Official for: Harassment of Community/staff. 3Day ban will be applied [11:33 AM]
You were banned from SS13: Colonial Marines Official for 3 days | as noted

(Later upgraded to Perma)

Note regarding my Discord ID: this is my current one. My old discord was deleted and I do not know the information for username or ID on it.


It’s been a long time (3+ years I’m not sure?) since my discord ban/first appeal and I’ve decided to appeal.

My attitude and understanding of the situation during the time before and after was terrible. I deserved the ban. I had reacted on my worst impulses to current events in the discord and my shitposting attitude at the time only worsened my behavior. I apologize for my conduct and for the shitposting behavior and attitude I often had at the time. I think that attitude contributed negatively to my attitude overall and led me down the path to where I got the ban.

I ended up saying things which didn’t reflect how truly I feel about staff.

After the perma ban decision, I actually decided I should take a hard into myself and my own actions. I genuinely wanted to learn more and reflect on my own actions. Not just in CM but in any context online. I ended up reaching out and talking with Compy(?). I didn’t like what I saw in myself because I realized I f’d up in what I said and in my attitude before, during, and after the initial ban. I ended up course correcting accordingly. These days my shitposting attitude is virtually non-existent in comparison to the old days and I don’t get in online arguments every week… or even every month. I think my online behavior is healthier and safer for both me and others as a result. Cliche? Perhaps. But true.

As a player I think my behavior in CM has generally been positive in the community and in games. I’ve have tried to live up to being helpful to staff and players E.G: pointing out new players to mentors and (very) blatant rulebreaks, contributing to guides and lore (medals, CO factions, timeline), helping new players when I have the time/opportunity, not asking for insane stuff when being in an event leadership role etc.

Overall, I have had a very low amount of player reports (probably around one hand’s worth total) against me over the years (despite having and playing CO and MP in decent amounts) and never have had notes or warnings which were due to an actual forum player report. And I never had issues with metacomming or metagroups, shitstirring in forums, excessive player reports by me or against me (despite playing CO and main-ing MP), excessive staff reports, or previous cases of harassment against staff or players. I’m pretty certain was never banned either for anything from CM Discord before this perma but I can’t confirm. Yes, it is simply the rules to avoid many of these things but I do think it’s worth mentioning that these issues do not exist in my history.

I have had my less than stellar moments. Occasionally a bad day, but generally just … me being dumb, not knowing a rule, or outright making a mistake. I’m not a repeat offender is what I’m saying. I do not try to circumvent the rules with a “clever” new method or outright repeat the issue and I don’t break my toys per se when reprimanded. For example, after the ban I gave up the document owner privileges for CO lore development and list of (then) current COs to another trusted CO player so it could continue to be moderated and maintained if necessary. It might even still be around on the pinned in the CO channel.

But at the end of the day in the discord I massively failed to live up to my own standards and the standards expected of any community member.

Why Appeal Now?

I think I’d enjoy being closer to the community again. I remember the discord was fun to occasionally share and see screenshots and participate in discussion about the game. I understand a privilege not a right and I proved lacking in the past. I’ve consciously changed and also matured away from behavior which contributed to the ban and have confidence it will not happen again.

To summarize all this, I apologize for my past behavior and my conduct which led to the ban. I’ve matured out of that behavior and I made conscious decisions to change my behavior for the better. I’m hoping for another, final shot. I do understand that if this appeal is approved it would be my second, last, and only chance with the discord again.

I do apologize for the length.

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Due to the inability to recover any notes regarding previous username or ID, I cannot confirm if you have exceeded the permaban limit or not. As such, I will not be accepting this appeal at this time.

Resolved - Denied

Added appeal:denied and removed appeal:waiting