Vampire event?

Hey! Been a while since I’ve been here, how are you all? Anyway I was playing a round as CMP and I hear about the CC being a vampire, so I start calling them a vampire, so then me being a very wish CMP I am, I detain them and bring them to chapel! Now, it’s not all rainbow and sunshine, Biolock the admin decides to spook us and flicker the lights and spill blood when we try to exorcise this demon! Now, that was the most fun I’ve had in a round in a long while. So I thought to myself, what if we make an event out of this?! It’s similar to zombies with it’s spooky themes, but what if, it’s a vampire! And it can recruit (a limited amount) of followers?! So basically my idea is that a vampire kills everyone on a planet, and someone sends a distress call, everyone has bite marks on their necks and the vampire can choose a survivor to recruit into it’s army! How fun! And it can turn into a bat so it can pretty easily get on the Almayer, while the marines are trying to find these unseen threat, BOOM a vampire attack on the Almayer. So my plead is for this to get enough attention to get it into CM! Since my ass can’t program and I’d like someone else to do it :expressionless: Anyway! Is this ass or gas?

For it’s features, I think it should be able to turn into a bat, heal with blood, suck teeth, just be a stronger human, have a cool ass costume, and have a cool ass knife! (I just wanna RP as a vampire, don’t judge me…)

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yeah but it wouldnt be scary because people get weird about vampires. Biting would have to be a round removal or significant medbay time waster for people to see them as a threat or otherwise they’d be lining up to get bitten for shits n giggles

I was thinking it’d be perma or it sets it so you’re way into the revival timer, makes it more punishing to try to bum rush the vampy.

You could just make it so the vampire either sucks you dry (kills you) or it injects you with its blood (converting you). This could be balanced with how many mouths you have to feed, as having more could be detrimental to your “mascerade”.

I think that’d be rad, like what if the followers can’t suck as much blood until they mature or something so the vampire needs to bring them blood or take the risk of sending them out to hunt.