[Ven's] Connect "Speed Resin" and "Sticky Resin" to "Rich Resin"

We know how useless some of them are, i know people use sticky resin to create BIG ASS patches of sticky resin, because its way more effective than speed one, yes speed one is good because it make you ignore any slowdown you have on yourself and make you little quicker, but most of time people dont use any of these, because you cant place them both on one tile, you need decide with option, with mostly (sticky) resin is winning, because speed resin is usually ignored by marines.

So i tough, why just dont connect both?
For actuall moment building something suck, because it get desintegrated by bombarding, and choosing between speed resin, and sticky one was always pain for me, thats why i suggest to:

Connect “Speed Resin” and “Sticky Resin” to make new “Rich Resin”.
Rich Resin is very sticky substance with allow you for quicker movement by nourishing resing under it, making it more easy and smooth to walk on.


Sounds good to me, including things that get unused because of meta is usually good, if day up the cost on it though


Remove sticky resin and just use cluster