[Ven's] Carrier Eggsack Rework idea

It take away order construction for brand new skill called “Resin flower”

Resin Flower - work similar to cluster, it create hive weeds, but as payment for easy hive weeds, this “resin fruit” emit 1 Tile glow, and create weak regeneration phermone (similar to one resin fruit), so its visible in darkness, and this skill have 3min cooldown.

If it sound “too strong” you can remove regenerative phermones from it.

giving it the Gardeners strong weed seems simpler and better for cooperation with buildercast imo

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its carrier strain, why you offer it to gardener drone strain?

  1. building multi layered abilities promotes teamwork → see JTAC being free for SLs + RTO and available for everyone else who are willing to help with it
  2. the ability to place zoned Hive* weeds with no max capacity unlike Clusters seems unbalanced, even if it provides light in xeno territory, as you can just close it in
  3. healing nodes exist already

Now giving eggsac gardener weeds AND plasma fruit or all fruit depending would, now that I think about it, be much more interesting. Cross play with Gardeners, multiple layers now that it lacks spellcasting, and a strong argument for taking a T2 slot other than HeheEggSpam would make it a viable cast again.